How to Say “No Kids” at a Wedding

Children can be a certain joy for any couple – but we all know that kids will come at the right time, and there are an increasing amount of couples and mainstream wedding venues that choose to host “no kid” weddings.

How can you say that you don’t want any kids at your wedding – without coming across as though you hate all children?

How to Say “No Kids” at a Wedding

Here’s how to politely say “no kids”, including how to word your wedding invitations the right way.

Creative No Children at Wedding Wording

Don’t want to have kids or anyone under eighteen at your wedding? More couples (and venues) are choosing to host events with no children – or with an age restriction on their guests. Here are some of the most creative ways to say that your wedding guests should best leave their under-18s at home:

Above 18

If you don’t want to have under eighteens’ at your wedding, sometimes the best way is just to say it outright. Put an age restriction on the party, and make sure that all the guests are over a specific age – 18 or 21.

An Adults Only Event

If you don’t want to have babies or children at your wedding and want to sound as polite as possible to your guests, say that it’s an adults only event. It’s one way for you to get your message across, while still being polite – and it manages to sound a little fancy at the same time.

No Children

Sometimes you shouldn’t beat around the bush and just say what you mean right on the invitations. If you don’t want to have younger guests at your wedding, just say it and there’s no chance that any guests will misunderstand the meaning.

No Under 18s

An age restriction is a very polite way to say that you would prefer to have adults at your wedding instead of any children. Without being rude, this says exactly what it needs to and keeps it adults only.

Polite Child-Free Wedding Invitation Wording

If you would prefer to restrict your wedding to a child-free day or night, here are some of the most polite ways to request a child-free presence from your guests.

Please Leave Kids at Home

If you don’t want to see kids at the wedding, suggest that guests leave any younger participants at home.

An Adults Only Event

Advertising your event as “adults only” to your guests is an honest (though polite) way to say that your event isn’t for children.

A +18 Wedding

Set a clear age restriction and display it plainly on your wedding cards. If anyone shows up with a younger guest, then it’s clear they didn’t read the whole invitation – or the rules for the wedding party.

Age Restriction

There are some weddings that set the bar at a higher (or lower) age: if you are okay with kids of a certain age but not others, there’s no rule that says you have to tip-toe around the subject. Set a clear age restriction on the invitations – and you’ll know who didn’t read it!

How to Say “No Kids” at a Wedding

How to Politely Say No Babies at Wedding

Want a quiet, no-baby wedding event? Here are polite ways to tell your guests what can be expected of them on the wedding day.

Adults Only

If you don’t want younger guests at your wedding, sometimes you might just need two simple words to say it: adults only.

No Childcare Facilities Available

Polite although still right to the point, use this line to inform guests that there are no childcare facilities available at the event – and so, just bring adults.

A Child-Free Event

Child-free events are child-free events… Would you blame anyone for putting this on an invitation? No, because it’s pretty polite!

+16 Only Please

If you would be okay with teenagers or older children, add a clear age restriction to your invitations to say that younger guests should stay at home.

Funny No Kids Wedding Invitation Wording

“No kids…”

If you don’t want children at your wedding or party,  here are two other simple words you can use to make it clear: no kids.

“A kid-free party…”

Make it clear that kids aren’t allowed at the party, and you should be just fine.

“Adults only allowed…”

Adults allowed is a clear, polite way to point out to guests what you expect from them – and while some guests might not show up, you won’t offend anyone when you say it.

“We kindly request no under 18s at our wedding…”

As a request, it says what it has to – and it’s clear about what you would like at your wedding.

“Children are a great gift… But not for weddings!”

If you want guests to have a giggle, use this line to let them know you prefer to have adults at your wedding event.

Is It Rude to Have a No-Kid Wedding?

No, it’s considered a personal choice.

Most parents already know that children can be a handful, even if theirs are meek as lambs when at events. This means that most parents understand when couples want a no-kids party or event.

Some parties just aren’t for younger guests, and it can include any wedding where the entertainment, drinks or general company is not meant for children.

Rather than to alienate kids at an event where they could feel out of place, just say that you’d prefer an adults only time.

No Kid Wedding Etiquette

If you want to let your guests know about the no-kids policy at your wedding, just add it to your invitations – although follow up with your guests to find out if they received (and properly read!) your invitations just to be sure.

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