Things to Do in Galveston with Kids

If you want to find a fun and exciting vacation destination for you and the kids to visit, then there’s no need to look anywhere other than the United States. Some of the best holiday destinations are local, and Galveston, Texas, has become one of the top tourist destinations for locals who want to see more of their own great country.

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Here are some of the best things to do in Galveston with kids, including visiting East Beach or having a fun day at Pleasure Pier Park.

What is Galveston Texas Known For?

Galveston, Texas, has perfect weather, vibrant culture, excellent attractions, and even a few amazing beaches. Locals would tell you that Galveston, Texas is an incredible place to stay — and there’s just as much to do during a short visit.

In recent years, the city of Galveston has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.

East Beach, Sunny Beach, and the famous Galveston Ferry are beach-based attractions that set the town apart from what you’ll find in the rest of the state.

One of the things that Galveston is known for is the natural sights, some of which you can get to see only here. If going outside on vacation isn’t your thing, or you get here on the one day of the year with colder weather, Galveston has many other attractions, like laser tag, to keep kids and adults busy.

Galveston has even been a filming location for several series and movies, with a full list on

Is Galveston a Good Place to Visit with Kids?

Galveston, TX, can be one of the best places to visit for a family vacation with kids, teenagers, or toddlers.

Local attractions cater to kids of every age, and there’s something to do for everyone in town. If you have kids with more active tastes, visit one of the great adventure parks — and if you want to take a relaxed approach instead, there are plenty of chilled or indoor attractions.

Restaurants have a varied focus, and you can find everything from traditional Japanese food to Tex-Mex. All restaurants have a kid-friendly atmosphere, and most have special menu items to entertain even fussy-eating kids or teens.

Like any town or city, how kid-friendly the itinerary is will depend on where you go!

Things to Do in Galveston for Free with Kids

East Beach

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If you don’t have a massive budget to go out on the town for a day, don’t worry about it too much, and plan for a quieter getaway to any number of the open beaches in or near Galveston. Access to East Beach is free, and you can have a good day out with limited funds — and usually, it’s not too busy, even during peak times of the year.

Sunny Beach


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If you want to make a great day on a short budget, make a trip to Sunny Beach and spend some time close to the ocean. Entrance to the beach is free, and there’s so much to see here that you’ll want to take it all in before you move on to the next thing on your trip.

The Galveston Ferry

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The Galveston Ferry is free, and it’s one of the most picture-perfect attractions you can see in Texas. While not many people know there’s a ferry in town, now that you do, you certainly can’t afford to miss this exciting local attraction.

Fun Things to Do in Galveston This Weekend with Kids

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

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The Schlitterbahn Waterpark is one of the best kid-friendly attractions for active groups of all ages, especially if you have kids who love to spend time in the water. The water park has great rides, affordable entrance fees, and something for younger and older kids to enjoy. The on-site restaurant should have your food and drink needs fully covered.

Moody Gardens

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If you want a relaxed walk through one of the most unique parks, plan a visit to Galveston’s famous Moody Gardens. The Rainforest Pyramid is unique and impressive, with an aquarium just around the corner to ensure your day is full of fun.

Thrills & Chills

Thrills & Chills is the perfect theme park for kids of almost all ages, with everything from traditional carnival attractions to more elaborate roller coasters. While the on-site attractions cost more than the entrance, you can have a great day out if you prepare your budget.

Galveston Children’s Museum

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The Galveston Children’s Museum is advertised as a great attraction for kids aged 2 to 10, with attractions, art, and activities to occupy this age group for hours at a time. It’s rated as one of the top attractions for kids in Galveston, and you can’t afford to miss it if you’re out on the town with the kids.

Things to Do in Galveston with Toddlers

Pleasure Pier

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Pleasure Pier is an affordable day out for the entire family, with rides and attractions that are suited to kids of most ages. Everything from great shopping to dining options is available at the Historic Pleasure Pier, and parents should look at the website to see which events happen on the schedule.

Galveston Island State Park

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Galveston Island State Park is huge and has something to entertain every family member, from kids to adults. Admission is affordable, and you can access the entire park, including walking trails, on-site dining options, and activity programs for kids.

The Seawall

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The Seawall is one of the most famous local attractions you will likely hear about during your first five minutes in Galveston. That’s because it’s worth seeing – and it’s an incredible view no matter what age you are when you see it!

Baywatch Dolphin Tours

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If you want to bring the family closer to nature with this vacation, there’s no better way to do it than an up close and personal Baywatch Dolphin Tour. Tours are conducted on the water with a very experienced, friendly crew to ensure that it’s fun and safe for everyone.

Things to Do in Galveston with Teenagers

Galveston Laser Tag

If you have active teenagers that want to find something to do in town, then a trip out to Galveston Laser Tag might be exactly what they need. Laser tag is engaging and fun; this is the only place in Galveston to do it! Plus, it’s not as painful as paintball and lets the kids get some exercise.

Galveston Naval Museum


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History can be a lot of fun, especially for teenagers interested in naval history. Visit the Galveston Naval Museum if you want to take a walk through history — and see some original artifacts that you can only find in one place: right in Galveston.

Pier 21

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Pier 21 is one of the famous beach-side vacation stops, and people use the general term Pier 21 to refer to a whole stretch of different attractions, including restaurants and a historic view that you can see only in one place. The restaurants are top-rated, and there’s a lot for everyone in the family to do at Pier 21.

Indoor Kid Activities in Galveston, TX

Escape the Island

If you have ever been a fan of mystery games or you would like to experience a unique escape-the-room mystery with the family, try Escape the Island in Galveston, Texas. Unique to this area, you will experience the local environment and get to solve a mystery at the same time.

Galveston Go Karts

Galveston Go-Karts is one of the best activities for older kids and teens, with a smaller race track that can feel much larger than it is when you’re going around in a Go-Kart. Make sure you book ahead since this is one of the busier attractions in Galveston.

Galveston Railroad Museum

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The Galveston Railroad Museum is located at 2602 Santa Fe Street, and it’s a  one-of-a-kind experience that gives visitors a chance to experience the railway first-hand. The attractions here can be a lot of fun for kids, but they can easily be just as enjoyable for teenagers and adults.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Galveston in December

The Galveston Pirates Museum

If you want to take full advantage of the unexpected beach theme while you find yourself in Texas, you might want to make Pirates part of the trip. The Galveston Pirate Museum will tell you everything you want to know about the history of sea-faring criminals in a time when the oceans were a much more dangerous place to be.

Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza


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Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza is the perfect place to go if you have hungry kids and still want to make a fun day out of it. The attraction isn’t just in the fun name but also in the great food — and this restaurant boasts a great kid-friendly menu that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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