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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter N activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

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Letter N Arts and Crafts

N is for name
There are just tons of things kids can do with their names. Here are a few:
1. Make “name” necklaces, using a small piece of sentence strip with their name on it, tied up as a necklace with a length of yarn.
2. Make a “name” chart. Give each child an 8″ long piece of sentence strip with their name on it in black marker. Have them color it “nicely”. Glue all of the names onto a large piece of butcher paper, hang it in the hallway for all the school to see.
3. Make name puzzles. Take each child’s name, write it on an 8″ long piece of sentence strip. Write it again on another piece, and this time cut between the letters. The children get to put the names back together. Very good for beginning phonemic awareness in young children.
4. Sing the Name Game song (from the 1960’s).

N is for necklace
Let the children make a necklace using Fruit Loops and/or Cheerios.

Make name tags

Make name mobiles
Use different shaped construction paper pieces. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each shape. On both sides of the rectangle shape, help the children write “my name is”. Help the children write their name on the other shapes. You can unbend a paper clip into a “S” shape to attach the pieces together. Attach a piece of yarn to the top of the rectangle and hang up.

Demonstrate how to use a napkin correctly at mealtimes. Let the children fold a white napkin any way they choose. Drop food coloring onto the napkin, one drop at a time. Watch the colors blend together. Carefully unfold the napkins to dry. Glue corners onto construction paper. Cut out frames to put over these “abstract pictures.”

Use paper or scrap fabric to cut out necktie shape to decorate.

Draw pictures of the night on black paper. You can glue on golden adhesive stars.

Discuss what and why we have noses. Make a collage of noses cut from pictures. Use scented markers to draw pictures of noses and identify the smells.

Newspaper Painting
Tape large pieces of newspaper on the children’s tables or the floor and let the children paint “N” things on the newspapers. Or they could use sponge cutouts of letters and paint their names on the newspapers.

Nuts collage
Save shells from peanuts and other nuts. Break them into smaller pieces. Have the children glue them onto a piece of poster board.

Noodle necklaces to lace
Color rigatoni with food coloring and rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Make from yarn pieces, twigs, grasses and mud! Think of the fun!

Feeding the Squirrel Some Nuts
Take an oatmeal container and put brown paper on the outside and cut two holes out. Glue a squirrel on the inside of the container. What I do is cut some poster board squares and number them from 1 to 20. I purchased different kinds of nuts. I have the children pick a number and then they put that number of nuts in the squirrel home for the winter.


Letter N Games and Activities

N is for nice
During snack time, each child is encouraged to say something nice about someone at their table. This takes a little prompting, but by Friday, you’ll have children who watch out for their friends and do things that can be mentioned during snack! It is very heart warming.

N is for nutrition
This is quite the riot to hear what the children think is “healthy” food on Monday, then compare their answers with what they answer on Friday! Send this list home to parents and let the parents look and hopefully think about how their children think about food. In the skill center you could put out magazines, and ask the students to cut out pictures to glue on a paper plate, to represent a healthy meal.

Nutritious Stew
Have the children bring in vegetables from home, discuss what they brought in, then (with adult supervision) wash, peel, cut and cook the vegetables making a stew. Put it into a slow cooker to eat the next day.

N is for night
Talk about night. Let the children draw pictures of what they see outside at night.

N is for nose
Talk about the sense of smell. Let the children use their noses to sniff a variety of different things: vinegar, vanilla, coffee grounds, lemons, pepper (with caution!), etc.

Display a real net. Discuss how nets are used to catch butterflies, fish, shrimp, etc. Buy some netting fabric and talk about where it might be used on clothing (dance costumes, formal dresses, hat veils, wedding dresses).

Point out the different parts (sections) to the children. Look for the comics, want ads, sports, weather, movies. Cut the newspaper into small pieces and glue onto a large N shape.
If possible visit your local newspaper office.
Make newspaper hats.
Help the children find the “N”s on a page of newspaper.

Make paper rubbings of a nickel. Play heads and tails with a nickel

invite a nurse to come visit your group of children. Discuss why we have nurses and what they do. Role-play being a nurse. Pantomime taking temperatures, weighing and measuring, giving shots, putting on band aids, etc.


Letter N Recipes and Snacks

Make nachos using the following recipe:
round or triangular corn tortilla chips
1 can refried beans
Small jar mild salsa or taco sauce
6 oz. cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese

Arrange the chips in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Top each chip with 1/2 Tsp. of refried beans and then 1/2 Tsp salsa. Add a small amount of cheese (grated or cut into small chunks) to the top of each. Put the cookie sheet in a 425 degree oven, watching carefully, until cheese melts and bubbles.

Name Cookie
Bake or buy large sugar cookie. Let the children write their names using the squeeze decorator frosting.
Or frost the cookies and use the letters of alphabet cereal to spell each name.

1 pkg butterscotch morsels or chocolate chips
1 can Chinese noodles
Jellybeans, grapes, cooked peas
Butter (optional)

Melt the morsels (chips) in a pan over low heat. Remove from heat and add the noodles. Give each child a small piece of wax paper, and about 2 tbsp of mixture. Invite the children to form the mixture into a nest shape. (The children can put butter on their hands to keep the mixture from sticking to their hands.) When the nests are hard, fill with with jellybeans, grapes or beans.
Safety note: Do not give jelly beans, whole grapes or nuts to young children. They may choke on these items.

Other N Snacks
Nachos, navy beans, nectarines, Neapolitan ice cream, noodles, nut bread, nuts (not for small children).


Letter N Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Letter sound song
(to tune – Sing a Song of Sixpence)
Naughty Nick is noisy,
banging all around.
But he’s not a bad boy
when he makes his sound.
Listen can you hear him,
“Nnnn….” he says all day.
Even when he’s banging nails that’s what you’ll hear him say.

N Poem
I use my hammer and five nails.
(Show 5 fingers.)
“That’s too noisy,” my neighbor yells!
(Raise voice.)
I’ll hammer them now before it’s night!
(Pretend to hammer.)
And to my neighbor I’ll be polite!

Here’s a Nest
Here’s a nest for robin redbreast. (cup hands)
Here’s a hive for busy bee. (clench fist)
Here’s a hole for jacky-rabbit. (thumb around forefinger)
And here’s a house for me! (fingers together forming the roof of a house)

The N Song
(Tune: Skip To My Lou)
N’s in the nest now, what’ll I do?
(Make a nest with hands.)
N’s in the nest now, what’ll I do?
N’s in the nest now, what’ll I do?
I’ll go (sound of N) for N now.

Nail the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
(Pretend to pound a nail.)
Nail the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
Nail the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll go N for N now.

Needle the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
(Pretend to sew.)
Needle the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
Needle the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll go Nn for N now.

Net the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
(Pretend to catch something in a net.)
Net the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
Net the N’s, that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll go Nn for N now.
(the children can help add other verses)

The Nut Trees
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
See the nut trees,
See the nut trees,
Growing here,
Growing there,
Hazelnuts and walnuts,
Almonds and pecans,
Everywhere, everywhere.




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