20+ Interesting Monkey Facts for Kids

Monkeys are divided into more than 260 different species that can be found all over the world, including the Vervet and Spider monkeys. Monkeys are known for being intelligent, and they are one of the only animals in the wild that scientists can prove are picking up an increased rate of tool use and behavior changes!

Here are some of the most interesting monkey facts for kids.

Interesting Monkey Facts for Kids

5 Fun Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are found all over the world, including Africa and Asia.

Let’s start with 5 fun facts about monkeys.

  1. There are more than 260 different species of monkeys in the world. This list includes the vervet and spider monkey, but also others such as the common chimpanzee.
  2. The different monkey species in the world are split up into two separate groups by their physical traits, Old World and New World. New world monkeys have certain traits that give them an evolutionary advantage above the others.
  3. Of all the primates, the spider monkey is said to have the longest tail of all. The spider monkey’s tail is longer than their body, and made for gripping as they move through trees in their natural environment.
  4. The lifespan of an adult monkey depends on the species, although might be anything between 10 to 50 years. Some monkey species can get almost as old as most humans!
  5. The diet of the average monkey is omnivorous. While it might include plants from the area, their diet might also branch out to include small animals or insects. This depends on the species and which environment they live in!

5 Cool Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are pretty special, and scientists are still actively studying monkey behavior to find out exactly what makes them tick – and why they behave the way they do.

Here are 5 cool facts about monkeys that you probably didn’t know!

  1. The howler monkey is the loudest of all the monkey species, and its alarm call can be heard from several miles away – by both humans and other monkeys! As loud as a jet engine, howler monkeys are also officially the world’s loudest land mammal that we have discovered to date.
  2. The mandrill is the largest species of monkey in the world of the more than 260 different species. Mandrills can grow up more than 3 feet in length, which is as high as a small child!
  3. Albert II was the first monkey to go to the moon. We have to wonder what happened to the first Albert…
  4. Hanuman is one of the most prominent gods in Hinduism, and he is said to have led a whole army of monkeys into battle… Among other things!
  5. Chimpanzees are one of the only animals that can use tools in the same way as humans do, often to reach food that they require tools to find or open. Scientists are still studying the way in which chimpanzees use tools, and why they are one of the only animals to develop these skills. Their thumbs are believed to have a lot to do with it!

Interesting Monkey Facts for Kids

What Do Monkeys Do For Fun?

Well, monkeys do a lot of things for fun – and any YouTube video of monkey behavior in the wild will show you that monkeys sure do love to play with members of their group!

Monkeys use grooming as a daily ritual to get closer to their group. In some way, they must enjoy grooming and being groomed – or they wouldn’t do so much of it!

Monkeys enjoy playing around, chasing one another and sometimes they will even play with rocks, sticks, or other things that they have found in their environment.

In captivity, monkeys also need toys to keep their minds busy and their bodies active.

Facts About Monkeys in the Jungle

Not all monkey species live in the jungle, but there are some monkey species that call the jungle environments of the world their natural home.

Squirrel monkeys are just one of the monkey species that can be found in the Central American rainforest.

Funny Things Monkeys Do

Monkeys do a lot of interesting, funny things – including playing with one another just like human children would when they get together in a group.

A howler monkey is known to scream when alarmed, and it’s one of the loudest calls of all the land mammals. It’s estimated that a human can hear a howler monkey’s scream from up to three miles away.

Here’s a difference between monkeys and apes: monkeys have tails, but apes don’t.

Monkeys love to cuddle with one another, but sometimes also groom or hold hands with others of their group.

Most monkey species are known to be extremely expressive, and use their facial muscles much like we do to display their current feelings to others in their group. When they show teeth, it signals aggression – and if you ever encounter a wild monkey, don’t smile at it for this reason!

Sometimes, monkeys have fun by tickling one another.

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