80 Creative Dinosaur Puns That Will Make You Roar

Dinosaurs like the great, feathered T-Rex haven’t been around for thousands of years now, but we can still have a laugh about dinosaurs today. If you don’t like dinosaur puns, then we guess you’re just a ‘saur loser!

Dinosaurs all went extinct, and there are almost none of them left today. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any great dinosaur puns and jokes!

Here are some of the best and most hilarious creative dinosaur puns that will make you roar with laughter, including one-liner dinosaur puns, dinosaur love puns and dinosaur birthday puns.

Creative Dinosaur Puns That Will Make You Roar

Dinosaur Puns One Liners

  • Where do dinosaurs love to go in the afternoon? They visit the Jurassic Park, of course.
  • What do you call a dinosaur who can’t handle game night? A saur loser.
  • Why did the dinosaurs die out? Because they missed the space ship to get away.
  • Did you hear about the dinosaur whose wife left him? He was a real T-Wreck.
  • Why don’t you see dinosaurs around today? Because they couldn’t duck.
  • Why are dinosaurs the most well-spoken reptiles? Thesaurus.
  • What do you call a group of dancing, singing dinosaurs? A tyranno-chorus.
  • Why don’t you hear a Pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the pee is silent.
  • What would a hungry dinosaur eat? Humans… Run!
  • What do you call a dinosaur who just broke up with his wife? A T-Ex.
  • What do you get when you strap explosives to a dinosaur? Dino-mite.
  • Why did the dinosaurs hold a séance? To speak to a scary-dactyl.
  • Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? Possibly farts.
  • Why were dinosaurs so terrifying? They were all in clown makeup.
  • How do you make a T-Rex funnier? 23 weeks of stand-up comedy training and a lot of time on the stage.

Cute Dinosaur Puns

  • We used to think that the T-Rex was covered in scales. Today, scientists know that the T-Rex was covered in feathers. How can we tell that the T-Rex didn’t also sound like a chicken?
  • Why did the dinosaurs go extinct but chickens didn’t? Chickens got up early enough to avoid the meteor.
  • Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Apparently not to save its species.
  • What do dinosaurs eat for breakfast? Eggs and Jurassic pork.
  • Why are dinosaurs the most literate? Because they use a Thesaurus.
  • What video game are dinosaurs the most afraid of? Asteroids.
  • What do you do when you see two dinosaurs robbing a convenience store with a gun? Call the triceracops.
  • Why was the T-Rex the angriest dinosaur of all? He was constipated.
  • What does the T in T-Rex stand for? Theodore.
  • What does the T in T-Rex mean? Terrifying.
  • Why did the last T-Rex die off? It exploded.

Dinosaur Birthday Puns

  • Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? I dino.
  • What did the dinosaur do to his wife? He raptor.
  • What did the one dinosaur ask their friend? Want some tea, Rex?
  • What would you call a live T-Rex? Miraculous.
  • What would you call a live pterodactyl? Dave.
  • Which movies do dinosaurs hate the most? Bad ones, duh!
  • Why did the dinosaur leave his wife? Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.
  • Why couldn’t the dinosaur students listen to their teacher? Because he was a real dino-bore.
  • Why did the dinosaur have to visit his shrink? He was a nervous-rex.
  • What would you make if you saw a dinosaur today? Delicious kebabs.

Dinosaur Love Puns

  • What do dinosaurs love to drink? Nothing, most of them are dead.
  • Which part of the trees do dinosaurs love to eat the most? The tricera-tops.
  • How can you tell there’s a tyrannosaurus in your bed? He wears special socks with humans on them.
  • Why did dinosaurs survive on a diet of raw meat? Because none of them knew how to cook.
  • Which of Santa’s reindeer did the dinosaurs get along with the least? Comet.
  • Can you name 20 dinosaurs? Sure. They’re called Joseph, Dave, John…
  • Can you name 15 dinosaurs? Sure, five T-Rexes and ten Triceratops!
  • What do you call a murderous, angry T-Rex? Anything you like, the dinosaurs all went extinct.
  • How do you call a dinosaur? With a time machine, they’re long extinct.
  • Why did the dinosaur cross the road first? To escape the meteor. Why did the chicken cross the road second? Because the dinosaur didn’t make it.
  • What do you call a talking dinosaur? Impressive, most dinosaurs went extinct.
  • How do we know chickens are related to dinosaurs? Both would be delicious.
  • What was the worst Jurassic Park movie? All of them.
  • Why did the dinosaurs die off? Because they went on a hunger strike.
  • Why don’t you see a lot of overweight dinosaurs these days? Because they’re surrounded by scales.
  • What did the prehistoric carpenter use to build their beds? Dino-saws.
  • Some of these dinosaur puns aren’t very good. I dino what to tell you.
  • Putting together ancient skeletons is a serious job that can take months or even years. Some would say that it’s a mammoth task.

Creative Dinosaur Puns That Will Make You Roar

Funny Dinosaur Name Puns

  • What do you call a dinosaur at Halloween? Still extinct.
  • Why did the T-Rex trip over their feet? Their arms were too short to tie their shoes.
  • Why don’t most dinosaurs get fat? They’re covered in scales.
  • What do dinosaurs eat? Not anymore.
  • Why was the dinosaur angry? Because his wife left him.
  • What are dinosaurs really bad at? Stand up cometry.
  • Why did the dinosaur go to the emergency room? Because he felt pterrible.
  • Why don’t dinosaurs like video games very much? Because they’re dead.
  • I finally got to see the movie Jurassic Park. I know most people think it was great, but I thought it was the worst documentary I’ve ever seen.
  • How do dinosaurs prefer their breakfast? Extinct.
  • What did most dinosaurs eat for breakfast? Other dinosaurs.
  • Which dinosaur is the tastiest? Fried chicken.

Knock Knock Dinosaur Jokes

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Dinosaur who?

Dinosaur you there, let me in!


Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Thor who?

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