70+ Grate Carrot Puns for Kids

When was the last time you had a good, proper look at a carrot and just burst out laughing?

Carrots are one of the funniest vegetables around! If you don’t believe us, just have a look at what we have on this page.

Here are some of the best creative carrot puns for kids, including the best one-liner carrot jokes, funny carrot jokes for kids, carrot love jokes and more.

Grate Carrot Puns for Kids

Carrot Jokes One Liners

How do we know that carrots are great for eyesight?

Because we don’t see any rabbits that wear glasses.

What’s the worst thing you can do with a carrot?

Put it in a cake.

What’s the worst thing you can do with a meat dish?

Add a carrot.

Funny Carrot Jokes for Kids

What do you call a carrot in the middle of a cabbage patch?


Why are carrots the most dangerous vegetable?

Because they don’t carrot all.

Carrot Puns About Love

Why are pastors such great chefs?

Because they sure do know how to marry flavors together.

What type of carrot does your wife expect you to come home with?

At least 10 karats on a ring.

Why do people love to eat carrots raw?

Because carrots cooked are terrible.

Why do vegans eat carrots?

Because they don’t have any taste.

How do you know someone is about to marry a vegan?

They go vegan.

Creative Carrot Pun Names

What is going to be Johnny Depp’s newest starring role?

Pirates of the Carrot-bean.

What do you call a carrot that starts talking?

A miracle.

What do you call a carrot without ears?
Anything you want, it can’t hear you.

Why are carrots orange?

Because you wouldn’t eat a carrot if it was green.

What do you call a carrot that’s stuck up a tree?

Attached to a lost cat.

What do you call a carrot that’s floating around in space?

Very lost.

Which vegetables love to complain to the manager?


Why do we call them carrots?

Because they’re not bananas.

What’s the worst part of a carrot to eat?

Their eyes.

What do you call a carrot that has been grown with the help of steroids?

Something nice, they get angry very easily.

What should you call a vegan carrot cake?

A donation.

What do you call a vegan hot dog?

A carrot.

Carrot Cake Puns for Kids

What’s the worst thing that you could feed a snowman?
A cake that’s been made from his own nose.

What cake did Bugs Bunny want the most for his birthday?

One with twenty three carrots.

What’s the worst part about eating a carrot cake?

Chipping your teeth.

What’s the worst ingredient that you could put in a carrot cake?


What’s the main ingredient in a carrot cake?

If you said carrots, you’re wrong – it still needs flour and sugar.

What’s the most expensive part of a carrot cake?

The diamond.

What’s the worst thing you can do with a carrot?

Pretend it’s a cake ingredient.

How do you make a vegan carrot cake?

You shouldn’t.

What do you substitute for the milk and eggs in a vegan carrot cake?

Vegan tears.

Why did nobody enjoy the vegan carrot cake?

Because they could taste the vegan.

How do you know someone made a vegan carrot cake?

They’ll tell you about it.

What’s the worst thing you can do with a carrot cake?

Make it vegan.

What’s the most difficult part about making a vegan carrot cake?

Getting the vegans to stop fighting so they can be ground up as a cake ingredient.

What should you never do with a vegan carrot cake?

Eat it.

Grate Carrot Puns for Kids

Carrot Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Carrot who?

Don’t you carrot all that I’m outside the door? Open up!


Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Carrot who?

Damnit, I said it’s Karen. You’re going deaf, now open the door.


Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Carrot who?

Carrot-y chop if you don’t open the door.

Rabbit Carrot Puns

What did the carrot say to the rabbit?
Go home, you’ve had too much.

Why was the bunny dangerous to anyone who came near it?
Because it was rabbit.

What did Bugs Bunny buy his wife for her anniversary?

A seven diamond carrot.

What did the rabbit say to the carrot?
It was nice to gnaw you.

How do we know carrots are great for your eyes?
Because you don’t see any rabbits wearing glasses.

Why do rabbits and carrots hang out in the same places?

Because they like the underground scene.

Why couldn’t the rabbit stop laughing?

Because he ate a funny carrot.

What’s the difference between a rabbit with a hat and a carrot wearing a dress?

One is a funny beast, and one could be a bunny feast.

Why don’t carrots run away when they see a rabbit?

Because they don’t have eyes.

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