Things to Do in Flagstaff with Kids

If you are looking for a great holiday destination this year, don’t forget that some of the best vacation spots can be found locally in the United States. Flagstaff, Arizona might not sound like a top holiday destination at first mention — but that’s until you realize just how much there is to do in this small stretch of the U.S.

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Here are some of the best things to do in Flagstaff with kids.

What is Flagstaff Most Famous For?

Flagstaff, Arizona, is famous for a lot of things. Still, one of the first interesting facts you should know about this area is that Pluto was discovered here — right at Lowell Observatory, a popular location that you can still visit today.

There’s a lot to see in Flagstaff, including the Oak Creek Canyon and the beautiful Coconino National Forest. Walking trails and guided tours can show you more of the natural beauty of Flagstaff, with shorter trails for younger family members.

Restaurants like Diablo Burger will keep you, and the family fed on your getaway, with kid-friendly menus an option at most restaurants.

Whether you want to see some of the most famous filming locations in Flagstaff or the Flagstaff Aquaplex, this is an absolutely great place to visit for a family vacation with kids.

Is Flagstaff Family Friendly?

Yes, Flagstaff is one of the best places you can visit with something for every age in the family.

“Family-friendly” can depend on where you intend to go and what activities you plan to include.

If you visit with younger kids who need entertainment, there’s a lot to do — from bowling at StarLite Lanes to visiting the Arizona Snowbowl for fun in the snow at any time of the year.

Most attractions, restaurants, and accommodation venues have age-appropriate activities and menus so that nobody in the family feels excluded from the group.

Another great thing about Flagstaff is its low crime-rate, with less than 500 serious crime reports for every 100,000 inhabitants.

While not every attraction in town will be “family-friendly,” everything included in this post has stood out as a top-rated attraction that’s great for the whole family.

Unusual Things to Do in Flagstaff with Kids

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Park


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Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Park is great for active kids and busy adults, with obstacle courses and zip-lines — though also with a quieter restaurant for when you want to take a break from all the action to get something to eat. Top-rated and family-friendly, there’s a lot of fun waiting for you at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Park!

Flagstaff Aquaplex

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If you and the kids are water-bound, visit one of the best Aquaplexes that can be found in one of the very last places you would expect. The weather in most of Arizona is notoriously hot, and you and the kids can get a well-deserved break from the heat if you visit the Aquaplex for a great day out.

Riordan Mansion State Park

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Riordan Mansion State Park is a great spot to visit for a quiet day taking in the natural beauty of the area with a guided tour, but it’s a place that’s also just as good for a picnic or walking trail. Affordable and fun at the same time, the state park puts you right on nature’s front doorstep.

Oak Creek Canyon

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Oak Creek Canyon is affordable and one of the best locations for a spectacular view of what’s down below. Remember to take photographs and spend a day taking in one of the most beautiful canyons in the entire country.

Lowell Observatory

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Lowell Observatory is most famous as the discovery site of the planet Pluto, and it’s located right in Flagstaff, Arizona. Get to know the observatory and its history with a guided tour, or visit the observatory on specific dates to get a unique glimpse of the stars.

Things to Do in Flagstaff This Weekend with Kids

StarLite Lanes

Bowling is still as fun today as it might have been in the eighties or nineties. If your kids have only ever bowled on virtual alleys, take them to a real-life bowling experience at StarLite Lanes. Gear rentals are available for anyone who doesn’t visit the lanes on their own.

Arizona Snowbowl

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The famous Arizona Snowbowl is one of the best attractions you and the family can visit if you want to escape the heat. When Arizona heats up, the locals have a secret — and it’s called the Snowbowl! For any age, it’s an affordable and fun day out.

Coconino National Forest

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Visit the Coconino National Forest for a day if you and the kids are fans of hiking trails or nature. With affordable admission and guided tours if you prefer to walk along with a professional tour guide, the Coconino National Forest is wonderfully diverse and a must-see for kids of all ages.

The Pioneer Museum

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The Pioneer Museum is open most of the week, with affordable guided tours that take you through some of the United States’ founding history. Admission is affordable, and the tours have been set up so that they can be just as great for younger visitors as they are for older ones.  Watch the schedule if you want to know more about special events on the day.

Things to Do with Toddlers in Flagstaff

Wupatki National Monument

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The Wupatki National Monument is one of Flagstaff’s most important historical monuments, and it’s a great day-long excursion that won’t take a lot of energy out of the average toddler. Admission is free, and everything you want to know about the monument can be found at the information desk.

Meteor Crater National Landmark

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The Meteor Crater National Landmark is something kids of all ages will want to see.  As one of the largest natural craters in the United States, it’s a wonderful example of the powerful force nature can be.

Lava River Cave

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The Lava River Cave is a great natural attraction that is much safer for kids and toddlers than the name might have made it sound.  Take a walk through time, or take the official guided tour to see one of the most incredible vacation sights you could add to your trip.

Things to Do in Downtown Flagstaff with Kids

Historic Downtown & Railroad District

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The Historic Downtown & Railroad District is one of the first attractions you get to see when entering Flagstaff, and it’s a fantastic attraction for anyone who is a fan of large and impressive modes of transport! Take the guided tour if you want to learn everything about the area simultaneously.

The Arboretum at Flagstaff

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The Arboretum is one of the most famous nature-related attractions in the whole of Flagstaff, and here you can find one of the largest forests. Admission to the Arboretum is affordable, and the experience can only be unforgettable from start to finish.

Free Things to Do in Flagstaff with Kids

Concerts in the Park

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Concerts in the Park is one of the famous initiatives by the city, and it’s free to attend any of the regular gigs in the park. This regular Flagstaff attraction is recommended for a great family-friendly day out that everyone can enjoy at no cost.

Flagstaff Public Library


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If anyone in the family could be described as a reader, then the Flagstaff Public Library is one very affordable way to keep them entertained for the whole trip. One of the largest in town, the Flagstaff Public Library even has special events on some days – so you’ll want to check the schedule to see if anything is happening when you would like to visit.

Where Should I Eat with Kids in Flagstaff?

Diablo Burger

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Diablo Burger is one of the most famous burger restaurants in Flagstaff, with a menu that has something for everyone in the family — even if they have dietary specifics to adhere to. What makes Diablo Burger great is its emphasis on healthy, free-range beef — and vegetarian options to die for.



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If you aren’t local to Flagstaff, then you should know that SoSoBa is one of the best-rated restaurants in town — and they’re known for their unconventional approach to ramen. With a luxurious feel and a kids-friendly menu, they approach fine dining — but still manage to cater to everyone, which is why they’re so popular.

Josephine’s Restaurant

Josephine’s Restaurant is called true fine dining, although they still manage to keep their food classic and their prices affordable. Adults can enjoy their famous selection of wines, drinks, and cocktails — and kids can ask to see their special desserts, and the kids’ menu has something for everyone at the table.

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