Come out of your Shell with these Hilarious Taco Puns!

These taco puns, one-liners, jokes, and captions will surely give you a queso of the giggles! We’re sure they’ll guac your world, we guac-antee it!!

Taco Puns

Taco Puns

Taco dirty to me!

Taco your time!

Have a fantastaco day!

Taco big or taco home!

Long time no taco!

You had me at tacos!

Taco walks on the wild side.

Do not worry, taco your time!

We can taco-ver the phone!


Keep the flowers, and buy me tacos.

It takes two to taco.

Taco about a fiesta.

Isn’t life spectacolar?

I am a taco whisperer.

Burrito on me, baby.


I work out to eat tacos.

In relationship with tacos.

My love language is tacos.

Blessed and taco-obsessed.

Tacos are a hug in a tortilla.

Will work for tacos.

Taco it or leave it.

Taco Puns

Taco One-Liners

I’m the most taco-tive girl here, baby!

Tacos don’t ask questions. Tacos understand.

Yes, I am a princess. My name? Oh, it’s Taco Belle.

Today’s forecast: Long with around a 99.9% chance of tacos.

He doesn’t want to taco about thetopic any longer!

Let’s not burrito around the bush!

All I want to do in life is eat tacos with you!

Friends, don’t let friends go taco-less!

All my partners need to know about me is that I’m a tac-hoe!

Man, this taco is tight. That’s what cheese said.

Let’s give them something to taco about!

Yes, I’m into fitness. Fitness a whole taco in my mouth.

It’s taco time. Do what you always wanted.

I need is someone I can taco about at 4 am. Is that too much to ask?

I will taco-rate the apartment my way.

It’s beginning to look a lot like – tacos.

My favorite game is called tic-taco-toe.

I’m like a taco; I have plenty of fillings too.

I make tacos disappear. What’s your superpower?

I am sorry about everything I said before I had tacos.

My mind says gym, but my heart screams tacos.

Rocking these burrito-ful bikinis.

In queso you like it, please double-tap.

I’m nacho, your typical girlfriend.

Taco, a walk, and think positively.

Your taco vibe attracts your taco tribe.

Taco Instagram Captions

Feed me tacos, and just tell me I’m gorgeous.

There are 3 ways to get to my heart. The first one is buy me tacos, the second one is make me tacos, and the third one is be tacos.

My advice to you is that when finding your true love, hold onto it with both hands. Sometimes, tacos are hard to handle.

I wish my body was full of tacos instead of feelings.

Sometimes I want you to pin me against the wall, kiss me, and whisper to my ear, ‘I brought tacos.’

Two days ago, I really wanted tacos. Today I am eating tacos. Follow your dreams.

I don’t trust people who don’t like tacos.

I want you to look at me the way I look at tacos.

You’ll never see me cry and eat tacos simultaneously because tacos are life.

Live each day like it’s Taco Tuesday.

A day without tacos might not kill me, but why should I risk it?

I cannot promise you the world; I can promise I’ll buy you tacos every other day and touch your butt every day.

All I care about is my tacos and like 6 people.

I can live without many things. Tacos are not one of them.

Taco Jokes

Do you know why the taco chef closed the kitchen? – Because she ran out of thyme.

Do you know why you can’t make everyone in your life happy? – You’re not a taco.

The best meditation – Inhale tacos, exhale negativity.

Do you know why you can’t tell tacos secrets? – Because they end up spilling the beans.

Do you know why tacos are depressed? – Because they fall apart easily.

How do tacos say grace before they eat? – It begins with ‘lettuce pray.’

Do you know what the secret recipe of Taco Bell is? – Neither do I. They keep it under wraps.

Do you know how taco chefs live their lives? – By seasoning the moment.

Do you know what happens after eating 50 Taco Bells? – You end up in tacocoma.

Why did the taco blush? – Because the taco saw the salad dressing.

What do you get when you put onions on your beans? – Tear gas.

Do you know the joke about the Santa Fe taco? – It is really corny.

What’s a taco’s favorite musical genre? – It’s wrap ‘n’ roll.

What did the taco said to the guacamole? – ‘Avocado adoration for you.’

Why don’t you want to taco me about it? – Because I’m nacho friend anymore.

What do you call people who don;t bring tents to sleep in the woods? – Soft tacos for bears.

Why did Taco Bell hire Eminem? – Because he is a Wrap God.

I’ll be your Taco Beast, and you can be my Taco Belle!

Do you know why taco jokes get such a bad wrap? – Because they’re corny.

Do you know what a taco’s favorite movie is? – Catch Me If You Cayenne.

What do you call tortilla chips that work out? – A macho nacho.

What does a chicken taco say? – Guawk, guawk.

Do you want to taco about it? I donut know what to say about it!

Do you know how to design a balanced diet? – A taco in each hand.

Did you hear about that new place? – It’s the taco the town.

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