Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

The United States is home to some of the best local holiday destinations that you could ever hope for, and Sarasota is ranked as one of the greatest family-friendly vacations that you could have with the kids if you would like to see more of nature or great museums, restaurants, and culture at the same time.

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Here are some of the best things to see in Sarasota with kids.

What is Sarasota Known For?

Sarasota might not have stood out as one of the most famous vacation destinations in the past. Still, now it is gaining much more fame as a great place for families to go — especially if they want to see more of nature or experience some of the restaurants and other fun attractions around Sarasota.

One of the greatest attractions in Sarasota is nature.

Siesta and Crescent Beach are great beaches that families can explore in Sarasota. Once they’re done, there’s more around here to see — such as the Sarasota Classic Car Museum or Sea Life Kayak Adventures for the more adventurous families.

While it’s not the most famous part of Florida, it’s certainly on the map as a fun, family-oriented place for a vacation.

Sarasota is known as a great place to have a great time.

What more do you need to know?     

Is Sarasota Family Friendly?

Yes, Sarasota is family-friendly, and most of its attractions and restaurants are suitable for families with younger children or teenagers.

Like any destination, you might choose for a holiday or getaway, how family-friendly it is can depend on your list of attractions. This post features only attractions and restaurants that have been checked as great for kids, according to families who have been there.

There’s something to do for everyone.

Unique Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

Save Our Seabirds

Save Our Seabirds is one of the great main natural attractions that exist in Sarasota. As a bird rescue center, this is a place where you can get to know some of the natural life personally — and with tours, you can even see animals up close and in person. As a vacation stop, it shows you how important it is to protect the beautiful surrounding environment.

The Children’s Garden

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The Children’s Garden is one of the best memorable attractions in Sarasota for kids. Children can make their way through the (huge!) combination of an adventure park and obstacle course, with parents able to supervise their kids from close by.

Bee Ridge

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If you want to walk through nature at your own pace as a family, then one of the attractions that you have to add to your vacation stop list is Bee Ridge. This great attraction is free to enter, and you get to spend time experiencing nature with a relaxed and quiet walking trail that you can see at your own speed.

Sea Life Kayak Adventure

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A visit to Sea Life Kayak Adventure is reserved for more adventurous families who visit Sarasota. This company offers affordable tours that will take you out on the water for a great kayak adventure, with experienced guides that can make it a great experience for families with kids.

Things to Do in Sarasota This Weekend with Kids

Siesta Beach

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If you and the kids want a fun and quiet getaway that doesn’t necessarily have to cost a cent, then make your way to see Siesta Beach. While it’s one of the best-known beaches in Sarasota, it’s quiet and relaxed most of the year.

Crescent Beach

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Siesta Beach isn’t the only excellent and free beach you can visit with the kids in Sarasota. There’s also Crescent Beach, which has a lot of things to see right there that won’t break the budget — and if you can extend it, there are restaurants and stores right around.

Sarasota Classic Car Museum


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For a great weekend day out, if the weather allows, visit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum to see some of the most beautiful historical beauties in action. It’s a great get-together where you get to meet some of the locals, and there are drinks and food on-site, as well as events for most of the year.

Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy

The Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy is almost impossible to describe, but it’s safe to say that any true art fans will have to see it for themselves. Incredible yet unusual art is displayed here, and it’s a great stop that you must see as a family. Admission is affordable, and you can choose a guided tour or walk through at your own pace.

Free Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

Selby Gardens

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If you want to have a great day with the kids and not spend too much doing it, pay a family visit to Selby Gardens. It’s one of the best attractions you and the kids can see, and it’s even an excellent spot if you want to have a picnic.

Legacy Trail

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Walk the Legacy Trail with the kids if you have little adventurers in the family who don’t mind a short walk with a lot to see. Guided tours will take you on walking trails of varied difficulty, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for the age of your kids.

Suncoast Science Center


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Tue Suncoast Science Center is one of the stops you must make if you have kids interested in science, technology, and how it all fits together to improve the world around us. Affordable admission makes this a worthwhile stop, and guided tours pack plenty of information into a short time.

Indoor Kit Activities in Sarasota, FL

Armageddon Laser Tag

If you and the kids have to spend some time indoors on vacation, then you can always book a laser tag session at Armageddon Laser Tag. Less painful than paintball, laser tag is something great to do with more active kids who need to wind down.


If the kids are bookworms, visit one of the largest and best bookstores in the area called Bookstore1Sarasota at 117 South Pineapple Street. You’ll find books on almost any topic, and some days have special events like book readings or signings to attend.

Things to Do in Sarasota with Toddlers

Mote Marine Laboratory

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The Mote Marine Laboratory is one of the greatest attractions you can see in the whole of Sarasota, and it’s great for adults and kids who like an informative day out. See some nature conservation in action and learn more with guided tours through the laboratory that has just as much to see for smaller kids as older ones.

Bounce Down Under

If your toddlers have to get rid of some energy they have built up on vacation, then take them to the great play park known as Bounce Down Under. This great bounce-house venue is fully supervised, and parents can watch their kids have fun while they are close enough to enjoy their own time there. Visits to Bounce Down Under are affordable, and there are a few stores here for food, drinks, or snacks while you’re there.

Where Should I Eat With Kids in Sarasota?

The Lucky Pelican


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The Lucky Pelican presents one of the best places you can go to eat with the family when you’re in Sarasota, with food that is well-known to locals and soon beloved by visitors. While the Lucky Pelican bases a lot of its menu on seafood, there’s a lot that even vegetarians or fussy kids will enjoy.

Tommy Bahamas Tropical Cafe

Tommy Bahamas Tropical Cafe is the perfect place to eat if you want to experience some of the great views while you’re there. Food is family-friendly, with special menu options that the kids will love — and optional cocktails and specialty drinks for the adults.

Selva Grill Downtown Sarasota


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The Selva Grill in Downtown Sarasota is one of the places where you should go if you want to eat like the locals do! Selva has great specials, and a trip here has something for everyone on the menu – including desserts and milkshakes for the kids.

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