What Middle Names Go with Eloise?

The choice of what name to choose can be one of the hardest choices in the world to make, and if you are looking for a great name for your baby, a baby’s sibling, a new pet in the family or a character in your story, novel or screenplay.

What Middle Names Go with Eloise

Here is a short guide to the name Eloise, the meaning of the name Eloise and some great suggestions for girl and boy middle names that can be used together with the name Eloise.

What Does the Name Eloise Mean?

The name Eloise has its early origins in Germanic languages, especially German, where it translates to mean one who is “wide” or “healthy”.

The name has become a very popular female and girl name all over the world, with some versions of the name in existence. Other forms of the name Eloise includes the name Heloise, which is another form that you are more likely to see in German countries.

If you want to choose a great name for a girl then Eloise can be a great and popular choice.

What Are the Most Popular Middle Names for Eloise?


The name Chloe can be a great choice for a female middle name that goes well together with the first given name Eloise. Origins of the name Chloe are Greek, where it translates to mean either “blooming shrub” or “young green shoot” from an emerging tree.


The name Joy is a popular one-syllable middle name that can be a wonderful choice together with the girl name Eloise. As most of us know, the word Joy translates directly to “happy” or “glad”.


The name Grace is a very popular name that can make for an especially great popular middle name that goes with the given first name Eloise. Grace has its early language origins in the Hebrew language, where it is used to translate to “by the Grace of God”.


The name Isabella can trace its early origins back to the Italian language (and some other romance languages), where it translates to mean “one who is beautiful” or just “beautiful one”. The name is sometimes shortened to Bella, and it can be a great popular female name that goes with the name Eloise.


Jane is a popular female name that traces its origins back to Old English, where its a choice with religious undertones that translates to mean “God is great”. This one-syllable middle name can be a great choice with the name Eloise, and it isn’t a combination that you hear around too often.

One-Syllable Middle Names for Eloise


The name Blake goes back to Old English names, and translates to mean “the pale one” as a second name for Eloise.


The name Sage is another great Old English name that can go with Eloise, and it translates to mean “wise” or “the wise one”.


The name Lux is more popular today and means “light” from Latin. It makes for a great middle name that goes with Eloise.


The name Jen or Jennifer has many different spellings, although it makes a great second name choice with Eloise no matter how you spell it – and the name translates to mean “the fair one”.

Sibling Middle Names That Go with Eloise


Ashley is an ancient Germanic and Old English name that means “where the ash lays” or just directly translates to “Ash tree”. It’s a great sibling middle choice for Eloise.


The name Alissa is from Old English, and translates to mean “noble” or “the noble one”.


Alisha is a name that translates to “protected by God”.


The name “Linda” has its origins in Spanish and Latin, where it translates to mean “beautiful” as a second name choice for the name Eloise.


The name Lucy is a great middle name choice for Eloise, and it means “like light” from its Latin translation.

What Middle Names Go with Eloise

Boy Middle Names That Go With Eloise


Austin is a popular English given name that translates to mean “greatness” or “great one”.


Andrew is a popular boy middle name that originates from Greek and translates to mean “strong one”.


The name Krish has its origins in the Hindu culture and language, where it exists as a shortened version of the name Krishna – but also translates to mean “compassionate” or “loving”.


The name Warren means “keeper”, and has its origins in French and Old English.


The name Case has origins in French, and literally means “container” or “box”. Derivatives exist, including the name Casey.

Girl Middle Names That Go With Eloise


Catalina is a popular girl middle name for with Eloise that is derived from Spanish, and means “pure”.


The name Karen has its origins in Greek, where it means “pure”.


The name Leah is a popular girl name with its origins in Hebrew, and it can be translated to mean “delicate” or “small”.


The name Jayla has its origins and Greek in Hebrew, where it means “jaybird” or alternatively “one who protects”.


The name Clara has its early origins in Latin, where it translates to mean “bright” or “clear”.

How Popular is the Name Eloise?

According to what’s available out there on websites like Everything-Birthday.com, the name Eloise is a very popular girl name in the United States with its early use documented for the first time in the late 1880s.

More than 50, 000 people have been given the name Eloise as a first or second name according to this information, and its popularity has only increased since the year 2016.

The name Eloise can only get more popular over time as a first or second girl name choice!

Is Eloise a Good Name?

Yes, Eloise is a great girl name choice for a baby, character or new pet addition to your family.

Eloise can be combined with any of the second or middle name suggestions that have been given in this post.

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