Things to Do in Colorado Springs with Kids

Colorado Springs is one of the best places you can go on vacation with the kids, and it has become one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the entire United States. If you want to see a blend of the perfect weather together with a great list of unique attractions that include bowling at It’z Colorado Springs and going to the Academy Riding Stables.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs with Kids

Here are some of the best things to do in Colorado Springs with kids.

What is Colorado Springs Best Known For?

Colorado Springs is best known for being the largest city in El Paso County and the home of some of the greatest local tourist attractions in the United States — from the Academy Riding Stables for the adventurous to the spectacular Red Rock Canyon.

More than just this, Colorado Springs is also known for being one of the most historically significant areas of the United States. Among other things, the Cheyenne Natural History Park is located right here in Colorado Springs, and it’s one of the must-see attractions for everyone in the family.

Colorado Springs is an especially great place for families who love to spend time together in nature. Active families will enjoy the number of ziplines and obstacle courses you can find in Colorado Springs.

If you would like to relax instead, there’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the North Pole, and the famous Garden of the Gods.

Colorado Springs is one of the best vacation destinations for families with children, no matter what activity level your family calls themselves!

Unique Things to do in Colorado Springs with Kids

Battlefield Colorado

Battlefield Colorado is one of the most unique attractions in Colorado Springs if you have an active family with older kids. Make your way through a unique laser-tag experience with one of the best (yet pretty challenging) obstacle courses out there. As part of the draw, it’s not as painful as going out for paintball!

Academy Riding Stables

Academy Riding Stables is a friendly group of horse-riding enthusiasts and teachers out in Colorado Springs. Get together with the family and spend quality time out in nature with some of the most incredible creatures. Horses are truly incredible, and it’s an unforgettable experience.

iT’z Colorado Springs

iT’z Colorado Springs is a family-friendly activity site that almost reminds you of an old-school gaming arcade – but with a serious update to modern times. One of their best attractions is their fully equipped bowling rink and family-friendly restaurant.

Red Rock Canyon

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Red Rock Canyon is one of the most incredible natural sights that you could come to see when you’re visiting Colorado Springs. Just stop by and see the park’s magic, or book your stay ahead and walk any of the famous walking trails found here. Most of Red Rock Canyon can be called family-friendly, and there are shorter walking trails for younger guests.

Toddler Activities Colorado Springs

Springs Adventure Park

If you want to have a good time with a group of busy kids and toddlers, visiting Springs Adventure Park can be one of the best things you do with the family. Springs Adventure Park has something for everyone in the family, including teens, kids, and adults. Springs Adventure Park is rated as one of the #1 attractions in Colorado Springs and remains a must-see.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park


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Don’t think that adventure parks are all Colorado Springs has to offer on a family-friendly vacation. Families with small kids can also visit the Sky Zone Trampoline Park for a great, supervised jumping experience. The trampolines are organized so that age groups can stick together — and be supervised so everyone can stay safe.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is for anyone who wants to have fun in the water without going straight to the beach. Any active adults, kids, or younger toddlers will have an absolute ball at one of the best-rated water attractions in Colorado Springs. If you want to stop for a bite, there’s even an on-site restaurant.

Indoor Kid Activities Colorado Springs

The National WWII Museum

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The National WWII Museum is one of the top attractions you can visit with families and kids if you want a great historical, informative experience. Some days have reduced admission fees, and most days have special events and guided tours for you to learn more.

Manitou Penny Arcade

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Manitou Penny Arcade is the place to be if you want to show kids what the greatness of old-school penny arcades used to be all about. Some of the most classic games that even parents will remember can be found here, and there are even a few places to grab a bite to eat while you’re there.

May Natural History Museum

photo source: Flickr via Mary Byzewski

The May Natural History Museum is where you should go if you and the kids want to learn more about the natural world. Watch out for special events and guided tours, the Museum pretty much always has something interesting going on — and it’s a great family-friendly day out for you and the kids.

Things to Do in Downtown Colorado Springs with Kids

Ghost Town Museum

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The Ghost Town Museum can take the entire family on a unique journey through one of the many completely abandoned towns in the United States. Found in Colorado Springs, this one has been converted into a great Wild West museum that will show you more about the rich history of the United States.

America the Beautiful Theme Park


photo source: Wikimedia Commons

America the Beautiful Theme Park is one of the oldest attractions in Colorado Springs, and it’s one of the best places to go on a family vacation, even with younger kids or teens. 

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center is something to see, and guided tours can take you through the scene from beginning to end. This tour is worth it for any sports fans and sports history fans!

Things to Do in Colorado in the Winter with Kids

Rock Ledge Ranch

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Rock Ledge Ranch is one of the few active living history museums in the United States, located in Colorado Springs. A very interactive place to visit, you and the kids can see how people lived without the modern conveniences we know today — though many parents have warned that you should set a budget for kids who want to visit the gift shop!

Helen Hunt Falls

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Believe it or not, Helen Hunt falls isn’t named after the actress but after a famous activist for Native American rights. Visit Helen Hunt Falls to see one of the most majestic natural formations you’ll ever see.

Florrisant Fossil Beds

If you and the kids want to see more of the natural world right up close and personal, visit Florissant Fossil Beds for a look at some of the oldest trapped fossils you can find in the whole of the United States. Almost every visitor has said that the trip is absolutely worth it!

Colorado summer activities for families

The North Pole

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

If you and the family want to see Colorado in the summer like you never have, visit the great theme park known as the North Pole. Everything here is themed around the great mythical birthplace of Santa Claus. It’s great for younger and older kids in the summer and winter.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the local nature conservation spots, and they have shows featuring the animals (with more information about them) during most of the year. Stop by and get to know nature with the kids for a great, unforgettable experience!

Bear Creek Nature Reserve

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Bear Creek Nature Reserve has a little bit of everything you and the family might want to see during the summer. Enjoy some easy-to-moderate walking trails, or stop by for a great weekend at the park.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center is one of the best attractions for families who want to know more about the natural world — and of course, one of the biggest draws is that you get to learn more about dinosaurs. What could be cooler than this?

Free Things to Do in Colorado Springs with Kids

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the best places to visit if you are on a tight budget for most of your vacation. Watch the schedule to find out which days will let you in for a reduced admission fee (or one of their free days).

Peterson Air & Space Museum (Free)

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We live in an era where Life on Mars is something to aspire to and not just a song by David Bowie anymore. The Peterson Air & Space Museum is still one of the coolest family attractions you can find in Colorado Springs, and it’s great for the whole family — with free admission on most days!

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