Things to Do in Waco with Kids

Great family-friendly holiday destinations don’t have to take you thousands of miles away from the United States. Still, an excellent and fun vacation can be had at many local destinations right in the U.S. Waco, Texas, is one of the most popular family-friendly local getaway spots, with a lot of things to do and see for family entertainment and eats.

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Here are some of the best things to do in Waco with kids.

What is Waco Best Known For?

Waco, Texas, is best known as being one of the best vacation destinations for families in the United States. Thousands of people flock to Waco yearly to see some of the sights, restaurants, and festivals in this part of the States.

A city in central Texas, Waco has one of the lowest crime rates when compared to many other main cities elsewhere in the country. According to averages, Waco citizens report only about 43 crimes per 1 000 residents — and most of Waco is safe to experience for families on the move.

Waco is best known for natural and historical attractions like the Cameron Park Zoo and the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

Waco is also known for some great local restaurants, including Jake’s Texas Tea House and Kitok for traditional Korean food. Most restaurants here accommodate kids, and there are menu options for even fussy family members.

Is Waco Kid Friendly?

Waco, Texas, can be one of the best destinations to choose for a local family vacation in the United States, and most of the city and its attractions are great for kids of all ages.

Restaurants in Waco have children-friendly options on the menu, and most accommodate special dietary needs or allergies if your kids happen to have any.

Parents will want to choose the best attractions for the age of their group, with specific attractions that cater to teens, toddlers, or kids somewhere in the middle.

Some of the best family-friendly attractions in Waco are listed here, from the Cameron Park Zoo to the free-to-see Waco Suspension Bridge.

If you aren’t sure whether an activity is suited to your children (e.g., due to noise or age-appropriateness), the best thing that you can do is call or book ahead. Most venues and restaurants are happy to accommodate kids, and some can even recommend activities that they know about as locals.

Things to Do in Waco, Texas This Weekend with Kids

Cameron Park Zoo

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Cameron Park Zoo is one of the most famous zoological gardens in the whole United States, and there are more than 100 unique things to see here that will keep everyone in the family thoroughly entertained – and once you’re done, there are restaurants and several gift shops within the zoo for the whole experience.

Waco Mammoth Monument

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The Waco Mammoth Monument is the best place to go to if you want to see some of the rich natural history of Waco, Texas – and it’s free to see. This is one of the best selfie opportunities in the whole of Waco, and even parents won’t be able to resist the wonder of the view.

Brazos Bluffs Ranch


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Waco, Texas, is famous for some of its ranches and farms – and the Brazos Bluffs Ranch is one of the famous horse farms where kids can get to experience the wonder of horses in person with an expert who stands by. Located at 1200 Bluffs Ranch Road, this is really something that families have to see — and it’s both affordable and unique.

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum

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The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum is where you’ll see everything you have ever wanted to know about the history of the famous Texas Rangers. See artifacts and ask more about some of the specific exhibits during the guided tour. There’s something for everyone, with a small gift shop to commemorate the experience or learn even more.

Waco Tours

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If there’s just too much to see for a family to fit into one day, then Waco Tours is one of the recommended groups to join in with. Waco Tours are organized and can pack many different activities into a single trip that doesn’t cost too much — but shows you almost everything. Book ahead to make sure you reserve your booking.

Free Things to Do in Waco, TX with Kids

Waco Suspension Bridge

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A visit to Waco Suspension Bridge doesn’t cost a cent unless you choose to spend at one of the stores or restaurants around it, and the bridge truly is one of the greatest architectural sights you will ever get to see here.

Mayborn Museum Complex

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Parents who don’t want to spend too much cash on a day out but still get to see a lot of great things with their kids should consider a stop at the famous Mayborn Museum Complex. Fun and engaging for everyone, some days offer reduced admission fees so that you can see a lot for a little bit.

Cameron Park

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If you want to have fun with the kids and not have it cost your whole vacation budget, then a great place to go in Cameron Park. Free to see, you can experience some nature in one place and get to meet some friends. Cameron Park is huge, and kids who don’t mind taking a short walk will find many things to see.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Waco Indoors

Dr Pepper Museum

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One of the most famous museum attractions that you can find in Waco is the Dr Pepper Museum, and it’s an especially great thing to see for the family if you have to spend most of the day indoors. What could be better than seeing some of the first (and weirdest) Dr Pepper cans that have ever been on display?

Waco Library

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A day indoors doesn’t have to be boring, especially not if you have kids who can appreciate a day surrounded by books. Waco Library is huge, with books on almost every subject that kids could think of to mention. It’s free to see, and there’s the occasional event and book sale to be seen here.

Magnolia Market

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Magnolia Market is a great place where some of the best wares in town are sold, and almost no visit to Waco is complete, with at least one stop at Magnolia Market. Most of it is indoors or covered, though it’s not a free attraction with the number of things there is to buy at the different stores.

What is There to Do in Waco for Toddlers?

The Magnolia Silos

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Found not too far away from the Magnolia Market, the Magnolia Silos is a cheap attraction that presents an impressive view that someone of any age can appreciate with a step back.

Hawaiian Falls (Water Park)

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Waco can get hot in the summer, and Hawaiian Falls is one of the best family-friendly water parks with activities for every age, including toddlers. Admission is cheap, and parents should remember to bring an appropriate amount of backup towels for this one.

What is There to Do in Waco for Teens?

The Game Closet

If anyone in the family is a true fan of traditional tabletop board games, then pay a visit to The Game Closet. It’s one of the largest trading card and game stores you’ll find in Waco, and they’ll have everything from the most famous Monopoly to the more obscure games you’ll need a 300-page guide to play.

Skate Waco


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If the teens would like a more active day out, then visit Skate Waco at 401 Towne Oaks Drive. This is one of the few skate parks that rents gear, offers lessons, and has a huge area to explore in the same trip. Affordable, even some parents might be tempted to take a skate lesson or two from the experts.

Laser Blast Laser Tag

Once you’re in the area of Skate Waco, you can also try Laser Blast Laser Tag, that’s just around the corner. It’s much less painful than the average paintball experience, but it can be a lot of fun. Challenge the kids to a first-person shooter game that you might be better at than they are!

AMF Westview Lanes


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AMF Westview Lanes is the place for parents and kids who want to have a real-life bowling experience. Can the kids out-bowl their parents? It’s always fun to find out when you’re on vacation, and this lane offers very affordable gear rental on the spot as well as an on-site restaurant and snack store.

Waco Escape Rooms


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If you’re in the Waco area and you and the kids have never done an escape-the-room challenge before, now might be a perfect time — and Waco Escape Rooms is one of the top-rated places to do just that. Challenging, this one is better for older kids and teens than younger ones — but it’s still an excellent vacation stop. Book ahead to make sure you reserve a spot.

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