Iconic Hispanic Anime Characters

Anime is a specific, popular animation style that most people think of as being uniquely Japanese – and most of the anime that gets produced in the world originates from Japan, but this doesn’t mean that its characters are exclusively limited to Japanese origin.

There are hundreds of different anime series’ in the world that feature iconic Hispanic anime characters.

From the Emperor’s New Groove to Bleach, here are some of the most iconic Hispanic characters, including male Hispanic anime characters, Hispanic Disney cartoon characters and funny Hispanic anime characters.

Iconic Hispanic Anime Characters

Are There Any Hispanic Characters in Anime?


If that’s what you came to this page to find out more about, you’ll be glad to know that there are basically hundreds of different popular Hispanic characters in Anime.

While a lot of the Anime made in the world is Japanese in origin, the characters in these stories come from all over the world – including characters of Hispanic origin.

Greiger (from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D), Carlos from Ashita No Joe and Ricardo Martinez from Hajime No Ippo are just three instantly recognizable Hispanic anime characters.

There’s no shortage of Hispanic anime characters to be found out there… If you know which series to check out first!

Male Hispanic Anime Characters

Greiger from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D is the latest version of the popular dueling story that started off with Yu-Gi-Oh! and the first deck he inherited from his grandfather. The characters come from all over the world to duel, and Greiger is one of the most popular main duelists in the show – of course, he just happens to be of Hispanic origin.

Carlos Rivera

Carlos is from the hugely popular anime Ashita No Joe. He’s been with the story since the very beginning, and he’s one of the show’s most important lead characters. Known for his strength and intelligence, he’s one of our definite favorites – and of course, the fact that he’s a Hispanic anime character puts him right on this list.

Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez can be found as one of the secondary characters in Hajime No Ippo, one of the most popular action-anime series to ever make it out of Japan. Whether in any of the translations or the original story, the character of Ricardo Martinez remains pretty much the same – and since he’s also Hispanic, we had to include him in this list!

Iconic Hispanic Anime Characters

Hispanic Anime Characters Female

Lala Gonzalez

Lala Gonzales is one of the characters from the popular anime School Rumble. She’s been with the cartoon since the beginning – and we’d surely call her one of the most beloved chicks in the entire school. Her surname gives us one of the clues to her origin story. She’s Hispanic, of course!

School Rumble was first introduced in Shonen Magazine in 2002, the same anime magazine that kicked off the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and ran until 2008. Even though it ended a while ago, it’s still a pretty popular anime!


Nadie is one of the main female characters featured in the Spanish-language anime El Cazador de la Bruja. Who said that all anime cartoons had to be in Japanese? Of course, Nadie makes it to this list because she’s… You guessed it: one of the Hispanic characters in the series.

Rosarita Cisneros

Rosarita is one of the characters from the anime Black Lagoon, which has been in constant publication since 2002. Black Lagoon has been extremely popular since the very beginning, and features characters that come from all over the world – including Rosarita, who is on this list thanks to her Hispanic roots.

Hispanic Disney Cartoon Characters

Mata The Emperor’s New Groove

Even Disney has featured several Hispanic cartoon characters. One of the most famous ones is Mata from the Emperor’s New Groove, a great cartoon that not everyone will necessarily remember… But one that should be on your to-watch list now that you know it exists!

The Madrigals

The Madrigals are a family that features in the Disney movie Encanto. Of course, the family is of Hispanic origin – and they live in the huge and beautiful Casa Madrigal.

Funny Hispanic Anime Characters

Pedro Domingo

Excel Saga is one of the oldest anime series on this list, and it first aired in 1999 – but is still pretty popular today if you like stories about world domination in the near future! Pedro Domingo is just one of the show’s many characters – and of course, he’s Hispanic too!

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