Get to Know the Paw Patrol Characters

The show kids know and love known as Paw Patrol has been on the airwaves since the year 2013, and the cute characters from Paw Patrol became an almost overnight sensation for kids everywhere. If you’re a parent or caregiver and you don’t know what Paw Patrol and its characters are all about, read this!

Get to know the Paw Patrol characters and its show with some of these great Paw Patrol facts.

Get to Know the Paw Patrol CharactersWho Are the Paw Patrol Characters?

Paw Patrol is all about a kid named Ryder with his band of friendly rescue dogs. When there’s an emergency to fix, Ryder and the appropriate four-legged Paw Patrol members are always there to save the day.


Ryder is one of the show’s main characters, and this young human is in charge of the whole Paw Patrol.


Chase is the first four-legged member of the Paw Patrol, a German Shepherd police service dog.


Marshall is a Dalmatian by breed, but a firefighter (complete with his own truck) by trade.


Skye is a Cockapoo, and her job is air rescue – with her very own pink-striped helicopter to help out the gang.


Rocky is a handyman and fixer, who travels around in a green truck.


Rubble is a Bulldog, and his job is anything construction.

How Many Paw Patrol Characters Are There?

In total, there are 16 members of the Paw Patrol family… With the villains and some of the secondary characters that you don’t see too often in the show excluded from the tally.

For parents who try to keep up with merchandising, there are 15 official character toys from the Paw Patrol world that each come with their own vehicle from the show.

What Are the Paw Patrol Characters Called?


Ryder is one of the humans in Paw Patrol, and he’s the young leader of the group.


Chase is one of the first four-legged characters introduced into Paw Patrol, and he’s a German Shepherd and police dog by trade.


Marshall is a Dalmatian, firefighter and paramedic member of the group.


Zuma is their Labrador, and he is the all-round rescue dog of the Paw Patrol family.

Cap’n Turbot

Cap’n Turbot is one of the human characters of the show, and he frequently calls on Ryder and the Paw Patrol when there’s any kind of emergency they can assist with.


Everest is the Husky, and if you haven’t guessed it, this is the Paw Patrol member that only appears in episodes where a rescue might involve snow or ice.


Tracker is the relevant rescue pup, and goes with the Paw Patrol into jungle environments where his abilities are especially useful.

Get to Know the Paw Patrol Characters

Paw Patrol Character’s Roles

Each member of the Paw Patrol occupies their own unique role within the story, and each breed has a job that they can do best – just like any career dogs that you would see in real life.


Chase is a German Shepherd and police dog.


Rex is the group’s four-legged dinosaur expert.


Marshall is the firefighter and paramedic of the group.


Zuma appears whenever there’s a difficult water rescue to pull off.


Everest is one of their rescue dogs, and Everest only appears when there’s an emergency in snow or ice to take care of.


Tracker is the relevant rescue pup, and goes with the Paw Patrol into jungle environments where his abilities are especially useful.

Who Are the Most Popular Paw Patrol Characters?

That depends who you ask!

Paw Patrol is a special kind of show, and every kid finds their own favorite through the host of characters.

Overall, the three main characters (that’s Ryder, Chase and Marshall) might be some of the easiest Paw Patrol characters to recognize.

These popular characters appear on so much Paw Patrol branding that they aren’t hard to recognize even for adults who don’t watch the show!

How Many Paw Patrol Characters are Female?

According to official resources for Paw Patrol, a total of 7 characters in the show are female – including Skye, the show’s friendly little four-legged helicopter pilot.

Zuma is one more female character that’s part of the four-legged Paw Patrol family.

There’s more than just female pups in the story: Paw Patrol also includes a few human female characters, including Kendra, the scientists that’s always there to help out the Paw Patrol characters when they are in need.

How Old Are Paw Patrol Characters?

In real, human years, the show has been going since 2013.

The Paw Patrol characters also have their own “ages” according to the show’s story, with Skye (7), Chase (7), Ryder (10), and Marshall (6).

Which Paw Patrol Characters Go With the Lookout Tower?

The Lookout Tower, if you aren’t yet familiar with the show, is one of the most featured locations in the Paw Patrol universe… This is where the Paw Patrol gets together to watch out for any emergencies or situations that could use their help.

As you can imagine, the Lookout Tower is one of the most important things in the whole of Paw Patrol… Of course, parents should also know that the Lookout Tower is one of the most popular Paw Patrol toys out there.

Depending on which version of the lookout tower you get, it comes with Chase, or the combination of Ryder, Chase, Rubble and Zuma.

Are There New Paw Patrol Characters?

Yes, and pretty often.

Not all the Paw Patrol characters have been with the show since the beginning, but some were introduced in later seasons – including Rex, the four-legged dinosaur expert in the Paw Patrol universe.

Where to Buy/Rent Paw Patrol Characters?

If your kids are fans of the Paw Patrol show and you’re on the look out for some merchandise, there’s no better place to go than Amazon – or the official Paw Patrol website, which can link you to some of the best deals for Paw Patrol merch purchases.

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