Spice Up Your Life with These Burningly Hilarious Spice Puns

Bring some heat to your next dinner party or cookout, and tell your friends a few of these spice puns. You’ll find them a sweet and spicy way to get some laughs!

Spice Puns

Spice Puns

Ain’t no season to go anywhere else.

Let’s have a quick brainstorming season.

Season the day.

Beyond seasonable doubt.

That was a great jam season yesterday.

Seasoning’s greetings.

Seasonings change.

Don’t rub salt in the wound.

What an in-salt.

That is definitely worth your salt.

You’re salty because you didn’t win.

For everything, there is a seasoning!

Its pepper by far.

It keeps on getting pepper.

You pepper believe it.

For pepper and a day.

In a pepper world.

Pepper luck tomorrow.

It’s pepper; you don’t know.

We’re pepper together!

It’ll be pepper tomorrow.

No one does it, pepper.

You’d be pepper off not going.

We’re in a pepper place now.

It’s pepper on the other side.

Pepper up, champ.

Two is pepper than one.

You pepper be home soon.

I pepper get going.

You pepper move on.

We have seen pepper days.

Pepper late than never.

For want of a pepper word.

For pepper or worse.

The less I know, the pepper.

This is all I’ve pepper wanted.

You could have it so much pepper.

For lack of a pepper name.

Two heads are pepper than one.

Music sounds pepper with you.

I couldn’t have said it pepper.

In search of a pepper life.

A pepper tomorrow.

I should have known pepper.

Take a chilli pill.

All I chili want to do.

Chilli out.

It sure is chili outside.

You chilli got me.

Law-abiding cinnamon.

Cinnamon Valley.

Cinnamon wage.

Senior cinnamon.

I’ve cinam-all before.

Please don’t ginger mind.

I’m cumin to my senses.

I should have seen that cumin.

I’m cumin to the end of the rope.

Hold on, I’m cumin!

Keep calm and curry on.

It’s a re-curry-ing nightmare.

Curry up! We have to go now.

Please curry on without me.

I herb it through the grapevine.

What a peaceful herb-itat.

Herb your enthusiasm.

You herb it here first.

It’s herb-itual.

That’s simply my bay leaf.

Never mint.

One fennel time.

Pull up at the herb.

Let’s cut a dill.

Thyme and thyme again.

The thyme is cumin.

You’re right on thyme.

Long thyme no see.

It’s thyme to wake up.

It’s thyme for dinner.

It’s thyme to reflect.

It’s thyme to go to school.

What a waste of thyme.

Perfect thyming.

Ain’t nobody got thyme for that!

Oops, I’m out of thyme.

It’s go thyme.

This is my thyme to shine.

Thyme after thyme.

One more thyme.

Spice, spice, baby.

Variety is the spice of life.

You spice up my life.

I beg your parsley?

I bay leaf in you!

I’m kind of a big dill.

In mint condition.

I’ll have the condimental breakfast.

Catch me if you cayenne!

I cayenne-ot believe it!

We’re mint to be.

Spice Puns

Spice One-Liners

It’s pepper to give than to receive.

I think those people there are spice.

She’s sporting a gingery. She cut her hand while chopping ginger!

I’m cumin back to the beginning, where it all started.

Cumin side and make yourself at home.

I’ve never faced so much traffic cumin home!

I’m cumin to see everything in a different light.

If you think I’ll going to do that for you, you’ve got another thing cumin.

After we lost the game, they laughed and jeera-t us.

My favorite spice girls are Salt’N’Pepa.

Sugar and spice make everything nice.

A monk’s favorite spice is cardamohmmmmmmm.

I’m moving as fast as my legs can curry me.

You could have herb a pin drop.

‘Twas the best of thymes, t’was the worst of thymes.

The bear is preparing to enter herb-ination.

I wrapped my pepper in a duvet because it felt a little bit chili.

Ask a chili question, and you get a chili answer.

How long can we curry this on for?

I just want to spend my thyme with you.

These kids have way too much thyme on their hands.

I just don’t have the thyme to review it, sorry.

I caught a chef sticking his hand in the pot. He said she was just feeling a little chili.

Here’s how you succeed with your project without chili trying.

If you chili knew me, you would know I don’t like cheese.

I like to read my pepper while drinking herbal tea.

How do you find the thyme in the day to do all of that?

Pepper the devil you know than the one you don’t.

I’m in a bit of a curry. Let’s definitely talk later.

These candles have a wonderful herb-iscus scent to them.

Holding onto strings pepper left to fray.

Peppers are so nosy. They’re always jalapeño business.

To travel hopefully is pepper than arriving.

They say sleeping in the herb garden helps you wake up on thyme.

A soldier survived bombardment with mustard gas and pepper spray. He’s a seasoned veteran.

I sprinkled some salt on my cellphone this morning. Now it’s a Saxa-phone.

I prefer cooking with sea salt, as it’s better for my eyesight.

Someone told me I have a figure of a salt shaker. I took it as a huge condiment.

Most fish prefer living in salt water, as pepper makes them sneeze.

A few hours ago, I got sprayed by a salt-spraying truck. “Watch out!” I yelled through gritted teeth.

I took the recent snow warnings with a pinch of salt.

Spice Heat Puns

Let’s get you back on your heat.

I really need a bite to heat.

This is no mean heat.

Take heat of my warning.

Heat the brakes.

Keep a clean heat.

I’ll heat you halfway.

I’ll heat you there.

I heat to say it, but…

I have a love-heat relationship with cleaning.

Heaters gonna heat.

You heat the nail on the head.

You’ve got a heat sheet, don’t you?

Hold on to your heats, folks.

Heat the road, Jack.

I’ll make you heat your words.

Don’t heat around the bush.

Heat and greet.

It’s getting late. I’m going to heat the hay.

We heat the jackpot!

Try to heat the challenge.

Let’s reach new heats.

In the heat of the moment.

I’m just trying to make ends heat.

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