50+ Creative Pancake Puns That Will Make You FLIP!

Pancakes are one of the world’s favorite breakfast foods.

The humble, round pancake is also a great topic for creative puns, funny one liners, love puns, puns for Instagram and dirty pancake puns.

Need a laugh?

Here are some of the best creative pancake puns that will make you flip!

Creative Pancake Puns That Will Make You FLIP

Funny Pancake One Liners

Funny pancake one liners can be said in just a few seconds, but they can also keep people laughing for days. Here are the best funny pancake one liners out there: 

  • I wanted to make pancakes for breakfast this morning, but then I didn’t. Then I wanted to again, and then I didn’t. I guess I was just waffling.
  • Did you hear about the angry pancake at the grocery store this morning? He just flipped.
  • The pancake and his wife were in a horrible accident this morning. They were on their way to the breakfast table, and the pan flipped.
  • How did the pancake apologize to his wife? He bought her flour.
  • What do you use to make pancakes on Mars? Well, you’re going to need a marzipan.
  • Mr Pancake has been in hospital for the past three weeks, but it’s okay, the doctors are sure he’ll get batter eventually.
  • What do you call an English pancake? Anything you want to, pancakes don’t have any ears. 
  • Why did the pancake leave his wife? Their marriage fell flat.
  • Since the pancake lost his job, things have gone from batter to worse. 
  • Why aren’t pancakes square? They hang out with the cool breakfast foods.
  • Did you see the movie about the huge pancake monster? Nobody liked it. It was critically panned.
  • I’m fed up with pancake jokes. They somehow never get batter.

Pancake Love Puns

Pancake love puns bring together two great things: love and breakfast. If you’d like to make your loved ones laugh, sigh or facepalm, here are some of the best pancake love puns we could find:

  • A man goes to his priest with a difficult question: the man is torn between two women he would like to marry, and he doesn’t know who to choose. He explains to the priest that one girl is a poet, but the other one is an excellent baker. “Well,” says the priest. “You’ll have to look deep into your heart to decide between batter or verse.”
  • Why did the pancake ask her husband for a divorce after ten years? Their marriage fell flat.
  • How is marriage like making pancakes for breakfast? The first one almost always never works out. 
  • What did the pancake get his wife for Valentine’s day? Flour.
  • I downloaded a recipe off the internet last night and tried to make some pancakes at home. It must have been the wrong recipe: they were crepe.
  • What’s the difference between a pancake and a cookie? Cooking time.
  • What’s the difference between a pancake and a cake? Literally everything about it.
  • What’s the difference between pancake mix and marriage? You can’t fix a messed up marriage by adding an egg.
  • Why did the pancake buy his wife a bunch of presents? He was trying to butter her up.

Cute Pancake Name Puns

Pancakes and name puns are a more specific type of pancake pun. Here are the best cute pancake name puns out there.

  • I don’t run to get pancakes. When I get pancakes, IHOP.
  • Where do pancakes live? A house of pancakes, obviously.
  • Did you hear about the Salem pancake witch trials? They burned all of them alive.
  • Why did it take the pancake until the late afternoon to get out of bed? It wouldn’t rise.
  • What do you call a vampire who likes to eat pancakes? Count Spatula.
  • Why did the pancake refuse to have sex with his wife? She was too vanilla for him.
  • What’s the difference between a full English breakfast and a pancake? Taste.
  • Why did the Red Sox hire a pancake for the next season? They were in urgent need of a batter.

Creative Pancake Puns That Will Make You FLIP!

Pancake Puns for Instagram

Are you a regular Instagram user who is running out of things to post about? Well, why not post about pancakes? Here are some of the best pancake puns for instagram.

  • Did you hear about the terrible pancake joke book? It was critically panned.
  • Why was the pancake in trouble? He went out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  • Did you hear about the pancake without any ears? No, and neither did he.
  • What did the therapist say to the depressed pancake? Don’t worry, it gets batter eventually.
  • How did the pancake break his back? He flipped out.
  • What do you call a pancake without maple syrup? Whatever you want, pancakes can’t hear a thing.
  • Why do people add maple syrup to their pancakes? Because ketchup would be terrible.

Dirty Pancake Puns

These aren’t jokes for every breakfast table. For weird adults, here are some of the best dirty pancake puns you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

  • What do pancakes use for lube when they have sex? Butter.
  • Did you hear about the two pancakes who got arrested? They got baked in a public park.
  • How did the pancake die? He was battered to death.
  • What happens when pancakes have an orgasm? They shoot their baby batter.
  • How did the pancake know he was growing up? He started leaving sticky stuff all over the place.
  • How are children like pancakes? The first never comes out perfect, but you can always throw it out when nobody is looking.
  • Kids are like pancakes: nobody likes the first one.
  • Did you hear about the gambling pancake? He lost all his chips on the first morning.
  • Breasts are like pancakes. The bad ones are completely flat.
  • Mrs Pancake had a swingers’ party at her house last night. There were nuts everywhere.
  • Nobody wants to invite the pancake to their house anymore. He just stands there and stares at everyone like a total crepe.
  • Having sex is a lot like making pancakes. The first time you have to do it, nobody knows what they’re doing and you end up with a sticky mess on your hands.
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