Things to Do in Clearwater with Kids

If you are looking for a great place to go on vacation or a weekend getaway with kids, then you should look no further than Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is one of the top holiday destinations in the United States, and thousands of visitors flock here each year to experience the sand, sun, and some of the best views of the beach.

Traveling to Clearwater with kids, toddlers, or teenagers?

Things to Do in Clearwater with Kids

Here are some of the best things to do in Clearwater with kids.

What is Clearwater, Florida Known For?

Clearwater, Florida is one of the best places to go on holiday for many people who are from other parts of the United States. Thousands of people move through the town of Clearwater every year to experience some of the great sights and sound that you’ll only see in one place: that’s right in Clearwater.

Some of the things that Clearwater is most famous for is Clearwater beach, which can be accessed by the public through several entranceways. Clearwater is also known for warm, comfortable weather and great music, culture and restaurants.

If you would like to experience the best of the beach or go to see attractions like the Penny Lane Beatles Museum, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Other wonderful attractions in Clearwater, Florida includes Clearwater Main Library, Sea Life Safari and the Clay & Paper Gallery of Art.

If you can excuse the pun, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone in Clearwater!

Is Clearwater Florida Good for Kids?

Yes, Clearwater is one of the best vacation destinations and weekend getaway spots for parents with kids. If you were to ask any of the locals in Clearwater, they would tell you that it’s a great place to stay too.

Most of what you will see in Clearwater is kid-friendly, including a great deal of some of the Clearwater hotels and suites. Most restaurants located in Clearwater have specific menu items for kids that will be able to cater to even the fussiest visitors!

Clearwater also has some of the cleanest, greatest beaches — and if you and the kids are the active types, you can go exploring the rest of Clearwater for walking trails that will take you along the scenic route.

Attractions like the Little Toot Dolphin Adventure and Clearwater Marine Aquarium are all part of what makes Clearwater a great getaway that’s perfect for anyone with toddlers, teens, or kids.

Unique Things to Do in Clearwater, FL with Kids

Penny Lane Beatles Museum

If you happen to be a fan of the Beatles, then the Penny Lane Beatles Museum is one of the iconic places that you have to visit before you die. The Penny Lane Beatles Museum has some of the most incredible Beatles history, including Beatles costumes, albums, and even locks of the original Beatles’ hair.

Dunedin Fine Art Center

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is located in a neighborhood of Clearwater called Dunedin, and this is where you can see some of the most incredible and internationally famous artists – some of them are even Clearwater locals. Some days have special events and reduced admission fees for adults and kids.

Clay and Paper Gallery of Art

The Clay and Paper Gallery of Art is a famous art gallery that’s quite unlike anything else you might come to see in the art world. All of the art pieces featured in this gallery are made from clay, paper, and other natural materials. Special events and reduced admission days.

Clearwater Main Library

Clearwater Main Library is one of two public libraries you can find in Clearwater, and it’s open to the public – if you don’t have a library card, you can just apply to take some of the books home for a few days, or you can browse through what you have.

Sea Life Safari

Photo source: via rcgtrrz

Sea Life Safari is one of the attractions that the Clearwater area has become the most famous for. If you would like to see more of nature (in a way that almost nowhere else has to offer), then the famous Sea Life Safari can bring you right to it. It’s a great, unique chance to get close to nature that the whole family can enjoy.

Things to Do in Clearwater This Weekend with Kids

Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise

One of the best weekend activities for parents and kids to do together in Clearwater is the famous attraction Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise. Cruise through and book a great day-long pirate-themed fun park.

Sand Key Park

Photo source: via Chad Sparkes

If the weather allows for it, then a visit to Sand Key Park can be one of the best attractions for kids and parents to enjoy together. It’s a great view, and some days have guided tours where you can learn more about this great area of the Florida coast.

Florida Botanical Gardens

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

A visit to the Florida Botanical Gardens is a great way to have an affordable, day-long outing that puts you right in the middle of nature. Learn more about everything that grows in the great Florida weather and get to see some of the gorgeous life.

Pinellas Trail

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

If you and the kids are after a more active day outside, walk the Pinellas Trail together with a tour-guided group. The Pinellas Trail is one of those great rare gems that not everyone knows can be found this close to the beach!

Dunedin Downtown Market

The Dunedin Downtown Market is the perfect place to visit for some retail therapy, even if you’re on a tight budget for most of the vacation. A lot of the unique culture to be found in Dunedin hides right here

Free Things to Do in Clearwater, FL with Kids

Clearwater Beach

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has done a vacation on a limited budget, and Clearwater Beach is the perfect no-admission trip out. You’ll have one of the best views, and Clearwater Beach is rated as one of the top attractions that people have to see while they’re here.

Pier 60 Sunsets

Access to Pier 60 doesn’t cost a cent, and it’s one of the most popular attractions in Clearwater. Stop by at just the right time and you’ll get to see one of the most incredible sunsets that you and the kids will certainly never forget.

Pier 60 Fishing

A visit to Pier 60 isn’t just about a unique opportunity to view the sunset. Fishing is one of the most popular activities in the area – and while you’re here, why not make a great first-time fishing trip with the kids?

Things to Do in Clearwater Beach with Kids

Little Toot Dolphin Adventure

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

A visit to Clearwater Beach isn’t considered complete without a stop at the Little Toot Dolphin Adventure, which gets you and the kids right up close and personal with dolphins. Unforgettable, it can be a great one-day trip.

Sea Screamers of Clearwater

If you have more active kids to keep busy this holiday, make sure that you and the kids make some time to go by the Sea Screamers of Clearwater. Expect a busy theme park vibe on most days, and expect to bring at least a few extra towels if this is the place you plan to visit.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Photo source: via C W

While in Clearwater, there are a few activities you can book that can teach you and the kids a whole lot more about the local nature and attractions. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is one of the most popular family to-dos in the area, with guided tours going on most days.

Clearwater Ferry

If you are completely sure that you and the kids can’t possibly get seasick, the Clearwater Ferry might be one of the best views you can have on the entire adventure. The Clearwater Ferry shows you a round-trip of the water, and you might even get to see some of the area’s animals in action.

Clearwater Beach Kid-Friendly Resorts

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

Photo source: via TravelingOtter

The Sheraton Sand Key Resort is a mid-priced resort that’s great for adults — and they have special activities that will keep all ages of kids occupied for most of the time you spend booked in at the hotel. Basic amenities like television are given, plus you can ask for extras like room service while you’re there.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites is still one of the top recommended places to stay. Holiday Inn hotels are known for an exceptionally high standard, usually at an affordable price. Most rooms here have a great view, with amenities like furnished suites or rooms — and several on-site restaurants and pools.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott has a luxurious feel but comes at a much more affordable price. Several types of rooms or suites are available, and there are on-site activities for most ages so that parents have time to go see what else there is to do around the hotel.

Spring Hill Suites by Marriott

The Spring Hill Suites by Marriott is an affordable, hotel-style accommodation option that doesn’t charge as much as many of its luxurious Marriott cousins. Basic amenities are available, and you can ask for more if you have a budget to extend.

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