Feeling Down, Honey? These Bee Puns will Make You Buzz with Laughter!

Read through our bee puns, one-liners, and jokes, and we’ll have you buzzing with laughter. Every one of them has a sting you won’t forget!

Bee Puns

Bee Puns

Beehive yourself.

I’m just winging it.

Quit pollen my leg.

Do you want to play frisbee?

She means bees-ness.

You’re so snob-bee.

He loves a good free-bee.

Bee puns really sting.

Bee mine.

You’re the bee’s knees.

Just bee yourself.

What’s all the buzz about?

You’ve bee-witched me.

Psst. I’m bee-hind you.

Mind your beeswax.

I feel like a zom-bee.

He didn’t hive a clue.

Wasp are you talking about?

These bee puns are just winging it.

Quit pollen my leg.

Bee One-Liners

The last thing going through a bee’s mind when it hits the windshield is its stinger.

What’s a bee’s favorite band? The Bee Gees

What’s your blood type? Bee positive.

What’s a bee’s favorite sport? Rug-bee.

What do you call a bee that won’t shut up? A blab-bee.

What do bees use to style its hair? A honeycomb.

Why did a bee decide go to the doctor? Because it had hives.

What’s a bee’s favorite haircut? A buzz cut.

What did the mommy bee say to the naughty bee? Beehive yourself.

What do you call a wasp? A wanna-bee.

What did the bee team do after it won? Celebrate with a hive five.

Who is a bee’s favorite singer? Bee-yonce.

What do you call a sore loser? A cry ba-bee.

What are a bee’s favorite flowers? Bee-gonias, of course.

What do you call bee who create laws? A pollentician.

What does a bee call a backup plan? Plan Bee.

What’s a clumsy bee called? A fumble bee.

A bee’s favorite sport is rug-bee.

Have you been overseas to Stingapore?

To bee or not to bee – that’s the question.

That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!

What did you say? You’re so mumble-bee.

Please leave me alone. I want to bee alone.

I would like wasa-bee with my sushi.

You and I were meant to bee.

Did you get a syla-buzz for your class?

Her favorite book is the Great Gats-bee.

Remember to say hi to your mom, honey.

Hop on the school-buzz. Let’s go for a ride.

It’s time to take your Vitamin Bee.

I want to cross-pollinate with you.

A bee’s favorite painter is Pablo Bee-casso.

Wasp on Earth are you talking about? 

Can I have some bumble gum?

Can I invite you to our house-swarming party?

He’s a force to bee reckoned with.

Life isn’t all it’s cracked up to bee.

You’re not too shab-bee yourself.

Why do bees hum when they’re singing? They don’t know the words.

What did the bee hear on the end of the phone? A buzzy signal.

Why do bees get married? Because they’ve found their honey.

Why did the bees go on strike? They wanted more honey and fewer working flowers.

I’ve never seen a hummingbird, but I certainly saw a spelling bee.

We always buy natural honey from the same bees. They always give us swarm wishes.

Bees can fly in the rain wearing their little yellow jackets.

What are swarms of small queen bees called? The royal wee.

Just bee yourself. Follow that advice and you’ll think of something.

Bee children take a school buzz to get to their school.

What kind of bees drops things? Fumble bees!

Who’s a bee’s favorite painter? Pablo Bee-casso!

What are a bee’s favorite guns? BeeBee guns.

What happens when bees burps near their queen? They get a royal pardon.

Bee students are given a sylla-buzz on the first day of class.

The bee bank robber told the bank tellers, “Gimme your honey or I’ll take your life.”

Why did the bee need to use the cellphone? To say hi to their honey.

A combination of a race dog and a bumble bee gives you a Greyhound Buzz.

The one item the bees always remember to bring to the beach is their frisbees.

Bees love the summertime because it is very swarm outside.

Fooling with a bee is the only thing more dangerous than being with a fool.

The little bees hum because they forgot the words to the song.

The bees’ favoritecandy is bumble gum.

When bees write sonnets, they waxing poetic.

A Queen Bee only eats her hum-burgers at Burger King.

The talkative bee earned a reputation for being a blab-bee.

We knew the baby bee affectionately known as a hum-bug.

Bee Puns

Bee Jokes


What’s yellow, black and flies at 30,000 feet?

A bee on an airplane.


What would bears be without bees?

Just ears.


What do bees chew?

Bumble gum!


What do you call bees with messy hair?

A Frizz-bee.


What do unionized bees ask for?

More honey and shorter working flowers.


What do you call bees that can’t quit talking?



Why did the bees visit the dermatologist?

It had hives.


What do bees use to style her hair?

Her honeycomb, of course.


What are small, black, yellow, and drop things?

A fumble bee.


What goes zzub-zubb when it travels?

A bee flying backward.


What is black and yellow, buzzes and moves along the bottom of the sea?

A bee in a submarine.


Why was the bee so hard to understand?

It was a mumble bee.


What music do bees like? Bee-bop, Bee-thoven, Bee-yoncé, The Bee-tles, Bee-stie Boys, Cros-bee, Stills, Nash & Young, or Justin Bee-ber?

They like Sting.


What did one bee say to another when they landed on the same flower?

Buzz off.

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