100 Cool Hobbies for Teens (Girls & Boys)

Teenagers can be fussy when it comes to a lot of things, including what they like to do in order to stay busy. If you have a teenager to entertain, take some tips from our list – and never wonder what to do with your teen again!

Here are 100 cool hobbies for teens.

100 Cool Hobbies for Teens 2022Top 10 Teenage Interests 2023

1. Music

There isn’t one teenager who doesn’t love music, whether they listen to it, or whether they learn how to play the songs themselves.

2. Painting & Drawing

Painting (or drawing) is still one of the top teenage interests, and it’s where many teens get to show their talent.

3. Games

Gaming is serious business, and even worth money in today’s world. Games, online and not, are still popular with teens everywhere. Classic games, like Hearts and Minesweeper, offer teens a blend of strategy and mental stimulation, promoting critical thinking and patience.

In Hearts, players aim to score as few points as possible by avoiding certain cards, while Minesweeper challenges users to uncover grid cells without detonating hidden mines. Both games, with their timeless appeal, can provide hours of engaging entertainment for antsy and bored teens.

4. Writing

If your teenager has always been a natural bookworm, it’s time to encourage their writing talent in any ways you can.

5. Reading

Always encourage reading as a pastime for the teens who love to do it!

6. Walking & Jogging

Some teenagers prefer their hobbies to be filled with scenery and adrenaline. For high-octane teenagers, consider walking and jogging.

7. Hiking

Hiking is slow-paced, and focuses on slowing down to experience nature and different terrain. Sometimes take a hike is an invitation, not an insult!

8. Knitting

Yes, it’s true: teenagers everywhere are discovering their love for knitting.

9. Swimming

If you are lucky enough to have access to clean water closeby enough, swimming is great exercise – and a popular hobby!

10. Martial Arts

Martial arts (whether kung-fu or karate) are still popular with teenagers everywhere, and ranks as the official #10 hobby for teens.


Outdoor Hobbies for Teens

1. Hiking

Hiking is a great hobby for adults and teens alike, and you’re guaranteed to see something cool every time you go!

2. Outdoor Concerts

If the weather allows and you live in the right spot, take your teen to an outdoor concert of their choice!

3. Lighting Shows

Lighting shows are impressive, and there are usually ones scheduled all over the country.

4. Football

If your teenager loves the outdoors (and has a knack for sport), try football this season!

5. Basketball

Hey, some kids are just born basketball players!

6. Running

Running is great for any athletic teens, and still remains one of the most popular hobbies for teens in 2022.

7. Hockey

Most towns have a hockey league, either on soil or ice – and it’s great for any more active teens.

8. Fishing

Go Fish is so much more than just a card game… It can also be a great hobby.

9. Photography

If your teenager has an eye for the finer things in life, introduce them to fine photography.

10. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is great for everyone!

Cool Hobbies for Teenage Guys

1. Playing an Instrument

Guitar, piano or drums can be a great choice for anyone.

2. Joining a Sports League

Join a sports league if your teen is seriously active.

3. Joining an E-League

Competitive e-sports is where it’s at these days!

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Smart kid? Start a YouTube channel.

5. Start Skateboarding

Skateboarding is great for any teens with balance.

6. Join LARP Events

You’re never too young (or too old) for LARP.

7. Surfing

Close to water? Learn to surf!

8. Graffiti

Graffiti is still an underappreciated form of art.

9. BMX

Got tricks? BMX might be it.

10. TCG Champions

Trading card games are huge business!

Hobbies for Teenage Guys at Home

1. Gardening

Green fingers?

2. Star Watching

Look up.

3. Trainspotting

A lot of fun in the right areas.

4. Programming

Learn to code.

5. Studying

Studying can be a hobby, too!

6. Writing

For the crafty kids.

7. Knitting

Popular pretty much everywhere.

8. 3-D Design

A lifelong skill!

9. Voice Overs

For any aspiring stars.

10. Music Production

Learn behind the scenes.

Hobbies for Teenage Girls

1. Singing

Always fun!

2. Painting

Learn your medium.

3. Graffiti

Draw something new.

4. 3-D Printing

Learn design and have fun!

5. Carpentry

Build something that lasts.

6. Knifemaking

Something many teens are great at!

7. Juggling

A handy skill!

8. Cardistry

Tricks for tricky teens.

9. Beekeeping

Learn to harness nature.

10. Dog Training

For those who love animals.

Cool Hobbies for Teenage Girl at Home


Still cool!

2. Mushroom Hunting

With responsibility, a great skill can be learned.

3. Podcasting

Learn more about content, and create great stuff.

4. Animation


5. Book Collecting

Look for first editions, and spark their passion.

6. Walking

Speed-walking for the more active kids.

7. Hiking

Have fun, get to know more.

8. Chess

Learn problem solving.

9. Swimming

Competitive, or just for fun.

10. Martial Arts

Learn control, patience and skills.

Creative Hobbies for Teens

1. Glassblowing


2. Pottery

Make something new.

3. Blliards

Good eye?

4. Fish Husbandry

Learn how to care and breed fish.

5. Robotics

Learn robotics: it’s fun!

6. Comedy

Sense of humor, anyone?

7. Meteorology

Look up.

8. Calligraphy

Learn an ancient art.

9. Blogging

Start writing.

10. Puppetry

Learn something new.

Summer Hobbies for Teens

1. Camping

See nature up close.

2. Sailing


3. Cooking

Learn different dishes and techniques.

4. Hiking

Take the slow route.

5. Nature Photography

See and capture the magic of nature.

6. Kayaking

For very active teens.

7. Archery

Sharpshooters in the family?

8. Herb Growing

Grow things you can also eat.

9. Shelter Building

Learn how to build different shelters, a useful skill.

10. Drone Flying

Fly drones!

Winter Hobbies for Teens

1. Skiing

If you’re in the right place, learn how to ski.

2. Baking

Who doesn’t love food?!

3. Scriptwriting

Create a story.

4. Birdwatching

Learn more about nature.

5. Canoeing

For the active ones!

6. Sand Castling

Learn how to sculpt with sand.

7. Volleyball

Get some of that energy going!

8. Mural Painting

Paint something.

9. Ice Sculpting

Learn how to create from ice.

10. Puzzle Creation

Make puzzles, crosswords or something more.

Things to Do with Teenage Son at Home

1. Learn to Code

Coding is surprisingly easy to learn, especially when engaging with interactive coding games for kids that make the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

2. Learn Another Language

You can learn another language in just a few months.

3. Learn a New Skill

Ask them what they want to learn.

4. Battle Robots

Yes, battle robots are a thing.

5. Build Something


6. Create a Vlog

Create a vlog – about any topic!

7. Design a Website

Design a website, and see if you get a following!

8. Build an Instrument

It takes a lot of love and time to build an instrument, but it’s worth it.

9. Create a Mod

Create a gaming mod with some programming and design skills.

10. Archery 

Archery is great if you can aim.

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