Things to Do in Santa Fe with Kids

One of the best things you can realize as a family on vacation is that the next getaway or weekend break doesn’t have to take you thousands of miles away from the country, but great vacation spots exist in the United States. Santa Fe is one of the top-ranked local family destinations of the year — if you know where to go, you can have a great vacation.

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Here are some of the best things to do in Santa Fe with kids.

What is Santa Fe Known For?

Santa Fe is one of the incredible local American holiday destinations. Thousands of people flock here from within the United States every year to experience some of the arts and culture you can find only here.

The area of Santa Fe is best known for its arts and culture. Some of the best museums, art galleries, and restaurants are in midtown and downtown Santa Fe.

One of the lesser-known facts about the Santa Fe area is that it can be a great place to visit for families with kids. Many attractions (and most restaurants) are family-friendly and will keep even the fussiest kids and teens busy when you’re on vacation.

It’s more than just art galleries and museums. The art culture in Santa Fe also exists within the vibrant music scene, which you can see a lot more of if you check some of the venue schedules at the time you intend to visit.

Let’s not forget that the area of Santa Fe is also famous for its nature. Some great walking trails and natural parks exist here, and you and the family can get as close to nature for your Santa Fe trip as you might like to.

Is Santa Fe a Good Place to Visit with Kids?

Santa Fe is one of the best local destinations for families with kids, whether teens or younger children.

One of the reasons why is that there are so many different, great attractions to see right in Santa Fe, where kids and teens are welcome. Most of the restaurants in Santa Fe have a special kids’ menu or items on their regular menu that kids will love.

Active kids and teens will appreciate getting out into nature with some fantastic walking trails scattered across Santa Fe.

Kids who would rather spend time indoors can find plenty else to do, like laser tag adventures or visiting any great art galleries or museums.

Santa Fe is also safe: the overall crime rate in Santa Fe is lower than a lot of the other main cities that can be found in the United States.

If you get a chance to visit some of the right attractions on your trip, Santa Fe can be one of the best family vacations that you and the kids will ever remember!

Unique Things to Do in Santa Fe with Kids

Meow Wolf Art Gallery

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The Meow Wolf Art Gallery is one sign that speaks to the large, vibrant art scene you can find in Santa Fe. Some of the best modern artists’ work can be found at this museum, and there is everything from special events to guided tours that will tell you more about each varying exhibit.

Diablo Canyon

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If you want to see one of the best natural sights up close and in person, then a visit to Diablo Canyon has to be on your list with the kids. Free to see, Diablo Canyon presents the perfect opportunity for unforgettable snapshots and social media content. Once you’re done, there’s much to see around here, too.

Atalaya Mountain Trail

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If you have older kids who don’t mind a short walk, you can walk the Atalaya Mountain Trail and see some of the most beautiful local Santa Fe nature in its natural environment. Guided tours are available, and it’s the best option if you want to take a walk with an experienced group who can tell you much more about what there is to see in the area.

The Harrell House Bug Museum


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The Harrell House Bug Museum is a fantastic sight, especially for curious kids and anyone who isn’t squeamish. The Bug Museum hosts some samples of the rarest and most interesting bugs you’ll ever see, many native to Santa Fe. While admission is affordable, parents might want to prepare for the gift shop or keep kids away.

Things to Do in Santa Fe This Weekend with Kids

Railyard Visitor Information Center

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Transportation history can be seen by visiting the Railyard Visitor Information Center, where there is a small gift shop and restaurant that can provide a day’s worth of going out at an affordable cost. There’s a lot to see here, especially if you like seeing a railyard from the past in person.

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

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The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture is a great and affordable day out if you and the kids want to see a museum from close up. Unforgettable, some of the greatest art created in Santa Fe’s history can be found here — and groups can choose the guided tour, or make their way through the exhibits at their own pace.

Santa Fe Plaza

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The Santa Fe Plaza is free to enter and fun to walk around in, with many things to see and do if you can extend your budget to some restaurants and stores.

Museum of International Folk Art

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One more great museum you must see when you’re in Santa Fe as a family is the great Museum of International Folk Art. Of course, not just art from Santa Fe locals appears here, but exhibits from folk artists worldwide. Admission is affordable, and guided tours show you everything you might want to see and more.

Free Things to Do in Santa Fe with Kids

Capitol Building

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One of the best things you can do for free when you’re in Santa Fe with the kids is to visit the impressive and almost imposing Capitol Building. It costs nothing to see, but the memory of seeing it will last forever.

San Miguel Chapel

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The San Miguel Chapel is an incredible sight. Even if you are of a different faith, you can still stop by to see the amazing architecture (and an incredible amount of effort that must have gone into its construction). Public visits are welcome, and the chapel has open services too.

Santa Fe Outdoor Activities for Kids

Santa Fe Mountain Adventures


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Santa Fe Mountain Adventures is one of the best activities you can take on if you have active, older children who would like to see more of Santa Fe. Activities are supervised, safe, and together with experts so that you know you can relax and have fun. It’s one of the best views you’ll ever get to see.

Santa Fe Botanical Garden


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The Santa Fe Botanical Garden is great for anyone who wants to spend a day out in nature or get to know some of what grows in Santa Fe. It’s not just for gardeners; anyone can appreciate the beauty they will see here. Once you’re done, there’s much to see around here too.

Santa Fe Farmers Market

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A visit to Santa Fe almost isn’t complete without going to the Santa Fe Farmers Market, the place in Santa Fe where the agricultural industry is appreciated — and where you can find some of the best deals on fresh local produce like you’ve never quite seen before.

Where Should I Eat with Kids in Santa Fe?

Plaza Cafe Downtown


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If you want to grab a bite to eat in the morning, go for a quick breakfast at the Plaza Cafe Downtown — with optional takeout that has got your meal options covered for the rest of the day if you like what their menu has to offer.

Cafe Castro


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Cafe Castro is a comfort food restaurant with traditional food, and they’re famous for their Mexican enchiladas. There’s more to try on their menu than this, and even fussy kids will find something they enjoy.

Upper Crust Pizza


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If you have hungry kids in Santa Fe, go with one of the most reliable comfort foods for kids and grab some pizza. Upper Crust is one of the best places to go as a family, with great specials and desserts.

How Many Days Do You Need in Santa Fe?

If you want a quick trip through Santa Fe to get to a handful of things, stay for 2 to 3 days. Families who want a more relaxed vacation to see more things on their list should extend their stay and plan for up to 5 days or more. Don’t rush it!

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