What Middle Names Go with Henry?

A name can be one of the most difficult choices in the world that you ever have to make, and it’s just as hard no matter whether you have to choose a name for a boy, a sibling that is still to arrive, a new pet member of the family or a character that is going to appear in a show, story or screenplay.

What Middle Names Go with Henry

Here’s everything to know about the name Henry, including what the name Henry means and a great list of boy and girl middle and second names that you can choose with Henry.

What Does the Name Henry Mean?

The name Henry is a popular male name that has its origins in Old Germanic, Norse and English languages where it has been given to many royals and leaders throughout history.

Henry translates from Old Germanic to mean “leader of the home” or just “home leader” and it’s a name that has come to have extremely strong leadership connotations.

The name Henry does not guarantee an automatically better chance at life or leadership, but statistics say that powerful names can help to create more powerful, confident people.

Henry can be given as a single, first name or be used in combination with a powerful second name that fits well with the first one.

What Middle Names Can Go Well with Henry?


The name Derek also traces its origins back to Old English, Norse and Germanic languages just like the  name Henry. Much like the name Henry, the name Derek also translates to mean “ruler of people”, and the names can make a very strong combination in their meaning.


The name Reece has its origins in Welsh, where it translates to mean “excitement” or “enthusiasm”. It can be a great choice for Henry, and there are many alternative versions of the name to use include Rhys or Reese.


The name Davis is a strong second name that can go well with the ever-strong name Henry, and it has its origins in Britain where it means “the beloved one”.


The name Maverick is a great name to use together with the strong name Henry. Maverick means “independent” or “without a leader” and it has its early origins in English, Old Norse and Scandinavian languages.


The name Braeden has its origins in Gaelic, and it’s a great fitting name that goes with the name Henry because it means “the brave one”.

What is a Unique Boy Middle Name?


The name Kenny is a great unique boy name to choose together with the name Henry, where adds to the powerful meaning of the name Henry. A unique name to go with Henry, the name Kenny translates to mean “handsome” from Celtic – and Kenneth is one derivative of this name.


The name Gavyn is a unique, strong boy name that has its origins in the Welsh language and translates to mean “white falcon”.


The name Jaden (or the alternative spelling of the name Jayden or Jadyn) has Hebrew origins, and the name translates to mean “God has heard”. It can be a great name that goes together with Henry as a strong boy name.

Valentin strong or healthy

The name Valentin has its origins in Latin and means “strong or healthy”. Valentin can be a great and strong name to be combined with Henry to create a strong first and second combination.

What is a Girl Middle Name for Henry?


The name Ansley is a traditional British name that translates to “hermitage field” and it can be used for both girls and boys, especially with the name Henry as a unique family or unisex name.


The name Zara is a great unique second or middle name that translates to mean “radiance”, sometimes using the alternative spelling of Zarah with an added h.


The name Aracely is a very unique second or middle name to combine with Henry, and it’s one that you don’t hear too often. The name translates to mean “altar of the sky” and has its origins in Spanish language and culture.


The name Mallory is a popular unique and ancient name that can be combined with almost any other one including the name Henry. Mallory has its origins in French, where it means “the unlucky one”.


The name Annika and its various different versions go all the way back to the Sanskrit language, where it translates to mean “the one with the sweet face”.

What Middle Names Go with Henry

Sibling Names That Go With Henry


Finnegan is a great male sibling or middle name that can be used together with Henry. The origins of the name are Celtic in nature, and originally translates to mean “the son of the fairhaired one”.


Jaxon is a Welsh name that literally translates to mean “the son of Jack” as the name Jackson would in other languages. It can be a great, short name to combine with Henry or use as a sibling name.


The name Remington is an ancient English name that means the Raven family, and it can be a great name to combine with a strong male name like Henry.

Twin Middle Name to Go with Henry


Tyree is a strong and powerful name with Old Norse and Viking origins, and the name literally translates to mean “the son of Tyr”. Another version of this popular male name is Tyrell and Tyrone.


The name Dane is an ancient Scandinavian name that translates to “God is my judge” and it can be a great second, sibling or twin middle name to use with Henry.


Clarence is a great twin middle or second name to choose with Henry with Latin origins, and the literal translation is “clarity”.

Modern Middle Names for Henry


The name Roberto or Robert is a great modern middle name for Henry, and it has Portuguese origins that has the name translate to mean “fame”, “greatness” or “brightness”.


The name Izaiah or sometimes Isaiah is a popular given boy name that goes together well with Henry, and means “God saves” or “the one saved by God” when translated from its root Hebrew origins.


The name Case is a powerful one-syllable name to combine with the name Henry for a powerful effect, and it can translate to mean “case maker” or simply “box” depending on its English or French origins.

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