Creative Gnome Puns That’ll Make You Lose Your Hat!

Gnomes are ancient mythical beings that have been part of human stories for thousands of years. Gnomes are also extra famous as being one of the most purchased garden features of all time – and if flamingos aren’t your thing, then you can always go straight for the world of gnomes and pick up a bargain.

Here are some of the best creative gnome puns that will make you lose your hat with laughter, including one-liner gnome puns, romantic gnome puns and more.

Creative Gnome Puns

Funny Gnome One Liners

  • Why was the gnome furious after he bought his vacuum cleaner on the internet? Because it broke the first time he used it and the website had gnome money back guarantee.
  • Why did the girl punch her gnome boyfriend on a date at the park? He tried to touch her leg while they were sitting down, and gnome means gnome.
  • Why are gnomes so patient when it comes to waiting in line? Because good things come to gnomes who wait.
  • Should you ever insult a gnome to their faces? Gnome you shouldn’t.
  • What version of a Shakespeare play was filmed entirely using gnomes? You know what’s coming… It’s Gnomeo and Juliet!
  • Why was the gnome arrested? He was caught red-handed trying to pull off a gnome invasion.
  • Why was the gnome sitting outside with a cardboard sign asking for spare change? Because he was
  • gnomeless.

Birthday Gnome Puns

  • Why did the gnome’s parents make him pay rent? Because they couldn’t cope without it, he was eating them out of house and gnome.
  • Why did the gnome save up to move to Hollywood? Because there’s gnome business like show business.

Christmas Gnome Puns

  • What did the sign say that the gnome had put up in front of his house? Gnome entry.
  • Why are gnomes always angry at everything? Because they have absolutely gnome control over themselves.
  • Why didn’t the gnome like apples? Because they grew too high up trees.
  • What do you call a backwards gnome? A emong, of course.
  • What do you call an angry gnome? Dave.
  • What do you call a gnome who loves pizza? Just call him another pizza delivery guy, he’ll love you for it.
  • Why was the gnome great at math? Because it’s the little things that count.

Creative Gnome Pun Names

  • Why were the gnomes great at dancing? Because they were about two feet.
  • Why couldn’t the gnome get on the rollercoaster? Because it just didn’t like rollercoasters.
  • Why couldn’t the gnome pay for their groceries? Because when they got to pay, they found out they were a little short.
  • What do you call an angry gnome? John.
  • Where do gnomes hate to go the most? Gnome man’s land.
  • Why do people put garden gnomes in their gardens but never on their roof? Because garden gnomes are very scared of heights.
  • Why don’t you pronounce the G in Gnome? Because it would sound ridiculous.

Romantic Gnome Puns

  • Why do gnomes like gold so much? Because it’s valuable and they’re always short.
  • Why did the gnome’s bitcoin investment lose him money? Because he was a bad investor with a gambling problem, it had nothing to do with his size.
  • Which garden gnome is known for being the greatest detective? Sherlock Gnomes.
  • Why are gnomes the best houseguests? Because their stay is usually a short one.
  • Why did the gnome need an anger management class twice a week? Because he was too short tempered.
  • Why did the gnome die poor? Because he didn’t invest his royalties from when he was in the Wizard of Oz.

Cute Valentine Gnome Sayings

  • What do you call a garden gnome that’s up a tree? Lost.
  • What do you call a garden gnome that’s stuck in space? Very lost.
  • What do you call a garden gnome with a knife? Something nice.
  • What do you call a garden gnome with a knife covered in blood? The sequel.
  • What do you call a haunted garden gnome? Don’t call him anything, call an exorcist.

Creative Gnome Puns

Gnome Puns Halloween

  • I’m sorry that I couldn’t think of many more jokes. I’m a little short of gnome puns.ž
  • What do you call an orange garden gnome? An oompa-loompa.
  • What do you call a cracked garden gnome? An ambulance.
  • What do you call a green garden gnome? A doctor.
  • What do you call a garden gnome without a hat? Bald.

Summer Gnome Sayings

  • Have fun this summer, glad there’s gnome more winter around!
  • Remember to give your garden gnome a drink this summer!

Gnome Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Gnome who?

No more arguing, let me in!

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