You’ll Never Get Tired of these Tire Puns

Our tire puns, jokes, and one-liners will perk you up if you feel flat. If you’re exhausted with life and need a brake, check them out and give yourself a laugh!

Tire Puns

Tire Puns

A song of ice and tire.

Baptism of tire.

Fight tire with tire.

Preaching to the tire.

American tire gauge.

Tire extinguisher.

Great tire of London.

Pacific Ring of Tire.

Tire transfer.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Tire.

St. Elmo’s Tire.

Catching tire.

Tire education.

Kindle tire.

Man On Tire.

Triangle shirtwaist factory tire.

Chariots of Tire.

Set tire to the rain.

The girl who played with tire.

We didn’t start the tire.

Earth, wind and tire.

Ring of tire.

Great Chicago Tire.

Tire and ice.

Clothes tire.

Tire sprinkler system.

Tire triangle.

Set the world on tire.

The unforgettable tire.

Tire National Diploma.

Characters in A Song of Ice and Tire.

Times Tire Education World University Rankings.

Twin Peaks: Tire Walk with Me.

Tire fox terrier.

Tire and Ice.

Rhapsody of tire.


Chicago Tire Soccer Club.

Tire alarm system.

World of A Song of Ice and Tire.

Frequent-tire program.

Reign of Tire.

Tire Puns

Tire One-Liners

The bicycle got an electric shock after crossing the pole. It struck the live tire.

The tire shop guy retired because he was bored of so much re-tiring.

Wheels are the laziest part of a car. They are always tired.

I went to a restaurant that served me a tire souffle. Well, they have a Michelin star.

When my father got me a bike, I couldn’t stop crying tires of happiness.

Whoever invented tired was wheel smart.

If you get a nail in your tire, it becomes a toe struck.

Chasing a car might exhaust you, but running in front of a vehicle will tire you.

I wonder how many tire fitters retire every day.

After taking a long ride, the car thanked the tire for keeping its wheel.

A rider on a motorcycle on one tire is wheely cool.

A worn-out tire that needs to go to the scrap heap feels de-flat-ed.

A motorbike or scooter can never stand on its own because it is always two-tired.

The performance of a Kia car with a flat tire is said to be sub-Optima

The fruit that you need to boost up a flat tire is a-spare-a-gus.

Tire Jokes

What’s the difference between a tire and 365-used condoms?

One is a Goodyear, the other a great year.


I just left my position as a tire pump salesman

Couldn’t handle the pressure…


You are always stranded if the tire bursts in your Apple car

Because it has no jack.


I’m tired of hearing people say American food tastes awful. In fact, American food is the third most delicious food in the world.

The first is French food, and the second is food from all other countries.


What vegetable do you need to cook with your meals when you get a flat tire?



I knew somebody who lived in a giant tire.

He got a puncture one day and now he lives in a flat.


The driver hit a pothole and blew out atheir tires today



A tire company recently sold its 300,000,000 tire.

The owners celebrated the goal with a blowout party.


A man walks into the emergency room after swallowing a tire.

The doctor looks at his chart, looks at the man, and tells him, “Oh my god, you really swallowed a whole tire?”

“Wheely,” says the man.


What happens frogs get a flat tire on the road?

The car gets toad.


I’m so tired of being around these 18 year-ols with bad attitudes.

Everywhere I go, they walk around, acting like they rent the place.


Tell me one of those flat tire jokes that makes me laugh.

There’s no pressure


What should you have in your pockets when driving through the desert and your ice cream truck gets a flat tire?

Blue, because ice cream has no bones


Why was the PC so tired when it arrived home?

Because it had a hard drive!


I’m so tired of hearing old Law and Order jokes.

They’ve all been done time and time again.


Batman says to Alfred on a Friday night, “I’m really tired, Alfred; it’s been a tiring day. Please, can you draw a bath for me?”

Alfred replies, “Master Wayne, I’m tired at your relentless requests.” I’m feeling flat too.


I purchased a new rear tire for my Kawasaki motorcycle today.

When the store owner gave it to me, I looked him straight in the eyes and replied, “Guess I can rear tire now.”


I got charged far more than I was quoted for a new set of tiresfor my car!

They said it was due to inflation.


As the tire technician filled the tires in the car with air. As he finished the tires shouted in together, “Please don’t put pressure on us. We’re just tires”.


My dad wanted to make my mom laugh after they had a long fight during our trip.

He said, “The tire was exhausted after a wheely tiring ride.”


My father was changing a tire in his workshop when he dropped the tire iron on his foot.

Now he needs a toe-w truck.


When we got the car stuck in the snow, we burned a tire to keep warm. Then we sang a song to keep ourselves uplifted. It was ‘A Song of Ice & Tire.’

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