What Middle Names Go with Eleanor?

A name can seem like one of the most difficult choices in the world to make, and it’s just as hard whether you are trying to find a perfect name for a baby, a sibling, a new pet or a character that fits into your new novel, story or screenplay.

What Middle Names Go with Eleanor

Here is your guide to the name Eleanor, its meaning and some of the greatest and most popular middle names that can go with the name Eleanor.    

Eleanor Name Meaning

The name Eleanor is one of the most popular first and second female names in the United States, and a great first name that is shared with famous queens like Eleanor of Aquitaine and the famous First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt.

The origins of the name Eleanor are Greek and French, with the name translating directly to “lighthearted” or “shining lighthearted”.

What Middle Names Go Well with Eleanor?


Natalie is a popular female name that has its origins in Latin, where it is a shortened version of the Latin phrase natale domini that means “the Lord’s birthday”. The name is a great chosen second name for Eleanor, and other variations of this name can include Nathalie or Natalia.


The name Elizabeth is a very popular female name in the United Kingdom and United States, with its origins going back to Latin. The name isn’t just often chosen as a first name tribute to Queen Elizabeth, but its meaning translates to “oath to God” and it makes a great second name to accompany the name Eleanor too.


The name Claudia has ancient Latin origins, and its direct translation means “lame”. While its meaning might not be as flattering as it sounds, the name has a great sound – and it’s still just as popular as a female name, especially if it accompanies one like Eleanor.


The name Kathy is a shortened, friendlier version of the longer name Katharine or Catherine, both of which can be traced back to ancient English origins where the name has come to mean “pure” or “virginal”.


Julia is one of the most popular female names in the world, and it translates directly to “highest one”. The name Julia has many different variations to be found all over the world, including the form Juliet or Juliette, with origins in French. It should be no surprise that the name Julia accompanies many famous, high-status people!

Is Eleanor a Boy or Girl Name?

Even though you’re absolutely free to do what you want with your character, pet or child naming process, Eleanor is best known and most popularly used as a female name.

According to census data, there has so far been no boys who have been registered under the name Eleanor from their birth.

Girl Middle Names That Go With Eleanor


Susan is one of the most popular female names of the 21st Century, with some of its origins rooted in the Hebrew language where it translates to mean “rose” or “rose-colored”. It can be an excellent middle name choice if your first option is Eleanor!


The name Donna isn’t short for anything, but is a common given girls’ name that is popular all over the world. The name Donna originally comes from Italian and Latin languages, where it means “lady”. It can be a great choice with the name Eleanor!


The name Lisa is another great second name option that can be used with Eleanor. Like the name Eleanor itself, the origin of this name is Hebrew and translates to “oath”.


Martha is one of the oldest names in existence, and traces its origins back to the very ancient Aramaic language where it translates to “lady of the house”. It can be a great name to accompany the first name Eleanor, and right now Martha Stewart is one of the most famous household names in America.


The name Tracy has origins in Ireland, where it translates to mean “fighter” or “warlike”. While it’s not one of the most popular female names right now, it could be a great time for a comeback as a second name to go with Eleanor.

What Middle Names Go with Eleanor

Boy Middle Names That Go With Eleanor


The name Liam is one of the oldest Irish and Celtic names out there, and it translates to mean “powerful” or “protector”. If you need to choose a popular boy middle name that goes together with the name Eleanor, then this one is a very powerful choice!


The name Henry has Germanic language origins, where it translates to mean “king” or “the ruler”. It should be no surprise that one of the most famous ones of all time had been the King of England!


If you are looking for a great, popular boy name that goes with the girl name Eleanor, then Oliver is a great choice – and both said together can have a very nice ring to it. The name Oliver directly translates to mean “olive tree” or “olive”.


The name Joseph is an old name with its origins in Hebrew and Aramaic that most people might recognize from the Bible as the names of Jesus’ adoptive father. Today, the name Joseph is just as popular for boys or men – and the literal translation of the name Joseph is “to add” from its Hebrew origins.


The name Elijah is another great and popular name for boys that can go well together with the girl name Eleanor. The name derives from Hebrew, and it translates to mean “elevated” or “the one who is higher”. Its not just a popular name in the Bible, but a great name to choose today.

One Syllable Middle Name for Eleanor


Jade is a hugely popular female name with only one syllable that can go together great with the name Eleanor, and shares the name with one of the world’s most popular gems.


The name Cher is a great one-syllable middle name that can be used with the name Eleanor, and it translates to mean “darling one”.


The name Ace isn’t just a cool nick-name, but a very ancient name that actually translates to mean “noble”.

Is Eleanor a Good Name for a Baby?

Yes, Eleanor is a great name for a baby or female character that can be put together with any of the other middle name suggestions that have been given in the rest of this post.

If you don’t know which name to choose, then Eleanor can be a wonderful name to choose.

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