Things to Do in Virginia Beach with Kids

If you want to have a great family vacation with kids, toddlers or teens, then there’s no need to travel all the way out of the United States to have a fun time. Some of the best holiday destinations are hiding right here in the United States, and Virginia beach is one of the best places that families can visit for a break or weekend getaway.

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Here are some of the best things to do in Virginia Beach with kids.

Is Virginia Beach a Good Place to Vacation with Kids?

Yes, Virginia Beach can be one of the best places to choose as a getaway destination for families with children or teens.

There are a lot of things that make Virginia Beach a great family-friendly place to visit or stay.

Virginia Beach is safe, and that’s one of the first things that makes it excellent as a family destination. The average crime rate for Virginia Beach is only about 33 reports per 1, 000 residents here. It means that you are unlikely to run into any trouble or undesirable emergencies on vacation here.

There are a lot of excellent family-friendly restaurants and other attractions to be found in Virginia Beach. There’s something here for everyone, from Virginia Beach Haunted Tours to the Military Aviation Museum.

Like any town that you might visit on vacation, the family-friendliness of your entire vacation experience depends on the places you choose to go. To make it easier for parents, we’ve chosen only attractions here that are great for the whole family!

What is Open in Virginia Beach for Kids to Do?

Virginia Beach Haunted Tours


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One of the best things that you can do as a family in Virginia Beach is to pay a visit to one of the haunted tours. Most kids love a good ghost story, and if that describes your family, then this is one great, creepy family attraction that you can’t afford to miss. Some people even take the tour more than once in the hopes of seeing something new!

Water Skiing Tours in Virginia Beach

If you and the kids like to stay active while you’re on vacation, then one of the best attractions that you can choose is one of the water skiing tours in Virginia Beach. Supervised, older kids will get a tutorial with the adults before they embark on the water – or they can tag along at a slower speed with their parents.

Military Aviation Museum

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The Military Aviation Museum is a pretty impressive place to visit, with several hundred things to see, all packed under the same roof. The guided tour will tell you the most interesting things, with the option to make it through the museum at your own pace if you would like a slower-paced experience here.

Sandbridge Beach

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While you’re in Virginia Beach, take the kids to one of the public beaches in the area for a day out in the sun when the weather is perfect for it. Sandbridge Beach is free to enter, and it’s the best place to see a great view and meet some local people. Once you’re done, there are many stores and restaurants located right around.

Unique Things to Do in Virginia Beach

Jungle Mini Golf

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Adventure golf is still one of the best family activities out there, and if you would like to challenge the kids to the real version of something they might have only played before on their smartphones, then this is a great visit. Jungle Mini Golf has affordable rates and snacks available for when the kids inevitably get hungry.

National Aviation Monument

The National Aviation Monument is one of the stops you must make, especially if you have already been to the Military Aviation Museum. The monument is free to see, and sometimes if you’re lucky, there are even events here at the right time of the year.

Virginia Aquarium


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A trip to the Aquarium is an affordable and informative way to see a lot with kids of almost any age, and Virginia Aquarium is famous all over the world for the wealth of things that you can get to see here. Affordable guided tours get you through several great exhibits you will only find here, with the option to view shows.

Virginia Zoo

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Virginia Zoo is a great place to go if you would like to walk through one of the richest zoological gardens anywhere in the United States. Admission is affordable, and you can cram a lot of activities for the kids into a single day just by going here. Small shops are scattered throughout the zoo, including small snack shops and a gift store.

What is the Best Month to Go to Virginia Beach with Kids?

Virginia Beach can get busy during peak times of the year, but one of the best times to see the area with kids as a family trip is close to the end of the year. Decembers at the beach always come with more family-friendly activities that kids can enjoy – and that even the adults will have fun with.

If you have a list of places you would like to see, check each schedule to find the best list of appropriate events.

Free Things to Do in Virginia Beach with Kids

Virginia Beach


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A great time out doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and one of the best places that you can go with the kids is a trip straight to Virginia Beach. There are many things to see here, and it’s not a busy attraction most of the year, so there’s plenty of space to walk around or take unforgettable selfies with the beach as a background.

The Cape Henry Lighthouse


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The Cape Henry Lighthouse is a cheap-to-visit attraction that provides one of the greatest views of the whole beach. More than this, the Lighthouse also functions as a museum and gift store that provides a glimpse into the rich history of the area — and allows you to take some of it home with you if you can stretch your budget.

First Landing State Park


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First Landing State Park is free, and there are plenty of things to see and do here – including various walking trails that are perfect for kids or teens who need to burn off some energy while they’re on holiday. A visit here also makes for a great selfie opportunity, and the kids might be eternally grateful for the greatness they’ll get to see here.

Things to Do at Virginia Beach Oceanfront with Kids

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

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When you’re close to the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is one of the famous stretches that you have to walk with the kids — and there’s everything here, from small craft stores to restaurants where you can grab a snack when you’re on the move to see another attraction down the line.

Sandbridge Beach

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Sandbridge Beach is one of the beaches you’ll find near Virginia Beach, and it’s great for when any of the main beaches seem too crowded to go to — or when you and the family want to see something different.

Atlantic Fun Park

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Atlantic Fun Park is a fully-equipped adventure park that you can find not too far away from the main Virginia Beach oceanfront. Visits here are affordable, and they can get the kids to experience some great, safe fun in the water if you want to keep them away from swimming right in the ocean.

Indoor Kid Activities Virginia Beach

Laser Quest


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If you have to stay indoors but still want to stay active, then a few rounds of laser tag is a great challenge for both the parents and the kids! Laser Quest is the venue in Virginia Beach to do just that, and visits here are best booked in advance.

FunVille Playground & Cafe

If you and the kids have to stay indoors, then a great activity for younger kids is going to the FunVille Playground & Cafe. The Cafe is a smart addition to the visit, especially for parents who would like to stick to the area from where kids can be supervised while they have a bite to eat and a necessary momentary break.

Bounce House

The Bounce House is located at 829 Lynnhaven Parkway, and it’s one of the greatest four-star attractions for younger kids. The Bounce House is a fully supervised exercise park with trampolines where kids can have fun in a safe environment. As a bonus, most of the venues are indoors for when the weather doesn’t let you do much else.

Jump Trampoline Park

The Bounce House isn’t the only place where you can get your jumping on, there’s also the Jump Trampoline Park for a similar experience packed into a slightly smaller frame. Reassuring for parents, visits can be supervised — and there are small gift shops and restaurants to be found inside the park when the kids (or parents) need a break.

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