Scare Away the Boredom with these Hilarious Ghost Puns

It will haunt you if you don’t read through these fun-spirited ghost puns, one-liners, and jokes. Chase away the spooks and give yourself and your friends a laugh while you giggle with glee.

Ghost Puns

Ghost Puns

It’s Romeo and Ghouliet.

If you’ve got it, then haunt it.

Ghouls just wanna have fun.

I’m a ghoul for your love.

If I had real arms, I’d hug you.

It’s scary how great you look.

Your grave or to mine?

I’ve got an invisible touch.

I think I’m dealing with deja-boo.

Hey there boo-tiful.

Boo Felicia.


Hey, will you be my boo?

“You look fa-boo-lous.”

I go to the club for the boos.

Ghost One-Liners

Where do ghosts trick or treat? At dead ends.

What kind of horse do ghosts ride? Nightmares.

How do ghosts learn about their future? They read horror scopes.

What games do ghost kids play? Hide and shriek!

The ghost was yelled at when he spook out of turn.

Who did the ghost take to the club? His ghoulfriend.

Why do ghosts enjoy riding elevators? It raises spirits.

Do you wanna hear a funny joke about ghosts? That’s the spirit.

Are there spirits inside you? Do you want one?

Where do ghosts buy food? The ghost-ery store.

What’s a ghost’s favorite tasty dessert? A boo-berry pie.

What do ghosts wash their hair with? Shamboo!

I’ll never ghost you… not even during Halloween.

What is the collective noun for spooks and ghosts? Team spirit.

What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spook-eti and meatballs.

The ghost said, ‘if you’ve got it, haunt it’ to the supermodel.

The comedian ghost had the audience in stitches – she was dead funny.

Are you a monster? Because you look Frankenfine.

What is a ghost’s favorite periodic element? Boo-ron.

Are you a bat? Because I’m hung up on you.

Ghost Puns

Ghost Jokes

The living room is the most useless room in a ghost’s home.

The best place for ghosts to go on vacation is The Dead Sea.

You must be a zombie in another life because you’re drop-dead gorgeous.

Are you a ghost? Because I can see right through you.

What’s a Ghost’s favorite cheese? Ghoul-da Cheese.

What’s the teen ghost’s favorite makeup? Concealer.

What happens when ghosts get lost in the fog? They’re mist.

Who do ghosts buy cookies from? The Ghoul Scouts.

Where do Ghosts travel to for a fun vacation? South Aarghfriaargh.

Ghosts are horrible liars. You can see right through them.

Why do ghosts cross the road? Because they’re poultry-geists.

I’m not a bat but spending the night with me turns your world upside down.

Are you a ghoul or a girl? Because you’re haunting my dreams.

I might be a vampire, but I don’t want to be a bat-chelorette forever. Let’s date.

A ghoul didn’t get the letter on time because it was lost at the ghost office.

Are you a mummy? Because you’re keeping my love for you under wraps.

What do skeletons say before they start eating? Bone appetite!

How do Ghosts say goodbye? “I can’t wait to seance with you again.”

What do you call a ghost of a woman with a broken foot? The hobblin’ goblin.

How do ghosts stay in shape? A good diet and plenty of exorcise.

What do Ghosts say when they feel impressed by somewhere? “That was something spectre-cular!”

Why do mummies avoid taking vacations? They’re afraid they’ll start to relax and unwind.

What’s the problem with dating twin witches? You’ll never know which witch is which.

What did the ghost say on the 4th of July? Red, white, and boooo.

How can you tell if a vampire likes baseball? They’ll turn into bats.

What happened to the man when he didn’t pay the exorcist? He had his house repossessed.

What does the Ghost say after sneezing? “Ach-ooooooooooooooooo!”

I should dress as a ghost tonight to get her under my sheets.

When the ghost family got into the car, the dad told his kids to fasten their sheet belts.

A boy ghost liked a cute girl ghost, so he asked if she would be his ghoul friend.

I think I’m a ghost. I’m willing to walk through walls and fire to be with you.

What do you get when crossing a vampire and a werewolf? A fur coat with fangs around your neck.

Why do mummies have trouble keeping their friends? They’re wrapped up in themselves.

That skeleton said he’d get your number for me. But he didn’t have the guts, so I’m here.

Boo One-liners

When the ghost said, ‘you’re not only cute, you’re boo-tiful too!’ when he saw his wife.

Panda ghosts love eating bam-boo.

Hey boo, let’s go to the bar and get sheet-faced.

The pirate ghost searched the seven seas for the boo-ty.

Hey boo, am I wilting for you, or am I dead?

Are you a ghost? Because I look at you like my boo.

Ghosts have a boo-ble bath when they want to relax.

Are you a ghost? I think you need to be my boo.

If you see a ghost, greet them with ‘how do you boo?’

After the ghost blew his nose, many boo-gers ended up in the tissue.

If I could rearrange this haunted house, I’d put boo and I together.

When the ghost started boo-hooing when he was watching a sad movie.

I feel like I saw that ghost before. I’m going through deja boo.

The ghost decided to wear a boo-tie when he went to the fancy restaurant.

Ghostly Food Puns & Jokes

Ghosts always love eating breakfast in the moaning.

The ghost ordered a delicious boo-meringue for dessert.

When ghosts visit the boardwalk, they get an i-scream.

When the ghoul makes a roast dinner, they smother it in grave-y.

I found out Mexican ghosts like eating boo-ritos.

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