The Best Game Puns (For A Fortnite Or Two)

Some people love board games, others are in love with First Person Shooters or MMORPGs. No matter where you get your game on, here’s a collection of the best game puns (for a Fortnite or two) so you can make the right table conversation at your next meeting.

The Best Game Puns

Funny Game Puns

  • What should marathon runners and gamers always take before a game to make sure they’ll win? A baseball bat.
  • Why did the gamer get fired from work? He beat the boss.
  • What was your dad’s favorite video game? Hide the salami.
  • What’s the first way to spot a sore loser at poker? Their knife.
  • What’s the worst drink to have while you’re gaming at an internet cafe? One with a roofie in it.
  • What’s the worst thing you can play at a wedding for the bride and groom to dance to? Hopscotch.
  • What’s the best board game for a swingers’ party? Connect five.
  • What’s the most dangerous thing you can do at a golf club? Go to a golf club.
  • What kind of poker does Dracula prefer? High stakes.
  • What’s the unluckiest kind of poker hand? One that’s been sliced off by a loans provider.
  • What happens in Vegas, goes on Instagram.
  • What’s the worst part about finishing a video game as an adult? Realizing that you also completed your divorce.
  • What should you do when your bridge partner has died? Stop playing first.
  • Where do the largest concentration of professional gamers in the world live? With their parents.
  • What’s the proper name for the most common chess piece on the board? A politician.
  • What did the retired chess player do with all his chess boards when he quit the game? He pawned them!
  • How do you always win every game of rock, paper, scissors? With a rifle.
  • What’s the worst thing a gamer can pick up at a party? Linux.

Great Puns for Gamers

  • How do you ensure that you’ll always win at the slot machine? Own the casino.
  • What’s the most illegal thing you can do at a chess game? Crack.
  • Which video game got the blame for causing most high school shootings? Super Mario Bros.
  • What is the new Playstation going to cost? Probably several marriages.
  • How do you make sure nobody can beat you at chess? Carry a gun.
  • Which game is said to be much older than chess or the Egyptian game of senet? Twister.
  • What is the worst thing you can do when playing The Sims? Anything you’re supposed to.
  • What does the E in Professional Egamer stand for? Emotional.
  • How do you know someone’s really good at chess? They’ll always tell you.

The Best Game Puns

More Funny Game Puns

  • How do you know that your opponent has died during a chess game? They just don’t press the timer.
  • What do the world’s richest gamers all have in common? Probably their cheat codes.
  • Where do you find the world’s best chess players? Where they want to be, they can afford it.
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen if someone knows how to play Flight Simulator?
  • What’s the worst game to play with your friends? Target practice.
  • How is food poisoning like Monopoly? Pass go.
  • How do you know you’re an orphan? Only your Monopoly piece is moving.
  • How do you know that your wife’s cheating at chess? She’s keeps going to the chess club with your brother.
  • What do you get when you’ve doubled the odds and Blackjack and lost? Shot.

Puns About Gamers

  • What do you get if you win a World of Warcraft championship? Arrested because you forgot to feed your children for five weeks.
  • How did everyone know the chess player was about to give birth in the middle of the game? She was queening.
  • What does a chess player say after sex? Your turn.
  • Poker players don’t die, they fold.
  • What’s big, long and can still make older people scream? The longest blocks in the game of Tetris.
  • What’s the worst move you can make at a poker game? One with someone’s wife.
  • What’s the worst thing to do at someone’s funeral? Beat them at tennis.
  • What’s the most difficult part of the paralympics? Removing your own legs so you’ll be more likely to qualify.
  • Why does an Xbox controller have that shape? Because joysticks stopped being funny to most adults in the 90s.

Wedding Pun Games

  • What game do wedding guests with a sweet tooth love to play? “Cake Walk”
  • What’s the best game to play at a wedding reception? Ring Around the Rosie! Just be careful not to lose your women’s and mens wedding bands in the process.
  • What’s a bride’s favorite game during the wedding? “Dress and Seek”
  • What game do you play when the bride and groom are both math enthusiasts? “Mathrimony”
  • What’s the perfect game for a musical wedding? “Musical Chairs” with a twist – using the couple’s favorite songs
  • Why did the bride and groom choose playing cards as their wedding theme? Because they wanted to have a “Royal Flush” ceremony
  • What game do you play when the wedding reception is held in a garden? “Floral Bingo”
  • What do you call a game where guests have to match famous couples? “Celebrity Couple Matchmaker”
  • What’s the favorite game of a couple who met in a library? “Book of Love Trivia”
  • What game do you play when the bride and groom are huge movie buffs? “Wedding Movie Charades”
  • What’s the best game for a beach wedding? “Sandcastle Building Contest”
  • What game do you play when the couple loves traveling? “Around the World Scavenger Hunt”
  • Why did the bride suggest a fishing-themed game at the wedding? Because she wanted to find her “Sole-mate”
  • What’s the perfect game for a tech-savvy couple? “Digital Love Quiz”
  • What game do you play when the bride and groom are fitness enthusiasts? “Wedding Workout Bingo”

Hilarious Game Puns

  • Which video game is referenced in the Bible? Doom, they talk about it in about every second chapter. It’s really something!
  • What’s the most difficult part of a modern video game to beat? The debt.
  • What’s the worst game to play with your family? A game hunt.
  • What was God’s favorite board game? Monopoly.
  • Which game requires two to four players and is fun for the entire family? The game of Incest.
  • What’s the hardest part of being really good at Minecraft? Your divorce.
  • What’s the most important day of a video game programmer’s life? Their initial release date.
  • What happens at the end of Super Mario? I don’t think anyone knows.
  • What’s the difference between chess and 3D chess? Depression and major depression.
  • What’s the most awkward game to play with your parents? Saw.
  • What’s the most dangerous thing to bet on in a game? That you’ll win it.
  • Which board game were your parents playing nine months before your birthday? Twister.
  • What board game should you play if you’re trying to bond with your grandparents? A Ouija board.
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