Knee Jokes that are Real Knee-Slappers You Knee-d to Hear!

These jokes are real knee-slappers. We’ll have you feeling the humor in your joints with these hilarious knee jokes and one-liners.

Knee Jokes

Funny Knee Jokes

Why does my friend attack my knees playfully? He got a kick out of it.

When the knee family bought a car at the showroom, which vehicle did they decide upon? They decided to buy a Kneesan!

What is the music genre that one should listen to while having knee replacement surgery? One should listen to an apatella band!

Why did the patient need the nurse to accomany her while going to the operation theater for knee replacement surgery? Because she wanted to be accompa-knee-d!

What kind of knee blows out smoke? We call it a chimknee!

Why did the man with bad knees go to the mathematician? Because his knees were presenting problems he couldn’t solve.

What should one call a knee which bees like sitting on? You call it a ho-knee!

What is the knee that’s an expert in martial arts called? You can call it a Knee-nja!

What would you call a knee that can’t keep cool before a knee replacement surgery? You get to call it pa-knee-c!

Why do doctors give the knees of little children special attention to? This is because they are kid-knees!

What was the smal model knee which the doctors use to demonstrate knee replacement surgery known as? It was known as a Mi-knee model!

What is the group of graduate knee surgeons from the medical school known as? They are called the AlumKnee association!

Why did my orthopedic Doctor put hats on the knees of patients? He wanted to ensure their knee-caps were alright!

What’s the name of the cartoon channel related to knees that children like to watch? We call it Kneeckelodeon!

What do you call a knee that grants you three magical wishes? We call it a ge-knee!

Apart from caps, what else do knees like to wear out? Well, the knee loves a beaknee!

What do I call a festival celebrating the importance of knees? We should be calling it a Car-Knee-Val!

Why did the Doctor seem unsure about the right knee replacement surgery? Because he was a cy-knee-c!

What is the Japanese cartoon about knees everyone loves to see known as? They are called a-knee-me!

Why were patients feeling drowsy after their knee surgery? It was because they were given strong doses of akneesthesia!

What do we say when knees reached the peak of their powers? We say that it has got its ze-knee-th!

What do we call a knee that’s never been seen anywhere in the world? You name it, u-knee-que!

What do you call it when knee surgery experts act haywire? You say he lost his sa-knee-ty!

What kind of Italian food do all knee surgery experts like to get as lunch? They want to get macaro-knee!

What do you say if all the knee surgery experts get together? It may be noted that they are having a pic-knee-c!

Knee Jokes

Hilarious Knee Jokes

How do you describe a person’s very sharp knees? You say they are like a knee-dle!

What’s the name of a Marvel Comics character with extremely good leg parts? His name is To-knee Stark!

What do I call a knee acting strange and silly? We should be calling it a loo-knee!

What do you call  knees that are always calm and at peace? You call them harmo-knee!

Why did my knee surgeon eat a lot every day? Because he was a case of gluto-knee!

What should we be call a thirteen-year-old knee? You can get to call it tee-knee!

What did the Indian knee surgery experts enjoy as dessert? He loves to have chut-knee!

Where did the knee surgeon learn about all things related to knees? He went to the U-knee-versity!

How do I describe knees that are weak and not strong enough to perform daily tasks? You call it pu-knee!

What pizza do knee surgery experts enjoy? They like to get the peppero-knee pizza!

What is the name of the person caring for knee-related diseases and problems? Well, you call her a na-knee!

What is the name of the rabbit with knees in the shape of bread? You call him a bun-knee!

Clever Knee Jokes

I was supposed to have two doctors operate on my knee operated. They told me my knee surgery was considered to be a joint operation!

I went fishing with my father recently, and we were surprised when we caught a fish with two knees. It turned out to be two-knee fish!

During our soccer game, my friend got tackled bad. It looked like he was in ago-knee!

My father had a weird disease where he couldn’t remember that he had knees. The doctors diagnosed him with a case of am-knee-sia!

Well, my leg hurt, and I couldn’t walk, so my Doctor told me that it was in urgent knee-d of replacement!

The Doctor told me I had two options: get surgery on my meniscus or use a crutch for the rest of my life. Kneedless to say, I went for knee surgery!

The other day, my friend told me a joke about a couch related to knee surgery. It didn’t make sense, but it was sofa knee!

Mickey Mouse said to Doctor on his knee replacement surgery, “Doctor, I don’t kneed surgery on that knee. I kneed one on Disknee!”

The psychiatrist encountered a strange case in his clinic the other day.

We saw this horse with magnificent limbs and knees during the horse races. It was a hacknee horse!

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