How Old are You in 8th Grade?

The 8th grade is the year that falls right before high school, and it can be a difficult year for parents and kids who don’t yet know what to expect from the rest of the academic year. Concepts that were introduced in the previous grades will become more advanced and the subjects go into much more detail.

How Old are You in 8th Grade

Here’s a guide to the eighth grade for parents and teachers, including more about what you can expect from the 8th grade curriculum.

How old is the average person in 8th grade?

The average student in the 8th grade is aged between 13 to 14 according to most resources.

There could be an age gap between a student and the rest of their class for a variety of different reasons. For example, if a student was promoted a year, held back for a year or had their birthday during the school year.

The eighth grade is the last year of middle school, right before a student moves on to high school.

How old are you in 8th grade USA?

According to the website, the average age of children in the 8th grade is between 13 and 14 years old.

Most students will be between 13 and 14 years old at the start of middle school, but there are certain factors that can affect this and cause a small age gap between some students and the rest of their classmates.

Students who have their birthday during the year, were promoted, or were held back could be a different age than the rest of the class.

Is 8th grade middle school or high school?

The 8th grade is one of the middle school years, according to the standard United States curriculum.

According to answers posted on the website, high school is the year that happens after.

What do you learn in 8th-grade?

The eighth grade is more complicated in terms of the content that students will learn as part of the curriculum, and more complex in the ways that it will teach students to apply this knowledge to new things that they learn.

Mathematics skills will become more in-depth, and this is where subjects like trigonometry are introduced in more detail. Algebra and basic math will start to work with larger figures, and students are taught how to apply what they learn to the things around them.

According to and, students will start to work with more complicated grammar and reading concepts at the same time during the 8th grade. Concepts like active versus passive voice become much more important at this point, and students might be asked to analyze or write longer, more complex texts.

The eighth grade will also branch out subjects like history, and now include more information to memorize and analyze than the previous grades. Other subjects like science or biology will require more studying and memorization than students might have been used to before: there’s just more information to take in.

What kind of math do 8th graders do?

Eighth graders will use all of the basic concepts that they have learned about in previous school years (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division) – but the eighth grade will add much more depth to what the student can achieve with what they know.

Core concepts like more advanced algebra will be introduced at this point.

The best way to prepare for the kind of math a student might be faced with in the 8th grade is to go through example math tests for their grade. If performance isn’t what it should be, it gives the student a good idea of what they can improve on before any actual tests have taken place.

Sample eighth grade tests can be found on Khan Academy for students who want to prepare before any actual eighth grade exams.

According to, students are expected to write and understand algebraic equations and formulas at this point.

How Old are You in 8th Grade

Can 8th graders have Algebra 1?


According to the website, 8th graders can take Algebra I as one of their elected subjects in the eighth grade.

Can 8th graders get held back?


There are some circumstances in which a student can be held back in the 8th grade, with one of the most common reasons being underperformance in several of their main subjects.

Other reasons for someone being held back in the eighth grade can include personal, circumstantial or health-related reasons that means they could not be present for most of the year or its tests.

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