Iconic Bald Cartoon Characters Loved by Kids

Bald is beautiful.

When it comes to cartoons and comic books, there’s no shortage of great famous bald cartoon characters.

From Gru to Popeye, these cartoon characters have all the personality – and not one hair on their heads!

Iconic Bald Cartoon Characters Loved by KidsFamous Bald Cartoon Characters


Krillin is one of the most instantly recognizable characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and almost surely one of the most loved of all.

He is known for his combination of intelligence and fighting smarts. Krillin is an extremely good martial artist, and his official character description lists him as a “short, bald warrior”.

While Krillin and Goku meet as opponents, they are quick to become friends for the rest of the series – and boy, do they go through some things together!


Caillou is a cartoon television character that was first broadcast in Quebec, Canada – and very quickly became one of the most beloved bald little characters the world has ever seen.

Officially, Caillou is only four years old, and the series (and books) join him as he goes through different situations that kids can easily associate with.

Almost every episode of Caillou has something great to teach.

Bald Female Cartoon Characters

The Ancient One

The Ancient One is a character which appears in the Marvel comic series Strange Tales.

Initially, the character known as the Ancient One was portrayed by a male actor. The Ancient One appears as a rival to Doctor Strange, though also makes appearances in other Marvel series’.

However, The Ancient One is portrayed as a bald female character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and by none other than the great, versatile actress Tilda Swinton.


Cleopatra is one of the famous female Queens of Egypt, but she is more than just a real-life person.

Cleopatra also makes an appearance through some of the DC Comics franchise, where she is portrayed with her gorgeous royal headdress.

Have you ever wondered what’s under the royal hat?

Well, experts believe that Cleopatra was entirely bald!

Male Bald Cartoon Characters


Popeye has been a beloved, famous cartoon character that has been known for his love for canned spinach since 1929.

While the iconic image of Popeye most of us are familiar with contains his salior’s cap, let’s not forget that Popeye is almost entirely bald underneath!

Popeye is (still) one of the world favorites.  

Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X to the X-Men, is one of the most iconic bald comic book characters of all time.

Inventor of Cerebro and leader of the mutants, Professor X is known for his cool, bald scalp.

The live-action version, of course, has been portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart.

Old Bald Cartoon Characters

Mr Magoo

Mr J. Quincy Magoo has been with children since the 1940s, and he has always been the old, bald cartoon character that gets himself into the most interesting situations.

The character appears as his friendly, bald self in the movie Mr Magoo (1997) and the animated TV series Mister Magoo (1960 to 1961).

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is the patriarch of the Addams Family, and what’s there not to love?

While the actors playing Uncle Fester have changed through the years, his appearance has stayed much the same: he’s dressed in black, a little hunched over, and he’s all-bald!

Bald Cartoon Characters with Glasses


While you wouldn’t necessarily think of Voldemort first, there are some instances where he has appeared as both bald and with glasses!

In the LEGO adaptation of Harry Potter, Voldemort is brought back to life using Harry’s glasses. After this, Voldemort is seen returning the glasses to Harry.

It’s an unusual twist that definitely puts Voldemort on this list!

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson doesn’t wear glasses all the time, but there are probably hundreds of episodes where he pulls out his reading glasses to get a closer look.

As for what’s on top of his head, Homer Simpson is mostly bald, with the creator’s initials that make up the tuft of hair he has.

Bald Cartoon Characters with Beard

Nick Fury

Nick Fury is a character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and most popularly, the character has been portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the most recent film adaptations.

Sporting an eye patch, bald scalp and beard, Fury is undoubtedly one of the coolest bald Marvel characters out there.


Almost all kids can recognize the impressively bald, bearded warrior of the God of War video games, even if they are still too young to play the game itself.

Hey, cultural references are never lost on younger children.

Black Bald Head Cartoon Characters

Luke Cage

After an experiment gone wrong, Luke Cage becomes one of the fastest, strongest human beings on the planet.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is one of the highest-ranked Netflix shows right now, and most kids can recognize his iconic bald look even when they haven’t seen the show!

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a lesser-known character that was created for a great Cartoon Network superhero show that ran from 2018 to 2021.

Created as an iconic black superhero, Black Lightning is shown with closely cropped hair – and of course, mastery of the elements. 

Bald Cartoon Characters Disney

Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd is the iconic opposition of Bugs Bunny, and a total family favorite.

While he’s normally shown wearing his hunting cap (out for wabbits!), Elmer Fudd is also shown as bald underneath it.  


Let’s not forget about Shrek, the beloved prince who was turned into an ogre for one of the highest-grossing Disney franchises of all time.

He’s green, he’s great… Oh, and he’s bald.

Bald Superhero Cartoon Characters

Green Arrow

Okay, while the Green Arrow isn’t shown as bald through most of his comic book and live-action appearances, those that show an older Green Arrow depict him as balding or completely bald.

The Thing

The Thing appears throughout the Fantastic Four, first as the bald human Ben Grimm and later as the iconic creature with a hard, bald exterior.

He might be rough on the outside, but he’s got a pretty soft heart.

Bald Villains Cartoon Characters


Gru is a villain with a huge heart, and the Despicable Me series depicts him as a short, stocky and bald (but very beloved) villain who learns how to love.

Lex Luthor

Appearing throughout the Superman franchise and others, Lex Luthor lost his hair in a chemical accident trying to produce a cure to Kryptonite: hey, bet you didn’t know that.

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