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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter Q activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

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Letter Q Arts and Crafts

Q is for Quilt
Make a class quilt. Give each child a 4×4 square of white art paper. They can draw a picture, create a design using pattern blocks (standard math manipulatives in primary classrooms) or anything else that ties in thematically with a class unit. Glue onto large piece of colored butcher paper. Glue down small yarn bows into each “intersection”. Put it up for all to enjoy.

Q is for Queen
Let the girls (and boys) decorate construction paper crowns. Staple on a headband and your room will be full of queens!

Paint with Q-tips. Make structures out of Q-tips and play dough or clay. Let the children take them home after they dry. If using clay, have the children paint their sculptures first.

Make a quilt throughout the year of the children’s experiences at school for them to view. Or have each of the children’s parents make one square of a quilt, that has something to do with the child and their experiences at child care. Have the children talk about the picture/material/whatever about their quilt square.

Then, sew it all together and put it in the book center as a backdrop for the children to wear. If you have an old pioneer creek village, see if they have a demonstration of making quilts and take your children to go and see it.

Quacking for Q
Print Q’s and q’s on some index cards and print several other letter on several more cards. Have the children sit in front of you. Hold up the cards one at a time. Whenever the children see a Q or a q have them quack.

Quarter Rubbings
Make a large Q shape on a piece of paper. Let the children make crayon rubbings of “quarters” on white paper using different color crayons. The children cut out the rubbings and glue them on the big Q. Variations: The children can also look through magazines for question marks and cut them out to glue on the Q. Glue Q-tips to a large Q.


Letter Q Games and Activities

Q is for Quiet
Spend a half hour or so (that’s long enough for 3-5 year olds!) being quiet. Read a story quietly. Play a quiet game such as “Silent Ball”, where a ball or bean bag gets tossed from child to child, without making any noise. Draw a picture of you doing something quietly.

Q is for Quick
Spend another half hour or so doing things quickly – moving quickly outside, playing “hot potato”, etc.

Talk about ducks. Talk about how they say, “Quack.” Talk about the letter that “quack” starts with.

Quadruplets (can do same for Quintuplets)
Find a picture of quadruplets and show it to the children. Talk about how quadruplets means that 4 children were born at the same time, just like twins are called twins because two babies are born from the same mother at the same time.

Put a picture of a quail up in the room and talk about the interesting name that the bird has.

If anyone has ever been in an earthquake, or the children in your care have, you can talk about how they felt when the earth shook and trembled.

Bring a quarter in for display. Let the children look at it. Set up a shopping center with fake money in the dramatic play area and see if the children can identify which one is the quarter.

Find a quartet that can perform to children or listen to a quartet. Make your own quartet with the children and have them sing songs in groups of four. (It was worth a shot!)

Queen Bee
Talk about the queen bee and how her job is to produce more baby bees.

Question mark
Draw one on the board. Give the children examples of questions they ask and have them ask questions.

See how “quickly” the children can clean up.

Play a “quiz” game. Have a few items out on display. Cover them up and quiz the children to see if they can remember which objects were on the table.

Play the Quiet Game
The teacher chooses a child to be “it.” The child who is “it” walks around looking at the other students in the class for a set time (maybe one minute) and chooses the person who is the “quietest.” That person becomes “it,” and you can repeat the process.

Quiet or Loud Sounds
Talk about different sounds. Students decide if the are “loud” or “quiet” sounds.

Game: Mother and Her Baby Quails
Choose one child to be the Mother Quail and let the others be the baby quails. Have the Mother Quail start walking around the room. Then sing the song below, each time signaling one of the baby Quails to get in line behind the mother. Continue singing until everyone is in line. If desired, choose a new Mother Quail and play the game again.
(Tune: Down By The Station)
Out in the forest
Early in the morning,
See the Mother Quail
Walking to and fro.
See a baby quail
Get in line behind her.
Quickly, quickly, off they go.


Letter Q Recipes and Snacks

Bake a quiche for lunch.
You could even do this as a cooking activity with the children.
They can help measure the ingredients.

Quaker Oats
Eat some Quaker Oats!


Letter Q Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Little Quail
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
Little quail, little quail,
Feathered head, feathered tail,
I like to watch you strutting by,
Or flapping as you start to fly.
Little quail, little quail.

I’m A Busy Quilter
(Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider)
I’m a busy quilter,
I sew and sew all day.
When my quilts are finished,
I can stop and play.
Sometimes my quilts are fancy,
Sometimes I make them plain.
Sometimes my quilts are different,
Sometimes they’re all the same.

I’ve Got The Letter Q
(Sung to: He’s Got The Whole World)
I’ve got the letter Q on my quilt.
I’ve got the letter Q on my quilt.
I’ve got the letter Q on my quilt.
Q goes q-q-q (Sound of KW)
(Make a Q with fingers. Pretend to smooth out a quilt.)

Little Duck
(Sung to: Yankee Doodle)
Once there was a little duck,
Who lived down by the lake.
His mother had to quack at him
`Cause he was always late.
Quack, quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack
Hurry, don’t be late,
Quack, quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack
Don’t make your mother wait!

Did You Ever See A Duck?
(Tune: Did You Ever See A Lassie?)
Did you ever see a duck, a duck, a duck,
Did you ever see a duck who waddles so slow?
She waddles and waddles and waddles and waddles.
Did you ever see a duck who waddles so slow?
Did you ever see a duck, a duck, a duck,
Did you ever see a duck who quacks so fast?
She quacks and quacks and quacks and quacks.
Did you ever see a duck who quacks so fast?

Quiet Time
Quiet time, quiet time
That’s the time for me.
My mouth, my head,
my hands, my feet
Are quiet as can be.

Letter Q
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
I am learning
I am learning
Letter Q
Letter Q
Not used very often
Not used very often
Letter Q

Quentin The Quail
(Tune: Frosty The Snowman)
Quentin the quail begins with letter Q.
He has lots of quills and a question mark,
And a quarry is his home.

Q is for Quilt
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Soft warm quilt, I love you so.
You warm me from head to toe.
No more shivers q…q…q.
Grandma made you just for me.
Soft warm quilt, I love you so.
You warm me from head to toe.




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