86 Funny Beach Puns that will Make You Flip

Are you heading to the beach with your family? Keep the kids entertained on the trip with these puns and jokes. The time will fly by, and you’ll be on the sand in no time.

Funny Beach Puns that will Make You Flip

Short beach puns for kids

I have a great friend-ship with my buddies.

I seafood and I eat food.

All is seafare in love and war.

I sure could go for a sub at the restaurant right now.

Hey there, what’s new, octopussycat?

I’ll move heaven and surf to be with you.

Whale, look at what the captain dragged in.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap the sand.

My how the high tide turns.

I don’t know if your idea holds water.

Water you waiting for?

Are you feeling board? Why not take a walk?

I had a deep conversation with my friend.

Pour your pina Coladas into your sunglasses!

I see you playing the trunk card.

Funny beach puns for friends

Why is the beach so confident? It’s always 100% shore.

What did the sunscreen say to the swimmer? I’ve got you covered!

What is the best beach food? A sandwich.

What did the shovel say to its friend on the beach? You look a bit pail. Are you feeling okay?

What’s the most common insect on the beach? The beach buggy!

What do you say if the beach asks you to walk on it? Shore, why not!

What did the pig say after catching a sunburn at the beach? I’m bacon.

What’s the best day of the week to hit the beach? Sunday.

What is a French man wearing sandals? Phillipe Phloppe.

What do you call a rottweiler on the beach in the sun? A hot dog.

Did you hear about the race between the sea and the sand? They tied.

How do you greet the beach? With a sandshake.

What do you call beach parties that get out of hand? Sandemonium!

Funny Beach Puns that will Make You Flip

Beach pun captions for Instagram

I’m feeling fine and sandy.

I’ll make waves where I go.

If you can’t beach ’em, join ’em.

I’m feeling beachy keen.

They’re having a whale of a time.

Fish, you were here.

Keep palm and carry on.

Just coasting along.

Whale, hello my dear!

It’s a great plaice to visit.

Tropic like it’s hot.

I’ll go with the sea-sar salad.

Quit squidding around silly!

Don’t be a flip-flopper; stick to your guns.

This beach is fun as shell.

She’s all clammed up.

I’ll make you walk the plank-ton!

I krill always love you.

Hey there! Wade up, I’m almost there!

I’m so frond of her.

People tell me I always want morca!

Funny dad beach jokes

Life is just one wave after another.

Beach hair? I don’t care.

A day at the beach keeps a doctor at bay.

Every step leads me closer to the beach.

You could say I’m a beachcomber.

The beach is a shore bet for a great time.

Every day is Sunday at the beach.

Beach shell puns

Did you bring the shell-ter for the wind while we’re at the beach?

Shell-ebrate great times!

I’ll be at the beach. You can reach me on my shell phone.

I’m enjoying my time at the beach. Please, don’t shell me what to do!

Shell we have a dance on the boardwalk?

There’s no need for you to be shellfish. Didn’t anyone tell you sharing is caring?

I’ll just be in my shell, minding my own business.

She’s a hard shell to crack!

That’s one shell of a good joke!

They’re shelling the beach house!

I’m only interested in shells of a certain caliber.

Ocean puns

Always look for the biggest wave in the sea – it’s where you’ll find me riding!

I’m always feeling blue when I’m in the ocean.

In the vast ocean of despair, you’re my anchor.

You’re the pearl to my oyster.

Why did the wave say sorry to the beach? Because it felt tide.

Why is the ocean blue? Because it holds its feelings deep inside where no one sees them!

Why do sharks avoid eating lawyers? Because they’re afraid of getting tangled up in red tape!

I tried to book my vacation rental by the ocean, but they were booked up. I guess everyone wants to sea the ocean!

How do you get octopi to laugh? With ten-tickles!

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