You’re In for a Honking Good Time with these Goose Puns

Get goosy with your friends and have a honk at these hilarious goose puns, one-liners, and jokes. You’ll find yourself flapping your lips with laughter.

Goose Puns

Goose Puns

Life goose on.

It’s the geese I could do.

Take it geese-y.

Geese are all I have.

Goose the right one.

My apolo-geese.

I goose it is what it is.

Ex-goose me.

Goose-ts are welcome.

Fo-goose on the goal.

Of goose! It’s my pleasure.

Geese Louise!

That was dis-goose-ting.

Some geese have inflated e-goose.

I placed a goose-tum order.

I hope your day goose well.

The whole town was goose-iping.

We’re going to the cir-goose.

Goose Puns

Goose One-liners

She gave her a goose on the cheek.

A goose’s favorite actor is Ryan Goose-ling.

I’m going to be a goose-t for this Halloween.

A goose’s favorite month is Au-goose-t.

Geese don’t fist bump. They goose bump.

A goose’s favorite actress is Geese Witherspoon.

She was on the goose-p of greatness.

There was a strong goose-t of wind.

Geese fill their cars with goose-oline.

That bird was humon-goose.

It’s all a part of the e-goose-system.

We’re going camping with all my goose-ins.

A Spanish goose says, “Hey, ami-goose.”

A goose’s favorite vegetable is aspara-goose.

I’m learning how to play an a-goose-tic guitar.

We had a great dis-goose-ion.

A goose’s favorite food is ta-goose.

I’ve been a lifelong goose-tumer.

He was a-goose-d of something he didn’t do.

I’m attending a goose-tume party.

I need the geese to unlock the door.

They were in a goose-tudy battle.

I’ll dis-goose it with my partner.

This couch is so goose-y and comfortable.

My family and I are going to see the Pyramids of Geese-a.

The goose was sneezing. It had aller-geese.

I’m traveling to Goose-ta Rica.

A Spanish goose that likes something will say, “Me goose-ta.”

Kindness goose a long way.

It left me flabber-goose-ted.

The news was bo-goose. It wasn’t true.

They made a goose-tly mistake.

I need to stop by the goose station.

When you cross a dog and a goose, you get a geese-hond.

That was a kind geese-ture.

There was a group of prodi-geese.

The speaker shared great analo-geese.

I left it here in geese; you missed it.

The slime was goose-ing out.

Goose Jokes

The two gander wouldn’t talk with each other as both of them had inflated egoose!

There’s a movie that all my goose friends love watching; it’s called ‘Goose Pointe Blank.’

There was once a goose who evaded all attempts that the hunters made to catch him. It was the perfect duck goose!

There’s a goose who turned into a magician. During its magic set, it would always use the spell ‘Honkus Ponkus’!

The goose was upset with its tax returns. It got a massive tax bill because its tax returns had been de-duck-table!

Once a gander decided to be an actor. He made action movies and was known as Goose Willis.

The cost-effective designer made an innovative design in the client’s living room. He placed geese eggs near the ceiling and attached a few candles. He was trying to create a goose egg ceiling light at an affordable rate!

I knew a gander who was good at martial arts and moved fast. We called him Goose Lee!

I was scared when I saw my goose being attacked by a snake. But, surprisingly, my goose killed the snake. I think I have got a mon-goose!

There was a weird guy in our village who always set his geese on us. He was a goose cannon!

In the park, the goose attacked other animals that had no chance to get out of the way. This

goose asked, “Why didn’t it duck?”

The family of geese got scared when watching a horror movie. They all got goose-bumps!

To my amazement, I discovered geese have an aversion to pens. This is because they have the pen-nae!

When the goose saw that there was a garment lying in front of the house, it asked the neighbor, “Do you know goose pants these are?”

There was once a goose actress called Geese Witherspoon!

A foreign exchange goose student joined the school from Africa. The other geese wanted to know where it came from, so they asked the new student, “Uganda?”

On my recent trip to Canada, I took a ride on a goose. It was a turbulent ride, and I felt goose bumps the whole way!

We must be cautious if we’re ever playing the kid’s game Duck, Duck, Goose with a goose. If we call it a duck, it will still keep chasing you!

I recently went to Hawaii and found it astounding to see the goose rap a rap song. It rapped, ‘Now watch me whip, Now watch me NENE!’

There was a big conference for the geese in the capital city of Goose Kingdom. The name of the town was Lagoose.

I was really sad that my friends doubted I could have a gander as a pet. Goose, what? I have two pet ganders!

The Japanese have a special goose delicacy. They fry it with panko breadcrumbs and call it ‘Honk-atso’!

Grandmother goose told her grandchildren that all the other geese were fans of the rockstar Goose Springsteen in her youth!

The single goose who got out of their relationship didn’t end up losing her job because she had one of the best ex-gooses!

I went to this dance class in the summer, where all the dancers acted like geese while dancing. It was because they were told to goosen up their body while dancing!

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