Creative 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Does your baby have a two-year birthday coming up? What are you planning to celebrate on the day? What are you doing or where will you go? Here’s a list of fun ideas to keep them and their preschool friends entertained.

Creative 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

2nd birthday party ideas at home

Piñata Party

Shower the kids with gifts and candies. A small pinata teaches the kids how to swing for the fences in life. Watch your two-year-olds and their friends squeal with delight as they break open the Piñata and the candies fall to the ground.

Dress ups

Girls love to dress up. Let her dress up with her friends if you have a little girl. It’s like a daytime slumber party where everyone has fun getting into entertaining garb.

Indoor activities for 2-year-old birthday party

Musical Chairs

This traditional party classic is a fun game that never gets old. Pick some fun nursery rhymes off Cocomelon and let the kids compete for the chairs.

Pin the Tail

Pin the tail of the donkey is another classic party game for small kids. Change things up, switch the donkey out for a unicorn, and let the girls pin the horn on the unicorn.

2nd birthday party ideas for boy

Two Infinity and Beyond

If your boy is crazy about Toy Story, which kid isn’t? Give them a Buzz Lightyear party to celebrate the big day. Let the kids dress up in Toy Story-themed costumes and place themed decorations around the house. Go with green, grey, and blue to keep to the Buzz Lightyear colors.

Sporty Theme

If you have a sporty, energetic kid, they’ll love a sporty-themed party. Does your kid enjoy watching sports with you? What’s their favorite? Is it soccer or baseball? How about football? Go with what they love.

2nd birthday party ideas for girl

Tea For Two

Girls love sitting down for high tea. Celebrate their big day with a tea party they’ll remember. Dress them up in fancy dresses and hats and let them act prim and proper. Use vibrant colors like pink and gold featuring a posh theme, or use characters like Minnie Mouse or their favorite Disney cartoons.

Unicorns And Rainbows

Which little girl doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows? Create a show-stopping centerpiece for the birthday table using A glittery flying unicorn on a beautiful backdrop of rainbows. Use cotton batting as clouds in the backdrop, give the girls unicorn headbands, and use sprinkles on treats and cupcakes.

Places to have a birthday party for 2 year old kids

Bounce House

The kids can expend energy by bouncing around on inflatables or jumping castles. A bounce house venue offers you a great choice to give your kids the birthday of their short lives. They’ll go crazy bouncing around on giant inflatables, slides, obstacle courses, and more.

Baby and Toddler Gym

Give your kids a birthday party to remember at a baby gym. Let your toddler enjoy their day with others, giving them a chance to build their social skills with other kids. Join activities on tiny slides, cushy mats, and crawl-throughs. Some locations offer private party rooms for food and snacks after the session.

Arts and Crafts Store

If your kid loves DIY projects, consider throwing “arts and crafts” themed parties for their birthday. The crafts act as party favors, giving you less work to prepare for the big day!

Music School

Take the toddlers to a singing and dancing class for a music-themed birthday party! Kids can spend hours in the music room with their teacher. Let the little ones learn how to play instruments and enjoy rhythm games. Laugh as you watch them play along with the “happy birthday” song.

Creative 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Party games for 2 year old’s indoors


Take your toddler’s birthday party to the next level with a sing-along for them and their friends. Use simple songs that are easy to sing and learn. Some of the classics include the following.

  • The Alphabet Song
  • The Wheels On The Bus
  • Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me
  • Jack and Jill
  • Polly, Put The Kettle On
  • Six Little Ducks
  • If You’re Happy
  • Bingo
  • Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
  • Old McDonald

Balloon Games

What toddler doesn’t love balloons? Take advantage of their interest by offering balloon games at their party. Some of the top balloon games they’ll enjoy will include the following.

Balloon Painting – Let them paint and draw on the balloons.

Balloon races – Let the toddlers race in pairs, passing the balloon to each other in a relay.

Unique 2nd birthday party themes

Totally Twobular

This surfing-themed party idea is a great choice for babies that love the beach. Set up an island vibe for the kids and a slip-and-slide with a boogie board to let the kids enjoy the feeling of a water ride. Surf’s up, shaka!

Monkeys see, Monkey TWO

Toddlers will go bananas for this party theme. Incorporate monkey motifs like Curious George and offer banana-flavored treats at the party.

2nd birthday decoration ideas at home

Table for TWO

Give your toddler a retro-themed birthday party with classic diner food choices. Offer soda floats, milkshakes, burgers, and fries. Remember to dress the tables in those traditional red-and-white checkered tablecloths!

Off TWO The Races

Does your kid love cars or horses? Give them a racing-themed party for their second birthday with a Daytona 555 or Kentucky Derby-themed party. Use horseshoes, flowers, ribbons, and cars for decoration ideas. Your daughter or son will love you if you can pull off some pony rides or go-karts!

Unique 2nd birthday gifts

Buttoning, Buckling, and Coordination Toys

The second year sees your child develop better coordination skills and hand strength. Give them gifts for their second birthday focusing on buckling, buttoning, lacing, zipping, and tying.

Building and Constructing Toys

Toddlers love playing with wooden or plastic block toys. Look for toys focusing on skills like building, stacking, knocking down, and rebuilding. Towers are a good choice. Start small with a few blocks. As their skills improve, they’ll get better at stacking the tower higher and higher. Alphabet blocks are another great choice with a dual purpose. They’ll help kids get familiar with their ABCs, and they’re in the right shape for stacking.

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