These Panda Puns are Un-Bearably Hilarious and Tons of Fun!

If you’re heading to the zoo, entertain the kids with these funny panda puns. Everything doesn’t have to be so black and white or unbearable in life. You can have a great time with these puns, one-liners, and jokes!

Panda Puns

Panda Puns

This is a worldwide panda-mic.

That was panda-stic work!

You’re ex-panda-ble.

Be careful of your weekly ex-panda-ture.

She has a bad caffeine de-panda-nce.

I bought you a panda-nt for your birthday.

I’m trying to be inde-panda-nt.

I love pun-da bears.

All bears have four ap-panda-ges.

I’ve got to panda it to you.

That was a pan, duh!

The bandit wore a pandana.

May the furce be with you!

Keep moving furwards.

I beg to diffur.

Go fur it!

Panda camera slowly to the left

Alcohol depandance

We’re depandant on our parents still.

I love the feeling of indepandance

That’s an indepandant variable

That’s a cute panda-nt.

Thanks for being de-panda-ble.

Wow, that was stu-panda-s.

He’s still de-panda-nt on his parents.

A panda that loves to tell jokes is a punda.

Panda Puns

Panda One-liners

Please don’t cross the border; it is furbidden.

If you don’t need something anymore, then it’s ex-panda-ble.

Pandas don’t wear belts on their pants because they wear sus-panda-rs.

The newspapers are pandaing to the market’s basic instincts.

What was originally a small tussle ended in panda-monium.

It feels like you think I’m ex-panda-ble.

This unassuming disease has caused a panda-emic.

Our monthly ex-panda-ture is over $6,000.

He got me a cute little pandant for my birthday.

Living in China for a few decades expanded my world-view

We’ve built businesses to ensure they’re expandable to other markets.

We need to be careful about depandance on non-renewable energy resources.

We restricted one user and completely pandanother.

That was a stupandas feat!

Panda-cakes are the best breakfast meal.

Panda-creas – The panda’s most important organ.

The salesman is panda-ing to the client’s desires.

I hope you have a stu-panda-ous Xmas season.

Absolute madness, complete panda-monium!!

Panda-dol – The medicine to give pandas when they’re sick.

Panda Jokes

Why would the panda use the navigation system in his car?

Because he never lost his bearings.


What do you call pandas without teeth?

A gummy bear.


What would bears be without bees?



What did the panda say when her date showed up early?

I’ll be out in a second; I’m bearly dressed.


What do you call a bear practicing dentistry?

A molar bear.


What is a bear’s favorite dessert?



Why do pandas love watching classic movies?

Because they are in black and white.


Why did the pandar quit his job at the daycare center?

It was panda-monium.


Why did the panda get fired by his manager?

Because he only did the bear minimum.


How did the panda manage to walk in the snow?

Bear footed.


How does a panda get from one country to another?

On a bear-o-plane.


What do pandas use in the shower?

Bear conditioner.


What goes black, white, black, white, and black, white?

A panda rolling down a hill.


How does a panda stop a movie?

They hit the paws button.


What’s the difference between pandas and polar bears?

About 1000 miles.


What do you say when a panda experiences an injury?

He got a bamboo-boo.


What do you call a panda that jumps but never lands?

Peter Panda.


What do pandas use to make pancakes?

A pan-duh.


What letters do you need to spell panda?

P, and A.


What do pandas call their significant other?



What’s black, white, and Asian?

A panda.


What is black, white, black, white, and goes around and around?

A panda stuck in a revolving door.


What is a panda’s favorite snack?



Why do pandas like old movies?

They’re always in black and white.


Why don’t restaurants allow pandas?

The panda eats, shoots, and leaves.


Which country is famous for its pandas?

Po-land. (Po is a character from the movie Kung-Fu Panda)


What do you call it when pandas get sick together?

A pandamic.


How do pandas get drunk?



How do you scare a panda bear?

With Bam-boo!


What’s black and white and goes down and up?

A panda who’s stuck in a lift.

Bear-Related Puns

Let me get my bear-ings.

Stop acting so bar-bear-ic.

Sorry to be the bear-er of bad news; we’re out of root bear.

Put up a bear-rier.

Gummy bear – A bear without any teeth.

Cad-beary – A panda’s favorite chocolate brand.

I can bear-ly stand another pun of yours.

Bearitone – When a bear’s voice is in between tenor and bass.

Sometimes you have to just grin and bear it.

Bears walk around barefoot, or should I say, bearfoot.

We bearied the chest on the beach.

She was bearied in thought.

Cadbeary should bring out a dairy-free line.

This grizzly is of childbearing age.

This evening has been a complete embearassment.

He’s very annoying. It will require patient forbearance.

Generations of our forebears lived in this forest.

Ripe yellow goosebearies.

Mmm, these bearies are so sweet!

She was wearing a tattered, threadbear overcoat.

These puns are almost unbearable.

He was unbearably patronizing.

Panda Paw Puns

Oh, you paw thing.

Processed and red meats are pawsitively linked to several common cancers.

I’m in no pawsition to comment on that.

That’s simply not pawssible!

Is there a slight pawsibility?

They were charged with pawsession of narcotics.

Strike a paws!

I need to pay more attention to my pawsture.

This party is too pawsh for me.

We can only pawstulate that he escaped via the window.

The names were recorded for pawsterity.

 “He was granted the Nobel prize pawsthumously.

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