50 Things to Do When Bored for Kids of All Ages

“Hey, I’m bored!” is a sentence that most parents all over the world have to listen to at least a few times every year – and this generally continues for kids of all ages who don’t know how to fill up their time with fun activities!

Lost for what your kids should do to get rid of their boredom?

Things to Do When Bored for Kids

Here are some of the best things to do when bored for kids, including 10 fun activities for kids to do at home when they’re bored.

10 Fun Activities for Kids to Do at Home When They’re Bored

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular online world-creation games in the world. If you haven’t played Miuecraft yet, now might be the perfect time to explore other worlds – or start to make your own out of thin air.


Join the ROBLOX revolution and get in on some of the fun. Much like Minecraft, the ROBLOX world allows you to create your own space – or explore some others. ROBLOX could be the most fun that you ever have online!

  1. Pottery

There are few things that can be as much fun for kids as learning to create something of their own. Grab some clay and get into home-made pottery. More than enough YouTube videos can show you the basics.

  1. Checkers

Activities don’t always have to be something sporty or physical. Sometimes it can be just as much fun to exercise your mind! Get out the board games or find a great Checkers game online and see how many games you can win.

  1. Chess

Chess is still one of the world’s most popular games, and it has been keeping people separated from their boredom for thousands of years. Who knows? You might be the next Magnus – and you’ll only know if you try.

  1. Reading

Reading is still a lot of fun. Discover whole new worlds or learn a new skill. All that you have to do is go out there and find the right books for your interests. Kids might even discover their new favorite writers!

  1. Cooking

It’s impossible to be angry, frustrated or bored in the excitement of a busy kitchen. Grab some ingredients, download a recipe or two from the internet and see what you can serve up!

  1. Playing Cards

There are thousands of different games you can play with your average playing card deck. If you get bored of those, you can even build a card house or learn some basic card magic. Never forget how entertaining a card deck can be!

  1. Art

Art is about creation and having fun. If you have some time to pass, get some art supplies and make something new!

  1. Animation

Animations are a lot easier now that the world has open source software. Why not see what you can create with a couple drawn lines and a short storyline? Animation is fun!

Stay at Home Kid Activities

Bake Something

There’s nothing better to pass the time with than baking. Not only do you get to have fun, but you can also eat the sugar-filled results when you’re done!

Online Board Games

There’s chess and checkers, but also Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons. The internet can introduce you to a million different board games in just a few seconds. What’s more fun than that?

Weird Crafts

Weird crafts are just as much fun as regular crafts. Why not look through YouTube to find some of the weirder arts you can learn at home?

Learn Something

Everyone is interested in something. When you’re bored, just take advantage of this fact and find out more about your interests!

Things to Do With Your Best Friend at Home – for 12 Year Olds!

Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are still as much fun as ever – especially if you and your friends can agree on a series or character you’re all into!

Write a Story

Write a story, and let everyone in the group add their own elements to the story as it grows. Some excellent stories have been written this way!

Create Art

Get together and create art: whether you like to paint or sculpt, there’s nothing better to do when you and your friends are at home and bored.

Explore Music

For any kids who are bored and home, explore the world of different music with a streaming service. You never know what great bands and concerts you might discover next!

Things to Do When Bored for Kids

What to do when you’re bored for girls

Play An Instrument

There’s a lot more that you can do with music than just listening to it. Learn how to play an instrument with a few YouTube videos and your free time!

Get Online

Everything from free courses to ebooks are on the internet if you know where to look. Explore some kid-friendly websites and see what’s out there!

Virtual Reality

The world of virtual reality is getting bigger, and there are thousands of kid-friendly activities you can pursue.

What to do when you’re bored for boys


If you don’t know what to do when you’re bored, find out more about any age appropriate live-action role-playing groups near you!


The internet is the perfect place to find free courses and learn new skills. What if now is the perfect time to get learning?

Fun outdoor activities for bored kids

Go to Events

If you have the chance to get outdoors, why not go to some great events in your neighborhood?

Great Outdoor Sports

Take up football, swimming, tennis or any outdoor sport that tickles your fancy.

Go Hiking

Don’t know what to do? Go hiking at a nearby trail that’s appropriate for the right age!

Things to do when bored for 9 year olds


Get out the clay or Play-Doh and make something if you have a bored 9 year-old in the house!

Create a Character

It can be easy to create a character with drawings or descriptions: from there, create a setting and story!

Things to do when bored for 10 year olds at home

Board Games

Explore the world of board games and you could find any number of fun games that you can play on tabletop or online.

Cooking or Baking

If you’re stuck at home, why not download some kid-friendly recipes from the internet and get cooking (or baking) and have some fun?

What can a 12 year-old do when bored at home

Mod Clothes

Express your own personal style and turn some of your old clothing into brand new ones.

Watch a Whole Series

Is there a show that you’re into? Watch the entire thing from front to back!


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