50 Light Puns That’ll Surely Lighten Up Your Day

Let there be light is one of the most famous quotes that have ever been quoted, but we’re not sure where it might have even come from. Any ideas – or should we say lightbulbs? Here are some of the best light puns that will surely lighten up your day. Have fun!

Light Puns That’ll Surely Lighten Up Your Day

Horrible Hilarious Light Puns

What’s the difference between a big, hairy biker and a lightbulb? You won’t cry for an hour after you’ve blown a lightbulb.

What’s the only thing you can do right by screwing it up? Changing a lightbulb.

Where is the worst place you could put a lightbulb? Your stomach.

Why did the singer request a lightbulb from the waiter during his intermission? Because he felt like a light lunch.

What’s the worst thing to do with an old lightbulb? Salad.

What makes a lightbulb extremely dangerous? Moving at 20 miles per hour.

Why do people turn the light off before they go to sleep? Because humans aren’t nocturnal.

Why do we call it a lightbulb? Because we don’t call it a lightglobe.

What should you do when a lightbulb won’t turn on? Try giving it Viagra.

How do you turn a light on? Fetish gear.

Who really invented the lightbulb? Guy Fawkes.

What travels faster than the speed of light? The speed of office gossip.

What’s the most dangerous part of a lightbulb? The spark.

How do you make a clown even more terrifying? Switch the bedroom light on.

What’s the difference between a light on and a hard on? Most people can still sleep with a light on.

How many religious clerics will it take to change a lightbulb? Nun.

Why do cars have lights at the front? Because we’re not driving them sideways.

How do you know if there’s been a recent hurricane in town? There’s a hole where the light in your roof should be.

Great Funny Light Puns

Why does the Bible say that God invented light? Because nobody wants to admit they created disco music.

What do you call a light that suddenly goes off? Memory loss.

What do you call that cool little gadget in Harry Potter that switches all the lights off the moment Dumbledore takes it out of his pocket? A roofie.

What was the most impressive lightbulb of all time? The Big Bang.

How do you turn a light on? Tell it some sexy things in the dark.

What can you do with an old lightbulb? Meth.

Why did everyone want to ask the lightbulb out on a date? Because they’re pretty easy to turn on.

What did Kurt Cobain yell every time someone turned his light on? With the lights out, entertain us!

Why was the lightbulb arrested by the police? Because he was flashing at someone in the park at night.

How do you tell an old lightbulb from a new one? The price.

Why are people scared of clowns? Because clowns can also exist in the dark.

Light Puns That’ll Surely Lighten Up Your Day

Funny Lighting One Liners

Why should you always kill the lights in your house before you go to sleep? So that they don’t kill you first.

What do you call a light that doesn’t go off? Radiated, you should probably stay away from it.

What’s the worst question to ask someone if they’ve lost everything in a house fire? Whether they’ve got a light.

What do you call a pizza that hits the roof when you try to flip it? Lighter than you expected.

What is the most important change regarding the Olympic torch in modern times as opposed to ancient times? Today the torch isn’t used to light the ones who lose.

How did the Wise Men from the Bible know which light they were supposed to follow to their destination? Garmin.

Where were the very first Christmas lights in the world fired up? Salem.

How many company CEOs do you need to change a lightbulb? One to do it, and three other people to form a board writing a report about why it had to be done.

What should you do if you have a sudden idea for a startup company? Pluck the lightbulb before you do anything else.

Great Puns About Light

What should most people consider changing about their sex lives? The lighting.

How do you make someone less likely to rob a store? Switch on the lights while they’re doing it.

Where is the worst place you and your spouse could go for a holiday? Into the light.

Why is mozzarella considered a lighter cheese when compared to others like cheddar? Because it prefers to spend less time in the sun.

What’s the worst thing you can put on a pizza if you own a restaurant? Lightbulb shards.

Did you hear about the lightbulb who went to college? His teachers used to say that he was a real bright spark!

What is the filament found inside most older lightbulbs made from? Ancient voodoo fire magic.

Why wasn’t Thomas Edison invited to more parties? Because when it comes to drinking and partying, he was known to be a little light.

What do you call a close up study of the sun’s rays? Surely it’s called a blind study.

What happens if you touch a lightbulb? You’ll get charged.

What’s the most crucial thing to remember if you want to turn a light on? Asking first.

Why does the sun emit light? Because unlike the moon, it’s not made from cheese.

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