Laugh Yourself into a Fit with these Juicy Mango Puns

We’ll make a mango crazy with these juicy mango puns, jokes, and one-liners. Read through them, have a laugh, and remember you’re mangonificent!

Mango Puns

Mango Puns

I love to play Pokeman-Go.

It takes two to mango.

Mango puns are mango-nificent.

Man, go mess with someone else.

Man, go-od job on landing that job!

Man, go-ne were the days.

Man, go-ing away sure is sad.

Ooooo, it’s the spooky man-gost.

Man-gold is super shiny.

Man-ghoul – A fruity spirit.

Man-goo – Slimy fruity goodness.

Man-gopher – A fruit that lives underground.

Man-goal – When you score in the mango soccer league.

Mango Jokes

What did the investigator ask the farmer whose fruit got stolen by a burglar?

Where did the mango?


What happens when humans and mangoes disagree?

Man goes to war.


How do you make a mango shake?

You take it to a scary movie.


How did I make the mango tree fit in my flower-pot?

I planted it.


What do you call a Collie with mango on its back?

Mango Lassie


What did the annoyed peach say to the mango?

Man-go away!


What is a caveman’s favorite fruit?



What would a fruity film by Quentin Tarantino be called?

Mango Unchained.


What is a fruit’s favorite dance?



Guess why fruit trees are equal to a laxative?

They both make a mango.


What do you call a fruit that lives underground?

A man-gopher.


How do people check if a mango is ripe in Japan?

They just Pokeman-go.


What do you call Scottish girls at a restaurant in India with a fake tan?

A mango lassie.


What did the commentator say when the mango scored in a soccer match?



What’s the ward for pregnant fruits called?

Fruiternity ward.


What do you call a mango spirit?



Which fruit is square and green?

A mango in disguise.


Why are the fruits produced in factories bad?

They are mass pro-juiced.


What do you call a scary mango?

A man-gost.


What do you call a slimy mango?



What is the most expensive fruit in existence?

A man-gold.


What did the guy say when the magician disappeared?

Where the man-go?

Mango Puns

Mango One-Liners

What did the apple and peach say to the annoying mango? Mango away!

How do I fit a mango tree in a flower-pot? It’s so simple; just plant it.

What do you call a men in Dubai running away with a mango shake? Mango Sheikh.

Whatdo we call a Collie with mango on its back? Mango Lassie.

What do I do with my fiance who doesn’t like mangoes? No wedding, you just let that mango.

What is mango chutney’s favorite dance? The couple dance dip.

What do I say when I see a fast man run? Oh Gosh, look at that mango!

What would it look like if humans and mangoes disagree? The man goes to war.

What do angry fruit yell in a traffic jam? Mango.

What would you call a manliest fruit that runs away? Mango.

What would a Quentin Tarantino movie starring a mango be called? Mango Unchained. Touche!

What do you need to create a mango shake? Show the mango a scary movie.

What does a bartender say if a man pushes to the front of the line and asks for a fruity drink? He says, “Yo, man-go to the back of the queue and wait your turn! I don’t like it when perople push in front.”

Could we ever catagorize Would Usain Bolt as a fruit? Of course, have you seen that man-go?

Every day in summer is a fun and mango-nificent day!

If your friends husband doesn’t associate summer with the color yellow, he clearly doesn’t enjoy eating mangoes, and you should let that man-go!

How far could a mango if he has a license but doesn’t avocado?

Before going on a date with your favorite fruit, one must confirm if he avocado. If he doesn’t, you need to let that man-go.

If one mango is a singular term, wouldn’t ‘two men went’ be a plural term?

Tropical fruits are full of sugar and give people way too much energy. You can definitely claim they make a mango for sure!

Fruits usually don’t like to be preserved. The process is somewhat jarring.

Drinking a fresh fruit smoothie at my favorite juice bar is good enough to make any man-go bananas!

Why did the mango ask the banana to dance with him? It takes two to mango!

The fruit police followed the tomato for stealing the mango’s peel. Finally, after being chased for hours, the tomato turned and said, “Please, fruit me, I can’t carry on.”

The mango ran in a sprinting race amongst all the veggies and experienced a palpable feeling.

Shouldn’t the plural of the mango fruit be men go rather than mangoes?

Harry Houdini’s favorite snack was mango. Whenever he was put under chains and broke free, the crowd exclaimed, “Wow! Look at that mango free!”

My dad asked where his wife was at my birthday party, and my nana replied, “Women go where the mangoes.”

What is mango chutney’s favorite dance move? The couple dance dip.

What would you call a manly fruit that runs away? Mango.

Mango Juice Puns

Juice be happy!

Get juiced to it.

Juice be yourself.

You’re juice so sweet!

Wild mangoes live on the mango preserve.

I seed him eat the mango just now.

Yellow mango there!

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