67 Funny Minecraft Puns for Kids

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Then you’ll love these funny puns and jokes about this top-rated video game. Let’s have a laugh at its expense, shall we, Steve?

Funny Minecraft Puns for Kids

Minecraft one liners

  • My Ocelot was having issues watching YouTube. It seems the video was on paws.
  • A Creeper walks into a restaurant…. And everyone dies.
  • Last night I went to a Creeper party. It was pretty weird.
  • Ocelots are like Skittles. You can never have just one.
  • Steve walks into a bar, and the bartender tells him, “Sorry, we don’t serve miners.”

Minecraft jokes cringe

  • Why didn’t Enderman cross the road? Because he decided to teleport instead.
  • Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? He didn’t have any guts.
  • Why did the Ocelot cross the road? He spotted a Creeper on the other side.
  • Why did the Creeper cross the road? To get to the other ssssside!

Minecraft knock-knock jokes

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Ocelot who?

Don’t you Ocelot of questions!


Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Diamond who?

You’re diamond me up the wall!

Minecraft play on words

  • Stop it, you’re starting to piston me off!
  • I’ll lever-pull that off.
  • Stop texturing, my friend!
  • Oh, that’s GHASTly…
  • You wooden steal a motorbike, would you?
  • You son of a brick!
  • Do what I say, Ore else.
  • I can dig your style!
  • Water you going on about?
  • Are you going to eat that Wool thing?
  • I think I might be experiencing writer’s block.
  • Brr.. it feels coal in this room.
  • Scoot over and make space. I don’t have mushroom on this side.
  • You made your bed. Now it’s time to Sheep in it.
  • He was smashed into Obsidian!
  • Cow are you feeling today?
  • Man, that’s some Pig tree.
  • You can’t Torch this!
  • I can sense my Cart pounding.

Funny Minecraft Puns for Kids

Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Are you made of Diamonds? Because I’m digging your vibe.
  • Do you own a Diamond Pickaxe? Because I’m as hard for you as Obsidian.
  • My Creeper finds itself excited at how hot you look.
  • Hey, do you play Minecraft? Because I wanna play creative with you if you do!
  • Are you from earth or Venus? You must be from nether because you’re out of this universe.
  • Every time I see you, I feel like the Creeper in my pants about to explode.
  • Are we playing Minecraft here? Cause your pressure plates are turning me on.

Minecraft puns

  • What music do Minecraft players enjoy? Bedrock ‘n’ roll.
  • What is the skeleton’s favorite musical instrument? The trom-bone.
  • Why can I spot Zombie Pigmens at Subway? Apparently, they enjoy “Eating Flesh.”
  • Why does Stampy have this fence around the love garden? People out there are dying to get in!
  • What do you call Minecraft celebrations? Block parties.
  • What’s the difference between a counterfeit bill and a killer rabbit? One is bad money, and the other’s a mad bunny!
  • What time do ten ocelots chase after a Creeper? Ten after one.
  • Why can’t Ender Dragons read books? Because they always start at the end.
  • What is Ghast’s favorite place in the world? The Nether-lands.
  • Why was there an iron and hold in this sailor’s boat? Because the sailor needed to buy oars.

Minecraft Block Jokes

  • How do Minecraft players stay fit and healthy? They take the time to run around the Block every morning.
  • If Minecraft was a movie, I’m sure it would be a blockbuster.
  • Why can’t you score against basketball players that like Minecraft? They’re always blocking you.
  • Blocks in Minecraft are around three square feet. Where can you find blocks with only two square feet? Where a player is standing.
  • Why are there no cars driving around in Minecraft? Because all the streets are blocked off from traffic.

Minecraft random jokes

  • What do Minecraft trees have in common? Square roots.
  • What is the Creeper’s favorite food? Sssssalad.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately. I think it’s a top-notch game.
  • What do you call Minecraft players on mute? Mimecraft.
  • What’s the only Caribbean country in Minecraft? Cube-a.
  • I hurt my fingers playing Minecraft on the PC. It’s okay. It’s only a miner injury.
  • What did Steve say when he went to battle against the skeleton with a pick-axe? I’ve have a bone to pick with you.
  • What happens when Minecraft characters turn 16? They start growing cubic hair.
  • Why can’t people tell Minecraft jokes in public? Because some people might think they’re square.

Minecraft Steve jokes

  • What’s Steve’s favorite style of dancing? Square dancing.
  • I hear Steve can’t think outside the box.
  • How does Steve chop down trees with his bare fists? Well, how wood you know anyway?
  • Why did Steve use mouthwash after killing the mobs? He thought it gave him bat breath.
  • How does Steve measure himself for new shoes? In square feet.
  • What sport does Steve like watching in his spare time? Boxing.
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