57 Funny Lion Puns for Kids

Do you want to roar with laughter? Read through our lion puns and jokes. You’ll be the mane person in the room after everyone finds your jokes clawing at their funny bone.

Funny Lion Puns for Kids

Funny lion one liners

  • What do you call someone’s great lion impression? You can say it’s a roaring success!
  • The barber is the lions mane man he relies on to look good.
  • The lion said he felt funny after eating a clown.
  • What do you call the final event of the circus involving the lions? It’s the mane event.
  • What is a lions favorite day to go hunting for gazelles? A chewsday.
  • A lion’s favorite food is baked beings.
  • How does a lion greet you if you meet them in the wild? Nice to meat you!

King of the jungle puns

  • Are you sure the lion is the king of the jungle and the big cats if he’s always lion to you?
  • What music do lions enjoy? He’s a sucker for country lion dancing.
  • What do computers and lions have in common? They both take mega bytes.
  • Did you know lions can row a canoe? They’re masters with r-oars!
  • Why did the lion decide not to eat the detective? He was lion undercover.
  • Why do lions hate fast food? They can’t catch it!
  • How do lions stop a movie on Netflix? They press paws.
  • What is a better moniker for a lion than ‘King of the jungle”? The Emperoar of the jungle.

Jokes on famous lions

  • What do the lions, witches, and wardrobes have in common? That’s Narnia your business.
  • Who is s lion’s favorite international football player? Lionel Messi.
  • For me, I love singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” It’s always just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away.
  • What do you call a lion that has a kitten’s roar? Kitty Perry.
  • What did the King of the jungle say to his son? Simba, you are falling behind in you studies. I must insist you Mufasa.
  • Why did Pumba’s meercat pal call the customer service hotline? T’moan.
  • What do we call Simba’s father after he forgets to shave? Moustacha!
  • What do you get when you cross the Little Mermaid with Simba? A sea lion.

Lion jokes for kids

  • Why do lions lose at poker? Because they always play with cheetahs.
  • What do you call lions infected with chicken pox? Dotted lions.
  • What do you call lionsd that changes color? Chame-lions.
  • What reptiles do you get when you cross camels and lions? Chamelions.
  • What do you call lions that enjoy wearing stylish hats? Dandy lions.
  • Why was the lion dishonest with the animals? Because he likes lyin’ to his subjects!
  • What do lions say to their pride before they embark on a hunting expedition? Let us prey.
  • What time is it when lions take your hat? It’s time to buy a new hat.
  • What did the lion call its reflection in the mirror? A copycat.

Funny Lion Puns for Kids

Lion birthday puns for kids

  • What are the only thing lions don’t eat in the wild? Salads.
  • What is something you can remove that makes them more dangerous to humans? The fence.
  • What did the lion say after they finished eating the Japanese tourist? Nothing, the lion was done talking.
  • What do you call blind lions? Something complementary, he’s blind, not a deaf!
  • Why did the lion feel so proud of himself? Because of his pride.
  • Why don’t lions like eating Pop Tarts? Because they don’t know how to use a microwave.

Lion tamer puns for kids

  • What do lions love for afternoon snacks? A lost tourist.
  • What do you call tourists that find themselves lost in the Kruger National Park? Dinner.
  • What do lions do before they eat lunch? They prey.
  • Why don’t lions know how to make pizza with their food? Because they eat anyone who tries to teach them how to make pizza.
  • How do you stop angry lions from charging you? Cut up their credit cards.

Lion love puns

  • Why do lions hunt food? Because the savanna doesn’t have Postmates.
  • What’s the worst thing to see when you meet lions? Their big teeth.
  • What artist do lions listen to when they want to romance their lioness? Lionel Richie.

Lion puns names

  • Who do you call if your town has a lion on the loose? Claw enforcement officers.
  • What do you call a vegetarian lion? Deathly ill.
  • What do you call an angry lion? Anything that calms them down.
  • What do you call a lion served with lettuce on brown bread? A cub sandwich.

Mountain lion jokes for kids

  • How do you calm down angry mountain lions? Don’t joke about their wife.
  • How do you make a mountain lion angry? Laugh at their shoes.
  • How do you train mountain lions? Simple, you don’t.
  • What type of mountain lions do you see at the ocean? A lost lion.

Lion roar quotes for kids

  • What do you call lions without any hair? Something pleasant, because they’re a lion, remember?
  • Why do lions choose to eat meat? Because they don’t like the hotel salad bar.
  • What’s the worst place to take your friends for a sleepover? The zoo’s lion enclosure.
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