Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

The United States is home to some of the best local holiday destinations anywhere, and there’s no need to leave the country if you would like a great, family-friendly vacation with kids with a lot to do and see. Tulsa is a popular, though less thought of holiday destination you should visit if you love art, culture, and great food.

Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

Here are some of the best things to do in Tulsa with kids.

What is Tulsa Famous For?

Tulsa is one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States, though only recent years has brought it any fame as a choice holiday stop for people who want to have a relaxed, family-friendly vacation with a lot to see.

The weather is one of the first things that has made the locale of Tulsa famous. Locals know that you can never quite be sure what to expect, and that’s why there are many different indoor locations to visit with the family on the list too.

Tulsa is famous for its friendly people and great food, too. Some of the most fun you can have at any restaurant can be in Tulsa, and most restaurants have a menu that kids will love.

There’s much to see in Tulsa, including historical attractions like the Gilcrease Museum or natural ones like the Tulsa Zoo. For the family getaway, there’s even an old-fashioned drive-in that you can find in Tulsa… Where else would you still get to see one of these?!

Tulsa is famous for many things, including being one of the lowest crime rate cities in the state.

Is Tulsa Family-Friendly?

Yes, Tulsa can be one of the best locations for a family vacation in the state — and there are many reasons why most families who visit are guaranteed to have a great time in the city.

The official crime-rate statistics for Tulsa say that there are less than 60 crimes per 1 000 citizens. This means that it’s one of the safest cities in the state to hang out — and visitors are very unlikely to experience any crime.

If you choose the right places to go on your Tulsa getaway, it’s one of the best destinations for families with children.

There are great places to go for active kids who need to wind down some of their energy on vacation, like BounceU and SkyZone.

If you and the family want to get away for a while to a picture-perfect and relaxed local destination, then Tulsa could be the perfect place to visit.

Unique Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

Gilcrease Museum

photo source: Flickr via Daniel X. O’Neil

The Gilcrease Museum is a collection of art from the Western United States, with many artists from Tulsa’s history and present art scene. Supervised visits here can be great for fans of art and families who love to learn more about the area. Book a tour if you want to know everything, or make your way through the museum at your own pace if you want to see something slower.

Tulsa Air & Space Museum

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

If your kids are fans of things that go up in the sky (and let’s admit that most kids will fall into this group at some other point in their lives!), a visit to the Tulsa Air & Space Museum is an absolute must-see. Visits here can be with the guided tour or see some exhibits at your own pace.

Oxley Nature Center


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There’s a lot of gorgeous nature to see in Tulsa, too, and the Oxley Nature Center has several walking trails that are perfect for adults and kids who don’t mind a short walk. If you aren’t an advanced hiker, that’s no problem – there are shorter trails here and many other things to see when you’re here.

Things to Do in Tulsa This Weekend with Kids

Discovery Lab


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The Discovery Lab is one of the most popular science-driven museums if you have a family interested in science, tech, or what makes things work. A basic admission fee gets you through the door, and once you’re inside, you can see the great exhibits in action that any YouTube video would not do justice.

Admiral Twin Drive-In

photo source: via Janice Waltzer

Admiral Twin Drive-In is a popular, still-standing attraction that will remind many adults of their younger days – and for kids, it can be one of the only places left in the United States to have the full, true drive-in experience.

Cheap Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

Woodward Park

photo source: via Lane Pearman

A day out doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars, sometimes, you might want a quiet day out at the park. Woodward Park is one of the best places to do this, and it’s a perfect spot for a relaxed walk or picnic. The kids might even meet some new local friends!

Tulsa Water Playgrounds

Oklahoma can still be a great place to see the water — if you visit the Tulsa Water Playgrounds! Sometimes the heat can get the better of everyone, and if this happens, there’s no better place to book your day out than here.

Tulsa Zoo


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Tulsa Zoo is an affordable and informative day out that will get everyone closer to nature and show that there’s still a place for zoos in the modern world as a means of nature conservation. There’s almost always something going on at Tulsa Zoo, including activity days and guided tours of the animals at their best.

Tulsa Toddler Activities

The Gathering Place

photo source: via Paul Sableman

The Gathering Place is one of the most famous playgrounds you can find anywhere in the whole state, and most adults who grew up somewhere around Tulsa still have fond memories of being brought to this park by their parents or grandparents! You have to see this great (and huge) marvel if you have toddlers or small children.

BounceU Tulsa

If you have active kids who need more to do than a trip to the library, then book a visit for the family to the great BounceU Tulsa. If the name doesn’t make it obvious, here you will find an entire trampoline-based entertainment park where parents can stay close enough to supervise their kids — and there are a few stores here if the kids need to eat.

SkyZone Tulsa


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The SkyZone combines an entertainment park and an old-style games arcade. You should visit this place if you have active kids who would love an affordable day out while the supervising adults can stay nearby.

Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

Where Should I Eat with Kids in Tulsa?



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The menu for Roosevelt’s screams child-friendly, and it’s one of the best places where kids and adults can experience a great combination of comfort food that everyone in the family will enjoy. Centrally located amongst many of Tulsa’s most famous attractions, their fries are the most famous dish on the menu.



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Keo is a great dining experience for families who want to experience one of the best curries in one of the most wholesome environments. Of course, Keo doesn’t just serve curry but has plenty of interesting menu options that even kids will love — especially their list of desserts.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit


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If you ask locals about one of the best places you can choose to eat in Tulsa, you will hear many good things about Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. While it’s not the venue where you should necessarily take a vegetarian family, it’s one of the few great places where kids eat free on some menu items.

Hideaway Pizza


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If you’re out for an affordable meal that can feed the entire family at once, you might want to pay a visit to the great Hideaway Pizza. Kids love pizza, and even the fussiest eater in the family usually doesn’t say no when there’s a great pizza around the table. The atmosphere is reported as great, and a takeout is an option if you want to take your food home with you.

What is There to Do Indoors in Tulsa with Kids?

Andy B’s Bowling

If you and the kids would like to spend some time indoors during your time in Tulsa, then Andy B’s Bowling provides a great arcade-style day out with a lot of things to do. Kids who are only used to bowling on their smartphones will love to see how the real-life version goes – and there’s a great on-site restaurant and other games when you’re done.

Tulsa Library

If your kids still have a lot of fun between the pages of books, then the iconic Tulsa Library (which has many branches) is one of the best places where you can take them. There’s a huge collection of fiction and other genres to choose from, and the library even has special events if you keep an eye on their schedule for talks and signings.

The Escape Tulsa


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Escape rooms have become one of the most popular vacation activities, and it’s a great thing to do as a family group when you have to stay indoors. The Escape is located right in Tulsa at 1448 South Carson. It can be challenging, but it’s great for older kids and teens. If you want to book a session, it’s always best to call ahead and reserve your space.

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