Famous Ginger Cartoon Characters

Red hair is one of the world’s rare genetic traits, and the rate at which red haired people are born has been increasing. There are more redheads in the world today than there used to be ten or twenty years ago… But the red headed character has always been well known throughout stories and cartoons!

Here’s a look at some of the world’s most famous ginger cartoon characters, including red hair cartoon characters from the 90s, male & female red headed characters and male & female Disney characters.

Famous Ginger Cartoon Characters

What Cartoon Character Has Ginger Hair?


Quasimodo is one of the most popular and lovable Disney characters, known for keeping his watchful eyes over the clock tower – and especially known for his very kind heart and quick-thinking in an emergency.

Adapted from an earlier novel, this Disney character is depicted with a wisp of red hair on top of his head. The kind, red haired hunchback of Notre Dame!

Groundskeeper Willie

Groundskeeper Willie is one of the most easily recognizable characters from The Simpsons – even for people who don’t watch the show! He’s the Scottish, loudmouthed groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary. He’s usually one of the first to catch Bart up to mischief, and he’s become a kind of “right hand man” to Principal Skinner.

One of his most obvious traits other than his tartan outfit is the red hair and beard!

Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob is one more character from The Simpsons that should be on this list. He travels with the sideshow, and although he doesn’t always have a lot to say, he’s still one of the show’s most frequently seen secondary characters!

If you look real close, you’ll notice that Sideshow Bob has flaming red hair.

The show never says if it’s a dye-job or his natural color, but we can just assume that he was born with it!

Red Hair Cartoon Characters from the ’90s


Ariel might be one of the most recognizable Disney princesses of all time, and she has been a favorite for generations since she made her debut in the 1989 Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Together with her gang of friends in the sea (including the singing, dancing crab!),

Ariel is one of the world’s most famous red haired characters. She has been depicted pretty much the same way in all Disney adaptations, TV shows, shorts and merchandise: as the most famous red hair cartoon princess!

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit has always been depicted with two things: red hair, and serious guts! She’s the bombshell wife of character Roger Rabbit, but also suspected of being involved in his disappearance at the same time.

While younger readers might need to look it up, Jessica Rabbit was one of the first live-action movies to be combined with cartoon visuals! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should.

Red Headed Characters Male


Lightray is a character that first appeared in the DC Comics universe in the seventies – 1974 to be exact. One of his powers is the ability to move at the speed of light, but he prefers to use his keen thinking skills together with his brain to save the day!

Okay, so he’s not one of the most famous superheroes that DC could have created, but he’s certainly one of the red headed favorites.

He also makes an appearance in some of the story arcs that feature Superman and the Justice League.


Hercules is famous as one of the children of the Greek Gods, but he was also the star of several Disney movies and series – and it’s here where the great Hercules is depicted with a crown of red hair on his head.

While the most live-action depiction of Hercules show him with brown or blonde hair, Disney decided to go with red hair instead – and we have to say that we’re pretty glad about it

Famous Ginger Cartoon Characters

Female Redhead Cartoon Characters

Princess Merida

Brave is one of the most famous Disney movies of the past decade, and its lead star Princess Merida truly does the name of the movie some justice. She’s small in stature, but huge in personality!


Cowgirl Jessie makes an appearance in the great movies Toy Story 2, 3 and 4 – and she just so happens to be a redhead!

Ginger Disney Characters Male

Gingerbread Man

Disney has a habit of including redheaded or ginger characters in their cartoons. We guess that the Gingerbread Man from the Shrek series counts too!

Female Ginger Disney Characters


Disney has no shortage of female characters with red hair, and Giselle is one more redheaded princess from the famous animated movie Enchanted.


Helen makes an appearance in the Disney movie The Incredibles and its sequel… With flaming red hair we just had to mention here!

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