35 Creative Egg Puns That Will Make You Flip!

Some people prefer their eggs scrambled, others prefer their eggs to be sunny-side-up as the saying goes. Eggs are one of the world’s most popular food ingredients, and they are something that you can get out of chickens, ducks, quail… And if people are in a good mood, you can even get an egg out of breakfast!

Here are some of the best creative egg puns that will make you flip, including one-liner egg puns, egg puns for Instagram and scrambled egg puns for your enjoyment.

Creative Egg Puns That Will Make You Flip

Egg Puns One-Liners

  • A chicken and egg walk into a bar. Both of them ask for a beer at the same time. “Who’s going to be first, the chicken or the egg?” asks the bartender. The chicken shrugs. “That’s what everyone has been wanting to know.”
  • Why did the egg marry the chicken? Because he cracked her up all the time.
  • Why did the chicken fail as a stand up comedian? His yolks were bad.
  • What do you call a raw egg in a pot of food? Food poisoning for everyone.
  • A chicken walks into a bar and cracks a joke. “That was pretty funny!” says the barman. “But who’s going to clean up the mess around here?”

Cute Egg Puns for Kids

  • What do chickens like to drink with their breakfast in the morning? Eggs-presso.
  • What do you call a chicken who only thinks of themselves? Shellfish.
  • How did the chicken do on his exam? Eggs-cellent.
  • Why do chickens crow? Because eggs can’t.
  • What’s the most stylish part of the chicken? The comb.

Creative Obscure Egg Puns

  • How do you know an egg is rotten? He has a bad haircut and he insults your mother.
  • Why couldn’t the chicken get a job? He had a great resume, but no eggs-perience.
  • My uncle collects chicken eggs that come out of the chicken in weird shapes. He has about 30 of them by now. My aunt thinks it’s awful, but I think he’s just a little egg-centric.
  • When you have to boil an egg, it all comes down to hot water.
  • Why did the chicken get angry at the comedy show? Because he couldn’t take a yolk.
  • Why did the chicken’s investment portfolio fail so fast? Because he put all of his eggs in one basket.
  • What did the egg buy his kids for their birthday this year? An eggs-box.
  • Did you hear about the egg who went to jail? They thought everything was going okay at work, then one day he just picked up a spoon and cracked.

Creative Egg Puns That Will Make You Flip

Funny Egg Name Puns

  • What’s the best book on how to raise an egg? The Art of French Cooking.
  • How does Sylvester Stallone like to have his eggs? I have no idea, you’ll have to ask him that.
  • What do angels enjoy having for breakfast? Deviled eggs.
  • Why did the egg leave her husband? Because he was a real egg-omaniac.
  • What do Catholic priests enjoy most for breakfast? Eggs Benedict.
  • Which actor shares his name with a favorite egg dish? Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Why couldn’t the chicken sleep at night? Because he watched The Eggs-orcist before going to bed.

Egg Puns For Easter

  • What did one Easter egg say to the other one? Hope that you have an eggs-cellent Easter this year!
  • I brought you some eggs for Easter this year, but I forgot where I put them.
  • What’s Bugs Bunny’s least favorite holiday of the year? Easter.
  • What did the one Easter rabbit say to the next? Don’t worry, be hoppy.
  • Why did the one chocolate Easter bunny say to the next? Nothing, someone ate his ears first.
  • Hope you enjoy some of these great Easter egg yolks!
  • Easter is going to be a lot of fun this year. I have to say I’m pretty eggs-cited for it to begin!
  • How do you know where the Easter eggs are hidden? Eggs marks the spot!
  • Wow, I’m dye-ing to decorate some eggs this Easter.

Scrambled Egg Puns

What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan about to attack? It scrambled.

A man goes to a diner and asks for chicken. “How would you like it done?” asks the waitress. Unaware that there are different basting sauces, he says, “Scrambled.”

3 Egg Pun Celebrity Names

1. Yolko Ono

2. Egg Sheeran

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